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The Official Raffle Results 2008

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Once again a huge thankyou to everyone who took part, particularly the sponsors who made the whole event possible. Below is the full list of prize winners.




treeworker baseball cap- Yellow 785, Colin Bashford


treeworker beanie- Orange 892, Tana mahuta


treeworker t-shirt- Yellow 217, canal navvy


tree worker hoodie- Orange 549, Colin Stebbets


Hitch climber plus 2 karabiners- orange 62, Skyhuck


Safety technology(prize to be announced)- White 26, Sitemaster


Treetop waterproof smock- Yellow 46, Lancstree


Essential arb subscription- Yellow 401, Nick Waring


Essential arb subscription- Orange 201, Billy the goat


New england flipline and snap- White 58, Pete mcSheffrey


Felco no.8- Orange 244, Tony Sorensen


Bottle of Champagne- Yellow 872, tree beard


Fox soft shell jacket- Yellow 499, Tree man tom


Silky f100- Orange 445, Jim Lidgett


Folding pruning saw and hat- Yellow 444, mattyf


Folding pruning saw and secateurs- Yellow 779, Colin Bashford


Pruning saw and small axe- Yellow 538, Chris p


Tool clip, fasteners and knife- Yellow 979, Burrell


£100 Enviroplant discount- Yellow 453, mattyf


Diamond disc wheel- Yellow 145, som84


Honey brothers redirect- Orange 714, Rhystree


First field dressing- Orange 533, Stox


First field dressing- White 11, Sitemaster


First field dressing- Orange 635, taffupatree


First field dressing- Yellow 419, mattyf


First field dressing- Yellow 601, Dave the dog


First field dressing- Orange 980, Jon Treasure


First field dressing- Yellow 802, Highscale


First field dressing- Orange 565, Lyn Ed


First field dressing- Yellow 582, PeteB


First field dressing- Orange 258, Andy Collins


First field dressing- Yellow 617, Dean Lofthouse


First field dressing- Orange 325, Andy Gentle


First field dressing- Yellow 162, Josharb87


First field dressing-Orange 346, Wayne Jarvis


First field dressing- Yellow 630, Dean Lofthouse


First field dressing- Yellow 742, Colin Bashford


First field dressing- Yellow 490, treeman tom


First field dressing- yellow 645, mark84


First field dressing- Yellow 651, phenom


First field dressing- Orange 128, treesnake


Treequip throwline kit- Yellow 274, woodplans


Treequip throwline kit- Yellow 368, highclimb


Treequip ropebag- Yellow 109, Nick b


Treequip ropebag- Orange 144, Tully


First aid kit- Orange 157, ICTREES


First aid kit- Orange 645, Bob


Stein waterproof jacket- Orange 752, Lady Arb


Stein helmet- Yellow 738, Cernearb


Bergsteiger pro chainsaw boots- Yellow 917, mistertee


Stretch air type c- Yellow 267, woodplans


1.5m split tail- Orange 844, Dean Lofthouse


1.5m split tail- Yellow 728, Tree in banbury


1.5m split tail- Yellow 184, Monkeyd


1.5m split tail- Orange 172, Treedave


1.5m split tail- Orange 100, Tom D


45m Blaze- Orange 559, STS


£150 of ISC products- Yellow 143, som84


Forestry helmet- Yellow 726, tree in banbury


Sawpod- White 56, Pete mcSheffrey


Sawpod fleece- Orange 75, Skyhuck


10 pack of gloves- Yellow 624, Dean Lofthouse


10 pack of gloves- Orange 640, Bob


10 pack of gloves- Yellow 243, John Shutler


10 pack of gloves- Orange 102, Tom D


10 pack of gloves- Orange 977, Jon Treasure


Stihl ms260- Yellow 311, Davobob





I think i have most peoples addresses in the information given to the charity when donating, if this is not the delivery address please get in touch. Also if anyone has won an item of clothing please get in touch via pm and let me know what size you require.


Once again, thankyou



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well done everyone apart from the people who pulled the tickets out, they forgot to pull mine out:001_tongue:


only kidding well done to all the organisers, sponsors and prize donations. great cause.


Looking forward to seeing shyhuck's vt setup with Hitch climber :thumbup1:

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Really enjoyed the chat room draw!!!!!!


And very please to have won 2 excellent prizes, thanks too Steve and all the sponsors for there generosity.


And I'm so pleased we all raised so much for such a good cause, nice one guys and gals.

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