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  1. Cone splitter pulley bore advice???

    It's alright, found an adapter sleeve to fit anyway, it's a should be snug fit now.
  2. Cone splitter pulley bore advice???

    I know it's sounds stupid, but there wouldn't be a 4mm cap, it would be spread around the internal diameter? So at a guess 0.75mm? All the way round.. This is why I'm asking
  3. Would a Pulley bore size of 24mm be right for a 20mm shaft? This would be the small (100mm) pulley to go on the drive shaft on a petrol engine to drive the belts to large pulley on the cone shaft?? Cheers
  4. Wholesale kindling clean and biscuit dry

    How much?
  5. Barn Owl in water trough .

    Nice. Well done. Lovely birds. Got a pair that live around here.
  6. Cheap top handles

    I put the Timberpro £80 bucks to cut up small dia logs, had it 2yrs, used it loads. Can't complain, does the job. Even done a reduction on a 50ft ash tree with it. All I can say is change the chain to a still,oregon and tighten up everything now and then and it's worth every penny.
  7. Free Firewood...

    Hi. I suppose if I turn up with 14ft Ifor William trailer is that to small for ya? Can doing few trips?
  8. <p>If u need nets we are only Ex314hq Muddiford... sowill be cheaper in future</p>

  9. Guess the wieght

  10. Hows the log sales going now

    Best ever. Completely sold out last week. So good that I sold it all but bummer I've run out.
  11. Licenced small arb contractors?

    And don't leave chainsaws on the pavement and drive off. Ah Pete. Ha ha. Hope ya well.
  12. Who needs kiln dried...

    At last, talking sense, always said this. Air humidity will always absorb back into the wood.


    <p>Interested in a pallet (100nets) maybe 2,,sent to ex33 north Devon. </p>

    <p>How much? </p>

    <p>Cheers adam</p>


  14. Woodchip tip site in North Devon

    Where are you in/by barnstaple?
  15. Woodchip tip site in North Devon

    I can sort some chip for ya.. P.m me ya mobile.


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