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  1. Smokey cold start on ranger

    first thing is what color is the smoke.white = water vapor ,blue = oil burning black = unburnt fuel (diesel) hope this helps
  2. a "mate " of mine has just finished a hardwood coppice job (up to 15 cm dia) and was moaning in the pub about not making any money.it turns out he was using a 70 cc jonsered 20inch bar ! so ive got a chance of picking up the job next winter so 241 vs 201? please don't suggest a husky as the sales support here in my part of Spain is crap ( 2 weeks to get a brake band + €12.00 postage)
  3. What was your first chain saw

    Sthil 08s. no chainbreak & weighed a ton but diesel - like power ringing up big trunks
  4. tough rucksac needed

    ja ja muy bien - en serio empliamos el burro vez en cuando un saludo
  5. tough rucksac needed

    the term "footpath" is a loose description - these are mostly mountain routes & we sometimes end up shouldering the clearing saws for miles .we have talked about this for years - ideas about trails bikes , donkeys ect.but a rucksac is the best - leaving your hand free
  6. tough rucksac needed

    thanks everyone the berghaus Centurio 30 & Karrimor SF Sabre 30 are looking good
  7. tough rucksac needed

    I'm clearing footpaths at the mo & sometimes this means 6 or 7 hours away from the van so hand tools, fuel ,clearing saw bits lunch ect.are carried in a rucksac - the huskvana one i have had for the last few years clearly isnt up to the job & is quickly falling apart.With water i'm starting the day with about 11 or 12 kg but would like a daypac sized ruckasc as a full-sized one is too sweaty/unwealdy any reccomendations?
  8. stihl(elten) special boots

    Result! although out of date sthil have replaced my boots top marks to my local dealer
  9. stihl(elten) special boots

    another boot falling apart thread this time chunks of tread falling off shame as they are comfy but cost €200.00 (ont zero vat rated here)
  10. French Pyrenees

    hi jarnii without giving too much away i'm further west than Tremp.Tee surgery as such is in its infancy here most jobs being done from access platforms.Street trees , on the whole are well cared for but a lot of hacking/butchery goes on.The forestry sector is a bit more up to date with some large professional companies at work all over northen Spain but the quality/productivity of the work is still some way away from northen european standards.Most local authorities/town halls have there own in house teams & Spanish foñk tend to live in apartments so proper tree surgery jobs are thin on the ground - i do gardening ,fencing ,carpentry & building work to keep the wolf from the door
  11. French Pyrenees

    Anyone working on the French side of the Pyrenees? things are a bit slow here in Spain
  12. Hot,Hot, Hot How to survive the heat!!!

    clearing mountain footpaths here in Spain - was 35deg last wed. & we took 6 hours to do the job almost no shade..... oh and carrying a husky clearing saw , 4L of water 5L of fuel , lunch ect.You can make up home made isotonic drinks with sugar salt & lemon juice
  13. The great debate. Best Saw Ever?

    Husky 262 XP
  14. Hilux 2.4td high mileage?

    my old hi-lux finally went to the scrappy with 245 thou. on the clock - a 1985 model that succumbed to rust
  15. Stihl MS 261 misbehaving, advice please?

    no sprocket issues so far but i have noticed that when snedding & resting the saw bar down on the log the reves increase slightly on return to a horizontal position.oh and its running a rim sprocket


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