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  1. Relic from my army days.....good for frightening the youngsters!
  2. Lorn Logs

    Stihl ms391

    Cheers boys that's what I thought the long bars left frm when I ran a 440 but its knackered and am left with the 391 just now....oh well will need to be the 20 on it
  3. Lorn Logs

    Stihl ms391

    Anyone know if an MS391 could pull a 32" bar, have got a few big hardwoods to drop and apart from a 20 the next biggest I've got is a 32.... Would be a one off as I don't usually drop many giant hardwoods....thanks in advance
  4. Grand stuff burning a load in my stove as we speak dries pretty quick too and if you stack it in your house it smells nice !
  5. Aye, everyone's right you will use a huge amount of logs I've just been ip to my yard and helped myself to a Landy full which should last a couple of weeks, I think we all forget, at lest those of us in the firewood game, that if you don't have access to free wood, its an expensive game ...
  6. Mine here is a 12 kw Coseyfire I got of the tinternet...we had an old open fire with a wraparound boiler, took the fireplace and old boiler out and connected the stove to the old inlet and outlets got my mate a plumber to do the pies and check it all, I run 4/5 Ra and a tall towel rail off it and it heats the house...in fact it's roasting here even on the coldest days. Best thing I ever did.
  7. This here's my 12kw boiler stove got it from Coseyfire on the tintyweb took a stihl saw to the old fireplace to make a gap... Sorted run 4 rads and a towel rail sittin wi the Windaes open most nights sweatin like a fat boy on a smartie
  8. It deffo does I've just cut a load of larch and MC cord which has been sitting in my yard for about 18 months and was prob dropped about 6 months prior o me stacking it. I ringed and split it and inside its about 20-23% straight away for sale....
  9. I use a car transporter trailer with sides added on and a mesh on the ramps pulled by a Defender 110. no dramas with being overweight unless you load it right up. Take the mesh sides off and it's ideal for moving log lengths from the forestry as you can get a good load on without it being high.
  10. MS 391 ....pulls a 20 lovely
  11. Handlebar moustache + pipe is the ultimate combination....
  12. As above I can't find wood thin enough here to justify one, I get most of my timber from the FC and its on the big side so chainsaw and splitter for me....
  13. Old shoppin trolley chassis under the trailer wheech the bag off onto the chassis and shove it away....cheap an cheerful
  14. Get a pick axe handle and wind it round the ears on the bags use it as a big handle to pull the bag oot yer trailer....works fine for me....don't pull it too far on the ground or else the arse'll be oot the bag in no time...
  15. Just seen. Load getting buried in the ground....longish lengths that would go through a processor fine. Can't see how burying timber is good for bugs, birds or anything else...bloody waste I'd say


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