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  1. I bet their insurance is sky-high ,over the top and close to astronomical.
  2. I am going back a few years but my accountant then told me that as a Ltd company my own property was safe and could never be taken from me if something ever went wrong...So as a Sole Trader what happens if your insurance does not pay for what ever reason, can someone take your house?
  3. And sorry I should have updated this ...I spoke to the Gallery last week that I am going to and it turns out they can cover me under their own insurance ...they were restricted to 30 artists and as they squeezed me in last minute they thought all 30 places were taken but after another count I am in ,as long as a I sign a contract.
  4. Thanks Bill , just found this Artists' Union England WWW.ARTISTSUNIONENGLAND.ORG.UK England’s trade union for visual, applied and socially engaged artists Membership Benefits A membership to Artists’ Union England gets you professional support and access to resources. That means you’ll get: Public and Products Liability (PPL) insurance 30 minutes FREE legal advice Access to resources about artists’ issues FREE training and study opportunities Coming soon: tax guidance
  5. Imagine being hacked in this VR world and as your enjoying your porn stars skills she turns into ya brother or worse 😥
  6. Augmented Reality .Will it destroy us or set us free? When will it be better than reality? Is it reasonable to say that it is only a matter of time before it is better than reality? Cant be assed researching it but think I know enough to give it a bash and welcome others views and opinions on something that is very real and a present danger in my eyes. Imagine having any conversation with a person but they are present in the room to chat to instead of by text email or phone, they could be there with you ,or for them you with them. Having a party ? then you can have any entertainer or band you like playing live in your front room, from the past or present. Even pack the place out with fake guests. If you want naked women walking around your house its going to be possible, I believe porn will control mankind with what`s possible. Instead of watching porn on a screen you will just have to put on your special glasses and bang any porn star you want or scene played out in front of you on your own bed. You could invite friends over for a chat ,even play darts and drink together in a digital pub, its all possible whilst walking around your own pad talking to yourself but really feeling like in the pub with ya mates who are also at home walking around like zombies chatting to themselves. Need advise on a tree from a mate and with the tech the guy can be there with you, is going to be possible. For education it will end the expensive need for schools as a teacher can be present in the home. Same for Uni and colleges. Learn to cook with a top chef next to you. There`s loads of amazing ways it will change the world. I have guessed half this stuff above but I am sure with my limited knowledge of tech its still highly possible and likely to happen, and what with 5G its definitely making it easier to happen. BigJ`s thread about vehicles and road investment ect got me thinking this n that n I believe the future is us all staying at home as much as possible as reality will suck compared to what Virtual and Augmented Reality will bring. I believe we will turn into hermits , food delivered and parcels by drone...We will be too busy masturbating and living a fake reality to be driving anywhere or caring what is anywhere. I can see it being something that we will all want and it will be a must have, but it will also destroy us , we will become hermits and want to live in pods in a city and never give a shit about anything ever again other than work and getting home to our Augmented world...Is it self induced slavery?
  7. Never go to the Doctor with your erection problems and also ask for help to give up smoking , a simple mix up at the chemist can put you in hospital ffs.
  8. Are they uppers or downers? sounds like your an addict if not willing to discuss? Must be E`s , I remember back in the day those love doves from the 90`s gave you an E jaw too,that was big enough thanks. Dodgy deals are best face to face, you can see what ya getting . I will go now ,enough is enough.
  9. Weed would be a start but any illegal drug would be ok...Maybe become a devil worshiper ? or become a pimp? I don't know what rocks a woodworker, we all have our vices but this ones a tricky one.
  10. Just like Princess Di ,don't fuck with the royals.
  11. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/08/10/epstein-ducked-sex-abuse-questions-deposition/ Duke of York among those named in 1,200 pages of Jeffrey Epstein court documents
  12. This stinks ...conspiracy theorist feast or what. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-49306032 Not only Trumps mate but had royal connections just like Jimmy Saville.
  13. In extreme circumstances I believe it could have always failed after say 20 years ,and with the little maintenance it has obviously received shows a lack of responsibility and knowledge IMO. Built correctly and for the full purpose instead as I strongly believe a simple Cap to just stop soil being washed away then yes you are right, but it was not built to withstand a torrent of water it was built to simply stop soil being washed away for the very near future back then...It was a simple short term cap ...by not realising it would fail in time then they now have failed in their responsibility to carry out adequate risk assessment's. Climate change has been shoved down our necks for years , that post I did of the years with flooding shows it is a real possibility anywhere in the UK in any one year so to keep this Dam full is or should be a risk, no hindsight needed just common sense.
  14. The Whaley Bridge Flood Of 1872 | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT NOTALOTOFPEOPLEKNOWTHAT.WORDPRESS.COM By Paul Homewood Whaley Bridge Flooding is nothing new for Whaley Bridge One of the worst floods on record took... Something I now know.
  15. I would think they used the mesh sheets in the concrete ,and then these slabs sat on some kind of support at the edges. No bar used at all as it was just built as a cap not a structure? is my guess. Its like a roof for the soil, but built in the cheapest way with the least metal and concrete possible.


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