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  1. If it's on the CDN, I'll find it if you say where to look. Regarding richening mixtures on modded saws, I've only ever needed to richen on a muffler mod, porting and intake mods usually need the mixture leaning. Gen 4 software?! What saw is gen 3? What did gen 3 autotune add, I wonder?
  2. No, because the increased airflow draws more fuel out, I gave an analogy some years ago, if you put a straw in a liquid and blow on the straw, it'll draw the liquid up the straw, which is how the carburettor works. If you increase the airflow it naturally sucks more fuel, hence why on the older (manually tuned) saws, we would often stick a carb off a larger saw on (the wider Venturi would draw less fuel) to decrease air pressure on the intake. Stihl made multiple carbs for the contra/070/090, all with gradual increases of Venturi, so the saw could be leaned out enough to pull a larger bar. Looking at the guide bar lengths for the 560 and 562, there's an 8" difference between the maximum length. Autotune is an extremely simple program, and knowing that there's no difference in engine speed, I guess that the main difference between the two saw's programming constraints must be the Venturi size, as pulling a larger bar on a heavier crankshaft would require a leaner mixture
  3. Hmm, I suppose as it's dropping back to idle, the idle adjustment electronic gate switch has not been active in those minutes, vibrations would cause the valve to close, as it must be operated on an electromagnetic valve. I'm not 100% on that, as I don't particularly want to dismantle the mech just to see how it works, carbs being extortionately priced and requiring a computer to set up! Do you know what the fault codes translate to?
  4. Regarding 'syncing' with increased airflow, the system is very basic, on position 1 (idle) it checks engine speed, if above programmed idle, increase fuel mixture, if below, decrease fuel mixture, and the same applies for position 2 (WOT). Regarding the 572xp, judging by the IPL and workshop manuals, it's going to be exactly the same as the 540, 550 and 560/562 in terms of operating system, although judging by patent applications, the introduction of lambda sensors in chainsaws is imminent. Although that could be something to do with Stihl's direct injection systems for reasons... My saw is a first gen 560, s/n 2012 4500688, it's never hunted for fuel on idle or WOT, apart from initial start, where it drops speed on WOT 5 times sequentially before hitting max rpm. When it was plugged in after modifications (porting, muffler mod, air filter and base gasket removal), it had no error codes and those were the carb running settings for the saw. The software on each saw is one of 3 options that corresponds to the specific ignition module. If anything, adding a high-top filter should cause the saw to be rich, as the increased airflow would cause more fuel to be drawn via Venturi effect, hunting for fuel would suggest an air leak, assuming by that term you mean a gradual return to idle rather than immediately? If you meant a bog upon return to idle before picking back up, that could indicate that the throttle position sensor magnet isn't lining up quite right (the Americans noted that issue fairly early on).
  5. Adding a high-top filter and a muffler mod draws more fuel through the system, and the saw compensates by decreasing fuel supply, after I modded mine, I had it plugged in to get the data on the carburettor (46/85). Most errors occur from people not understanding how auto tune's two position system operates, it's idle or WOT only, everything else confuses it.
  6. Everything about the 150 is minuscule lol
  7. Been a while since I've worked on anything, but had to replace my 560's exhaust gasket (again), a stihl ms260 that had a wrong carb diaphragm on it and a broken handle on an ms150t. I love the 150 but not working on the tiny little bugger!
  8. Ah must of missed you bud, ran into Tom (the poor sod still living the GCLM 'dream'), Ted (ELG) and Paul 'silky fox'
  9. Eddy_t


    Not quite, nobody knows how long lobsters live, although we know they can go dormant and regenerate damaged limbs. Saline water corrodes and perishes rubber pretty quickly too, they'd have been fine in a week.
  10. No, 50% of the time, I persuade the owner to keep the logs, although I usually find someone local who will take it
  11. Remove the sprocket and weld a .404 sprocket onto it
  12. Roadside stuff is left because the cutting teams don't want to cart it away, especially as VOSA are always on the prowl! Utilities stuff is left as teams usually travel a fair distance to site, and once again, don't want the logistics. Similar with domestic, rail or any with a potential to remove waste. Nature reserves, woodlands and such similar is usually left stacked as habitat. Why, is quite simple, a few years ago, wood burners were fashionable, so the price of wood rocketed up. Everyone then started doing firewood, producing cheaper, poorer quality fuel. That then killed the market, it costed more to extract, process and store the wood than it's resale value, so it gets left behind, either for someone to collect, or to rot down.


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