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  1. Service Metals | Leading suppliers of aluminium & commercial body fittings
  2. Will you not eat well into that £1800 price difference by the time you are finished though? Ram, hydraulic pack, battery, steel for new sub chassis, strengthening of existing chassis (important one) consumables etc, not to mention time. And when you are finished it, it isnt going to be worth anything near as much as a purpose built tipper.
  3. What they really mean is 'there's good and bad in everyone and YOU should welcome them', because I have more than a sneaky feeling that they would not want them on their doorstep either.
  4. Couldnt agree more. Highly stupid and insensitive comment tbh.
  5. I also bought one today and tried it out, very impressive for the money tbh.
  6. She looks a tidy machine, and if the hours are genuine, she is probably worth it. If you intend doing roadwork, the non turbo models (as she is) were very dead and could smell a hill.
  7. If I remember right, 1995 was the jubilee year. I never drove a powershift 3cx, but a standard Project 8 from 1993. A great machine IMO and very little to go wrong.
  8. I have heard in the past that skokbord can distort a lot due to sun etc. So much so that it can shear the tek screws!
  9. I wouldnt be overly gone on the way of working there. I have a pto saw and I never put my hand on the right hand side of the blade or never see the need to. Horses for courses though.
  10. Post says he fitted a new battery 6 months ago.
  11. Shouldnt you narrow it down a bit mate? There are loads of MF Industrial loader models to choose from, or will any model from any era do?
  12. <p>Sorry, I have already sold it to a guy that contacted me first. Thanks.</p>

  13. <p>100 quid inc post to devon?</p>

  14. I have a new one here that I bought a few years ago, never took it out of the box because I sold the pick up before I got round to fitting it! If anyone wants to make me an offer on it, I will look into what it would cost to send it over from Ireland to the UK. The weak Euro should make it cheap for you UK guys now!


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