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  1. I got v one.. Jd engine, cheaper version. Pretty fast splitting actually. (I've owned many different splitters) I joined the 2 handles together with a piece of pipe so I can use it with one hand. Like I said I'm very pleased with build quality, reliability and performance.
  2. I've got the 12t one. Can't fault it. Would recommend it for sure. Owned now just over a year and split well over 40ton of logs That's arb waste aswell
  3. The country would of felled and run out of hardwood by then
  4. otter


    People selling a dumpy bag for £50 here in Devon 😮
  5. What about the moisture content in the wood that is burnt in the kiln to dry the wood??? How would that be 15% mc?? Would you air dry it to below 20% to dry kiln to 15? This county drowning in idiots , and all the industrial biomass boilers burning green wood? Don't make sense.
  6. Once split I reckon only about £150 worth anyway?? People are disillusioned when it comes to this things like this. I had a customer ask me to do a tree job for free but I could have the wood, him saying it's ash worth a fortune that is, needed climbing and was a £300 job with about £100 worth of logs????????? To be honest is worth nothing until split and delivered.
  7. It's not really the importing of the logs it's how they are dried is the point. The amount of wasted unseasoned logs burnt to dry logs? Insane, such a shame and that's the impact on the environment. Double pollution and double the amount of trees felled
  8. I'm finding it's more of actually getting hold of the timber to process than price, just seems to be less around cord and arb . I used get loads. Every arb job customer wants to keep it now and buying in, well no chance.
  9. Hi. Looking for kindling, 100 or 200 nets of kindling, delivered to North Devon. Any one out there got any and prices please? Actually don't mind dumpy bags of the stuff loose and I net up? Can pick up if not to far Thanks
  10. Hi. Looking to buy 22-26t of timber not bothered on length or diameter. Hard or soft. Will be as used firewood on farm. North Devon
  11. It's alright, found an adapter sleeve to fit anyway, it's a should be snug fit now.


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