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  1. Stolen Thor Farmer towable logsplitter

    thank you , i am in Wiltshire and yard is 3 mile from Tetbury, looking to replace it but i fear now they know what kit is on the premises... why do we have such thoughtless thieving ????? in our society... thank to those who responded,
  2. hello all, had my Thor 13 ton road towable stolen from my yard Saturday to Sunday morning, it hasnt got the mud deflectors on the wheels as they were taken of,for splitting(they were left. very kind of them !) please if anyone spots it anywhere ( green machine with red ram) to call 101 quoting 54130051143.
  3. Treeworker.co.uk robbed

    sorry about the confusion, thanks
  4. Treeworker.co.uk robbed

    sorry to here that Nod ,victim of a similar robbery myself , my stand alone splitter has been stolen Saturday to early hours Sunday on my yard.
  5. hardwood cord for sale

    delivery to J 17 M4 5 miles from the spot , what is the delivered price for an arctic load please 3 to 14 inch D tel 07746741848
  6. hello all, chord wood required for firewood, processor size up to 14 inched D mixed species of wood preferably Ash !! J17 M4 delivery. would take calls on 07746741848 or pm please, slightly slower response though
  7. Hazel or willow wanted, Lincs

    Copiced some Hazel coups, pre middle April , still on ground in bunches, have what you need. Westonbirt area. Hari
  8. buying coppice

    hi there saw your post re buying coppice, unfortunately too many un managed woods have rendered the coppice rotation unprofitable for some , there is wood value in though and if access is good. It would be profitable if the right material is there once management has been established. most l woodland owners were will be happy to start re in stating coppice rotation to their neglected wood and not want money for any work done.
  9. EU Imported firewood into the UK

    Isn't the whole point of not importing firewood from abroad to encourage further active management of our woodlands especially privately owned woodland which is often left unmanaged for a long time? Our native hardwoods are the best out there growing in these dump conditions they are used to, and not just for firewood. I think people who care educate their customers and keep them informed of where their wood comes from and everybody asks more questions now about quontidy, type of wood , provenance etc. Funny on a previous reply that someone mentioned that 90x90x90 was a cubic metre of firewood!!! Good luck to all those caring honest wood people out there and hope we all have a good season.
  10. EU Imported firewood into the UK

    always a good idea to inform our customers were there wood comes from in the UK .
  11. EU Imported firewood into the UK

    pleased that we share the same view. have a good weekend Goaty.
  12. EU Imported firewood into the UK

    Morning all, are we going to accept the increase of attempts from Eastern Europe to flood the UK market with kiln dried firewood? came across this site locally The White Horse Energy Company selling firewood , briquets etc. Thoughts, comments please H
  13. Making a profit from woodland?

    Some very good advise offered Nature, and sorry you lost out on the wood you wanted to buy. I am sure something else will come up. I have some Ancient Woodland which I manage myself.For the size that you are looking at and the mixed species, it would be possible to make a return on it as long as we all think outside the box, ie allow the woodland to be multifunctional, and treat it as a fully working woodland. Would be happy to talk to you if you PM me with contact details. Best of luck.
  14. Anyone know about grants?

    Hi there , wait till the Third wave of financial assistance been offered , and be clear what you are after and tractors are not funded. a lll the best:thumbup:
  15. How much is it really worth?

    That is probably one of the best ways of looking at it and sensible at that. In the South West The 5 cube trailer would be worth 70 to 90 per cube, transport if not local add fuel cost and stacking time.


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