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  1. Say what I like prick. That's the point of a forum
  2. What's the point of chippers???? What a stupid question. Idiot.
  3. Some tree species like sycamore, pine and maple etc, seem to attract mold anyway during the drying period.
  4. What's everyone talking about,,, covid???? It's all normal here. ? Don't know what all the fuss about.
  5. Think I would be worried that she ain't gonna pay you for the tree work at all?
  6. Had a good year actually. Been nice and steady with work. Booked up for next 3 weeks with tree surgery and it's log selling time now. Happy days.
  7. I agree with boo who, but would be good see whole tree on the Cypress
  8. I've been really busy up to now, definitely getting less work and quotes in all of a sudden. But I Always stash the cash for raining days. Did do a lot of forestry during lockdown and got massive amounts of timber to process into firewood so will be busy doing that if no tree surgery comes in. But yeah gonna be tough next year I reckon.
  9. And what about when it's delivered at 18% mc. Then customer leaves on driveway for 3 cold misty winter days and only then gets his aldi moisture meter out and reads 25%,????!!! ?
  10. I've been selling firewood for over 15 years, all barn dried and always sold 20% or below, You just need alot of barn space and be 1 year ahead of you self. Also you need a large, regular reliable source of timber, which I find is the hardest. I run a tree surgery business and a small forestry company, so always had a supply. If I had to buy all of it in, I wouldn't bother, just to expensive to make a profit.


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