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  1. Experienced Arborist required in Stockholm, Sweden

    Published: 2016-12-13 In Solna Swedish Markservice Resources AB is a subsidiary of the Swedish Land Services AB, one of Sweden's leading land management. In Land Resource Service's service offering includes both short-term and long-term leasing of personnel and consulting services in recruitment and HR support. Through high attendance, a proactive approach and an industry-specific service offerings creates Markservice Resource added value and flexibility for the green industry. We are now looking for an arborist to Swedish Land Services arborist team that will build the site office in Spånga, but work throughout the greater Stockholm with neighboring localities. In the service, you work together with colleagues to perform secure tree care work on both internal and external orders. You are looking for are likely to have a completed arborist training on the merit list, either in Sweden or abroad, and has also worked in a similar role previously perched among the branches and tree tops. Driving license is a requirement for the service, the BE is an advantage. In service, it is important to always have safety splash present to guarantee your, colleagues and other citizens. As a person you are driven, trustworthy and have good interpersonal skills. Good language skills in Swedish is advantageous but English works just as well. For the right person we offer a job in one of the industry's leading companies with a successful business and talented employees. The service is a permanent position with the initial probationary period. We will call to interview current and would therefore advise you to submit your application as soon as possible through our website Markservice Resurs - Svensk Markservice or email address ansokan@markserviceresurs.se. Land Resource Service is responsible for recruitment, but you will be directly employed by the Swedish Land Service. Learn more about your future employer on Välkommen till Svensk Markservice. - Svensk Markservice
  2. Great oppurtunity here to work as part of a small arborist crew on varied contracts all over the greater Stockholm area. Swedish speaker desirable but not essential. Arborist sökes till tillsvidareanställning, Svensk Markservice Markservice AB - Gröna Jobb
  3. Tall trees north wales

    Theres a stand of c60m grand firs in Powys
  4. Modded kit

    Modified spikes for rope ascent. The Basic wasn't the best choice of ascender as it has a locking gate on the cam, but it's just what i had going spare. Bolt into the lower part of the ascender where it slots behind the gaff, and epoxy resin between the shank and the ascender for extra security.
  5. Who are the tattoo junkies in the world of arbtalk?!

    Unfinished tree on my ribs
  6. <p>hey Drew...Just wanted to say nice one for sharing such consistently informative stuff on here! I'm just getting into using SRT as a work system on a rope wrench...from what i can work out its all about the throwline skills...am i right...are you getting your TIP installed from the ground or do you ever have to rearrange your TIP once youre up there? i can see that being a pain! thanks, Joe</p>

  7. Oz Advice For Young Arborist

    Received this message from a close friend who's doing arb work in Sydney at the moment...I followed it up and the guy is mad keen but the timing is not right for me...sounds like an OK firm with nice kit and stuff....heres the message - 'there is a guy in Sydney looking for 3 to 4 arborists if anyone is interested contact him as he is a little desperate im sure a great deal can be struck. the guy has a mewp and uses it as often as is needed so nothing dodgy has to be climbed he is also the head of the arb association out here so he is a credible guy. if interested his email is generalforest@bigpond.com, office number 0297482323 mob. 0418245502 dial code +61. he said he will offer sponsorship so anyone who has come on a working visa previously will be fine to come again and im sure you can get you flight paid for also if you play your cards right like i said he is well keen to get a few climbers by the new year. let me know if anyone contacts him or is interested as he is in contact with me and if no one is interested i can let him know.'
  8. Spiking on a lean

    I would reccomend using a tape sling as a footloop. stand slightly to one side of the tree with one spike in the tree and the other foot in the loop.
  9. Britain's tallest tree?

    i don't have permission to climb them however i have been involved with tree climbing projects on the land before so i cant see it being an issue especially if there's a possibility of the trees being nationally recognized or significant.
  10. Britain's tallest tree?

    Alright chaps, I've recently been lucky enough to stumble upon a grove of trees that i genuinely feel could be serious contenders for tallest tree in the country. Theyre close to the welsh border in Powys. Its a mixed grove of coniferous trees, Sequoia, Douglas Fir, Thuja and Grand Fir. There's a stand of Grand Fir there that are certainly around the 60m mark, though i havent had a chance to get in there with a clinometer...not sure if its even possible to get a reading....so who's up for climbing them??? Big shot jobby, bit of SRT to access the crown, then about a thousand sappy changeovers to the top. Probably safest to use the big shot poles to reach the very top too. Theres 3 trees that i feel are the tallest so i reckon you'd want a crew of around 6 to climb them all in a day......keen?
  11. Waterproof jackets

    hey everyone - i highly reccomend these. only 35quid and as far asi can make out are pretty much exactly the same as the stein evo jackets. Haven't washed mine yet but its still completely waterproof (had it about 5 months). and its got great scratch/tear resistance. Adrenaline Hi-Viz Men's Jacket - Bikewear
  12. Experienced climber available in Bristol area

    Hi yes i am in the UK now. Cheers for the details, i'll give him a call ASAP.
  13. Experienced climber available in Bristol area

    Hey folks I'm a qualified and enthusiastic arborist with wide range of experience in all aspects of tree work from planting and cable-bracing to large scale pruning operations, technical rigging and crane work having worked in the UK and in New Zealand. I'm looking for work (full time or on a subcontract basis) in the Bristol area. I have my own transport and all my own climbing gear and saws. Don't mind if it's a days climbing or just extra help on the chipper. Please contact Joe Stockton - 07980 540 446
  14. Asian Vulture Work - Tree Climbing in Nepal

    Hi there - fascinating photos and sounds like you had a wicked time! How on earth do you get involved with these sorts of projects -its the sort of thing i only hear about or you meet someone who knew someone that did it!
  15. Work in Queenstown NZ?

    hi all i've been working in NZ for 2 years and done a year in Queenstown. there are three main companies here which makes it highly competitive for such a small town. Tricky Trees are after climbers at the minute as 1 of theres guys is injured. theyre a small domestic firm with good gear etc. Theres NZ treecare contact Dave Finlin but i dont know much about what they get up to. theres also Treecare Southern Lakes - i've seen the name mentioned on here a few times. the guy ran a big business (like 30 guys) up in Auckland and has relocated here and just wants a small firm. they have big gear and do alot of bigger contracts and site clearance. most of the work in the area can be pretty monotonous but the scenery makes up for it!. expect insidious amounts of Lombardys, Willow and Pine! good luck


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