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  1. Woodlover

    Spying on subcontractors

    Its an ugly side of the future , if its not trackers its gonna be drones one day or worse. I can just see it now for security at night to health and safety during the day , the drone will become essential for all sites and will see everything ...and of course be viewable at any time by the boss.
  2. I have 2 at either end of the money/name scale, cannot fault either for value and warmth and would recommend both...1 is a small well known British make that does the job and after 12 years still has very little maintenance (Hunter Hawk4). Then I have this 14KW beast from China for £380 that gives out immense heat for little fuel, been running for 3 years fault free...Glass does blacken quick tho unlike the Hunter.
  3. Woodlover

    what's up with swearing?

    Whale Oil Beef hooked ...said my Irish mate.
  4. Woodlover

    what's up with swearing?

    That's me .
  5. Woodlover

    what's up with swearing?

    Cheers Steve...I was woodlover, so anything like that that is ok ...woodlover1 ,2 or whatever please.
  6. Woodlover

    what's up with swearing?

    Hmmm ...is that me...sorry to do it again but this site would not let me log in so requested a new password, email address recognised but never a new password came...so had to log in with a friggin face book account and in my pathetic immature state of frustration wrote the stupid name...If the boss can change it or allow me to then im happy.
  7. Woodlover

    what's up with swearing?

    I will see all you bar stewards next Tuesday .
  8. Woodlover

    Wood with natural holes in?

    Thanks Mark, I am trying to get the family to agree a camping trip that way one day this summer if the weather is like last year, so you never know I might be in touch.
  9. Woodlover

    Margaret Thatcher.

    What ever She was or did, She had balls in my opinion, something lacking in the world of UK politics today and something that any leader needs.
  10. Woodlover

    Climate change anyone?

    They have been doing that for many years ,well...with the plastic most tins are sprayed with to stop them rusting, and its turning us all gay apparently. Testosterone levels and sperm counts have never been so low. Just look at the world around you and it does appear to be true.
  11. Woodlover

    Wood with natural holes in?

    Thanks Steve...Sorry for the late response but I never got a notification for the post and have just seen it when looking through the woodworking thread...It would of made an impressive Fairy House but at £70 I doubt I would of had it...maybe £40 for that size if someone has similar and is within a reasonable distance of BB9 post code. At the moment I still need wood with holes in and also soft wood logs and rings if anyone is working in the area and wants to make a delivery to Nelson Lancashire. Will take any rings as long as bark is still on.
  12. Woodlover

    Climate change anyone?

    For years I thought the planet was doomed because of human activity but in recent years I have seen some tech that i think might actually save us from completely screwing the planet. We have electric cars that do now work and will become the norm...and with the likes of Teslas home battery thingy the future of self power generation looks easier than ever. I am sure the cost of Teslas home battery thing will come down and competition will lower the prices so it becomes the norm..it will be the future that a home generates all the power needed for the home,car ect. Then we have all the new tech in solar panels and solar paint ect It is getting cheaper and better. Also Graphene will one day soon change the world for the better once they figure out how to mass produce it. The war on plastic is finally making some progress , it is being addressed more than ever before. The burning of waste, fossil fuels ect is getting cleaner and cheaper to clean. I think we are now finally on the right road and other developing nations will clean up there acts as the tech will get cheaper and more efficient for all in the near future. In my 40 years I have never seen a time like now where the future looks cleaner.
  13. Woodlover

    My grinder ate a gas pipe!

    What happens when you come across a gas pipe that someone else must of damaged once upon a time as on this pipe you uncovered doing your work there is a join that dose not look professional, so you called it in. How can they charge you? would they forensically examine the join so as to blame someone or will they just fix it and put it down to unknown work/people ?
  14. Woodlover

    Firewood jokers

    This Ad on ebay is the biggest P take I have seen yet, just £20 per tree ,you pay to cut. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tree-Logs-for-Firewood/183670719422?hash=item2ac3a0c3be:g:25IAAOSwjmFcWMd4 Tree logs for Firewood available.Tree(s) to be cut down and logs taken away. Choice of three different trees as per different photos. Some trees may need to be climbed to safely cut. Otherwise can be cut at the bottom. Cash on collection. £20 per tree. Happy to answer questions.
  15. Woodlover

    Google has just freaked me out!

    Not had issues with google but face book has freaked me out with there tech. I have a fb page but its not my real last name and it contains no pictures of me or anything about my personal life, have no family as friends on it, don't use it as was set up for a business that did not take off. My partner posts pictures of me and her all the time on her fb and in those pictures if you put the curser over my face it suggests tagging my mum in as if fb recognises my pic as my mums...wtf is that about? FB has the tech to recognise family members from pics alone? How can fb know I am linked to my mum is not right and is above the tech already out there for face recognition tech?


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