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  1. I've heard it said money grows on tree's, this must be what the tree looks like! Will now go and check the two rather larger walnut tree's in the garden for money growing off them!!!!!
  2. Summed up in a nut shell, and thats all you need to know!
  3. Thanks for that! Will prob do it this winter and replant some more this autumn so I've got some ready for next year!
  4. Right I have about 100 tree's grown from seeds planted last autumn, beech/oak/sycamore. Now how long should i grow them on for before I plant them out in the field to make a new area of coppice and stand alone tree's?
  5. Big J => Never seen that before, but funny as!
  6. Sort of similar, I looked at this for moving farming machinery about. But because the machinery your moving is going to earn you income from the work it carries out your not in the exemption. As basically your using the lorry as haulage for business machinery. Shame cuz it would have saved us thousands of man hours and haulage costs by now! But do let me know if you find different, but this is the small print I got from VOSA.
  7. i've got a local villager who'd i'd happily put next to yours just so he doesn't feel alone! 'Get a life' is all i can answer his stupidity with now!
  8. My wife's chicken pen is like fort knox, electric wire and netting all dug in, the local hunt 'controls' them with a helping hand from me if they become a problem. Drives me crazy like a mad man! They look good turkeys, hope the foxes aren't a problem, good environment for them! Wish I was closer cuz boxing day curry sounds a good one!!!!
  9. i've been using a solid nose 47" stihl duromatic on my 880 for milling, and it seems ok. Not really noticed much difference with the roller nose 42" i was using, but like rob said you can get the guide closer to the end. It was perhaps slightly hotter running but in my beginner eyes not excessively hot. I did make sure the oiler on the saw was pushing out a good amount of oil to keep the nose lubricated before the aux oiler lubricated the cutting edge. Thats my pennys worth anyway!
  10. Now just wonder what kinda profits they'll make when they haven't got all those costs on the bottom line!
  11. I think you've just jinxed our weather into another 6wks of heavy rain with that!! I hope the wet feet thing passes, cuz i'm bored of my combines getting wet feet to the point that the wet feet turn to wet muddy bellys!
  12. you wouldn't have to worry about being wheel clamped or towed away even if you did park in the wrong place!
  13. tis a nice sound to hear the quadtrac workign hard, the lad who was driving ours last summer wanted to take the silencer off and put a straight through stack on it! Think that would've deafened the whole 50mile vicinity! Great cause and great achievement!
  14. and to my surprise my wife made the first comment about the players........
  15. not so much domestic, but a bloke trying to wash the underside of his paddock topper by sticking his hand underneath with a hose pipe and the blades turning so it splashed it about. I had to reverse up and look again to check my eyes weren't lying to me!


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