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What's on your bench today?


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if you filled crankcase up with fuel,could this be a method to test crank seals, ie if it leaks out over say 12 hours? or is it more of a pressure issue??


Nope - you need 7-10psi pressure - less won't show a leak, more will blow the seals out - you can do vacuum tests as well but not got round to that and the pressure check shows up the vast majority of faults such as crank seals, cracked boot, holed impulse line, leaking decomp valve etc

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That 346 needed some use to bed in and a retune ... Your more than welcome

to do a few tanks in my wood piles steve ....


Glad it is going strong - watch the top end - will tach it any time if needed but those blue coils make it a PITA!


Your hedge trimmer runs but the cable is shagged - almost the next one on the bench!

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Bought a 025 from My Nephew for £20 it had been in his container since it was stripped by a local agricultural plant dealer and condemed by them to the scrap bin because the piston was worn.

I bolted the exhaust back on, bought a new plug and drained the old fuel out that was 5 years old and she fired up after a few pulls.

After running fine for a minute or 2 it started belching out smoke from the clutch housing.


This is what I found was causing the trouble in the first place :001_rolleyes:

£15 later and she runs as sweet as a nut :001_smile:


IMO - there is a big difference in garden equipment repair engineers and chainsaw techs, I specialize in saws - they fit nicely on the work bench :thumbup:but many repair agents service a wide range of equipment and lack detailed knowledge and also often offer new equipment at the drop of a hat:001_rolleyes:


Glad you got it working OK again

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First up, Poulan leaf blower which someone bought at a yard sale as allegedly "working". Well the fuel line has more holes than the Titanic and the fuel is ancient. Flush the tank, new hose, carb through the ultrasonic cleaner and job done.


Next up a 070 of mine which needed the sprocket changing. I found the clutch shoes had lost all their linings, so new clutch shoes and springs also. I have heard of people using the 070/090 saws with the clutches missing their linings, however, in big wood the clutch will not be able to adequately transfer the torque from the engine to the clutch drum, IMO.





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A 009 electronic which I completely tore apart for parts. The only thing I am personally after is the Universal ignition chip. Which can be used on a number of saws, most notably on some of the 020, 051, 075, 076 and 084 saws.


Yes - those little blighters are useful - recently fixed a Sachs Dolmar with one - a real workaround but it runs sweet now:thumbup:

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