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  1. I have just seen this image on a BBC news article and I cannot believe this is the way forward. 1, who would want there whole street lined with phone box sized units like these? 2,How many footpaths are wide enough for these phone box sized charge stations, the cars usually park on the pavements around most areas I go so add the charge points and parking become even more hassle/restricted. 3,Copper cable thieves who usually risk there lives on railway lines ect can now just walk down a street late at night cutting as many cables as his habit needs, easy money. 4, Children /teenagers/scum will unplug your car to wind you up. 5, Trip hazard cables on footpaths don't seem like a good idea, A+E units through out the country will be full of drunks who tripped and with people who stare at there phone whilst walking. 6,The bit that plugs into your car will be left in the road by some and driven over by others. 7,Parking ,in the pic its got to be in the marked bay and in a certain direction to minimize any cable trip hazard ,people will park wrong and cables will be stretched into the air ect. I am all for the elec car but with pics like the one the BBC shows it would seem like its going to be a nightmare and I think unworkable if this above pic is how its going to be.
  2. This over population thing might soon be sorted thanks to old Prince Philip who is currently in Hospital... " On death. In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation " he said in(1988) Such a nice guy to think of us even when dead.
  3. I have witnessed an English born and bred mother telling off her child for saying pussy cat... "its just cat" she said...FFS...my 5 year old says pussy cat and probably will keep on saying it until the likes of this woman's child takes the p out of her for it, sadly.
  4. My Mrs is in her 2nd year of being a student Nurse and what we have learnt so far is...2 hour lunch breaks are normal , if a patient is 5 minutes late for their appointment with the nurse ,the nurse can make them wait 15minutes more as punishment and twiddles her thumbs/texts friends until then...too much power and no one to reprimand her. Free 3 course meals for students and people they are placed with ,but not just the people they work with but also the manager gets to come for a free 3 course meal just to say thank you for helping train the student even though they did F-all..this all during a normal working day. There is so much waste and abuse of position. Also the students are all warned that slagging off the nhs may get them thrown off the course, so a lot will not tell.
  5. I was told years ago ...flash your lights at these temp traffic lights and it will change asap due to emergency services ...All the ones I have seen have a sensor thing pointing towards oncoming traffic and this is the device that picks up a flashing light like that of the emergency services. It does seem to change them quicker when I have tried.
  6. I made this simple tea light holder years ago from pallet wood, my other half liked it...Make it as long as you like and even paint it to match existing styles ect...Suppose ya could even engrave names on the hearts?
  7. An Idea that I have had for some time is a miniature village for children with the houses all made from logs and pallet wood. In the summer months it would be a picnic type of afternoon event and in the winter it could become a Christmas Elf Village. I would have the houses either side of paths that lead to a clearing where a main event can happen like a Santa`s grotto , Reindeer ,a Fire ,BBQ ect I made a miniature log cabin for my was 2 year old daughter a few years ago, took a few days but could easily make enough for a whole village within 6 months and for little cost other than the labour if the wood is freely available. The House`s do not have to be water-proof or even open to the public as long as they look good, wood chipped paths and miniature conifers for the village and the jobs a good un.
  8. The best of ideas are ones that may one day require a house being built?...like the grand designs guy who built in the woods? I would look at that rule book first before going down any road as those rules would help influence any decision I would make.
  9. Has Larch got nice textured bark ? and is it unwanted/unloved and rejected in the world of firewood logs? as every one wants hard woods? if so I want what you guys do not, I will pay the normal Ton price for the too small stuff and save your chippers some work. Do you guys process into logs anything under 8 inch? or is it just chipped? What is too small for a log processor or what size is just hassle? I was hoping the size of log I requested would be of a size usually rejected for firewood and therefore I would be swamped with offers...?
  10. I cannot recommend a decent firm but years ago when I went down that road I got the price of a personal loan first and in my bargaining with the car finance firm they agreed to the same interest rate, saved about 2 percent APR if I remember right...this was in 2011.
  11. In a dream the other night this bearded old guy told me to make a boat...but I am not doing that, I am building a log shelter that runs around the fence of my garden and will have planters on the roof... and also , hopefully something that might be a money maker 🤞...and believe it or not it may get me and my family a free stay in a center parks, if my cunning plan works...but that is top secret so don't tell anyone about that ...or the boat , I don't want a load of animals turning up, the misses would go mental.
  12. I am led to believe it rots easily ,I do not want to burn it I want to make stuff out of it for outside use. Also the little bit I have had recently been given to me had loads of rot in the middle of the larger logs , I had not seen this on any other logs ever before so I am a bit put of.
  13. I only need about a Ton`s worth but will consider any deal up to 5 Ton if its cheaper per Ton. I want any wood other than silver birch, ideally a mix of soft and hard woods .Freshly felled or seasoned. Nice and straight if poss. I need it delivered to Nelson East Lancashire. I need the majority of the logs to be roughly 4ft long but some bigger or smaller is fine, also they only need to be about 5 inches thick ...about the thickness of this one in a pic I found would be perfect. Got Cash ,the space is ready for them from next Monday onwards....PM me a price please.
  14. Gavs weather vids on youtube is what I watch for an idea of the weather ahead. Gav posts vids every day but on Sundays does a Winter one , its long and in parts boring but still has some good info. Then for weather in the week ahead I use this site (from Gav`s vids)which is very accurate for 3 days ahead, if you know how to read it. https://www.wetterzentrale.de/en/show_diagrams.php?model=gfs&var=201&geoid=48772&lid=ENS&bw=true
  15. I don't understand why the site allows such words, can it not be done automatically...I am sure on some forums I have visited swearing is just not possible unless you use the wrong spelling, this must also apply to racist words to. Steve , all you have to do is type one of the racist words into the search box and hey presto .


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