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  1. Timber Sheffield

    Any left?
  2. Tree work in London??? so who is it then :)

    I'm sure this isn't restricted to London street works.... sleepy Lincoln is much the same. Mr Wiggins has a lot to answer for, as do typical LA contracts. An extra body on the ground would be a big help, as would a little more respect for the hardness of wood from the general public.
  3. old school bracing....

    not at all, help yourself.
  4. old school bracing....

    just found this pic on my phone, kinda cool!
  5. 90s disco

    seems a little pricey for one of that age.
  6. good afternoon out.

    there were a couple at least that had travelled down from Englands biggest county:001_tt2: You can prob see the flags flying in the video. Our local farms have a few. The organisers farm has two, and there are a couple more farms locally with two, and one with four.
  7. good afternoon out.

    They had to work together for 5 mins to get the record. the noise on the parade lap was enough, but when the implements dug in and they opened the throttles..............
  8. good afternoon out.

    it was held about 15 miles north of lincoln.... organised by a farm ive done a couple of jobs for. an amazing spectacle, and over 10 grand raised for cancer research.
  9. good afternoon out.

    had a couple of hours watching 50 quadtracs working in one field. Awesome noise, must have been what a squadron of lancs sounded like in the war...
  10. Any ideas?

    Just been to a tree and it bears two different leaves, sometimes on the same stem. In a street of hornbeams, but also with leaves that look a bit oak or hawthorn like. Any ideas please?
  11. Stihl MS261 or MS271???

    we have 2x 261 at work, one for each gang, the first purchased had a bearing prob which was fixed no problem, the second purchased has been fine right from the word go, no probs at all. great saw, ive been ringing up an 18" stem with it this afternoon, no prob.
  12. Billing LRO show

    unlikely this year, but just read its been put back 2 weeks due to weather..
  13. tough rucksac needed

    Try army surplus shops.
  14. Lilac

    Is it any good for anything or do I just burn it? I have a few bits 10" dia by about 18".
  15. 2nd attempt at a horse, 6th time carving full stop

    its gonna make one hell of a chess set!


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