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  1. Stock fencing staple gun

    The only ones I know of are the Stock-ade ST400 pneumatic and the ST400i cordless, both of which are top class tools at top class tool prices. If you have a compressor the ST400 will be cheaper to run since the gas is expensive for the cordless tool I believe (I have recently bought an ST400 with the Stock-ade compressor). These tools can save a massive amount of time on a big fencing job.
  2. New Forum feedback

    Thank you! This is an enormous help, I hadn't spotted it way off to the top right of the screen, and it makes all the difference!
  3. New Forum feedback

    Is there a way to get a listing of topics equivalent to the old "view new posts" or "view todays posts", whatever it was called, the one that listed all the topics regardless of which forum they were in, and had the doohickey you could click to view the first unread post? The nearest equivalent I can find (the "Today's Posts" thing) is nothing like, since it lists the actual posts rather than the topics, and only shows a few per screen. I am sorry to say that I am really struggling with this new look, although I freely admit that I don't like it when things I have more or less got the hang of change beyond recognition. I recognise the effort that has gone into its development, and I am in awe of the technical skills it must have taken, but it just seems to me to be really, really difficult to make it work in a way that even vaguely resembles the old version. If someone can help with the question above (and it may be really simple and obvious if you know) then I'll be a lot happier and grateful.
  4. The Layman's Guide To Towing In The UK

    Interesting, thank you. A spot of rapid research makes it clear that the linked document specifically and exclusively related to vehicles which have been type approved as N1 unde the ECWVTA scheme and are then subject to modifications prior to first registration. The linked document outlines the modifications which are and are not within scope of the IVA process which would be required in this case. The linked document refers to the Road Vehicles (Approval) Regulations 2009 (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2009/717/pdfs/uksi_20090717_en.pdf ) and, as far as I can deteremine, indicates that for a former N1 vehicle that has been converted and is presented for IVA, the coupling device itself is regulated but the means of attachment to the vehicle is not specifically so. The relevant part seems to be Item 50 of Part 1 of Schedule 5 of RVAR 2009 which states that the coupling device must conform to "The technical provisions of: Annex VII to Directive 94/20/EC." (whatever this may say) and "Vehicle Installation: Securely attached to structural parts of the vehicle and in such a position to allow the safe functioning and operation of the coupling." So no mention of specific type approval for the means of attachment. As far as I can tell, nothing in either source (and in fact nothing that I am aware of) alters the basic situation that a vehicle that has ECWVTA N1 classification and is unmodified to the extent that IVA is not required prior to registration does not require that any towing attachment is type approved. Please do not however take this as any sort of qualified legal guidance, it is just my personal interpretation of ridiculously complicated legislation produced by people whose sole purpose seems to be to make life difficult for all of us!
  5. The Layman's Guide To Towing In The UK

    For info, for vehicles type approved under EU WVTA class N, such as recent Defenders, the tow bar does not need to be type approved.
  6. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    Stunning! Thank you for sharing!
  7. OMFG watch this

    This is actually a more interesting question than you might think. It is this type of behaviour that lead to a study by two psychologists who identified the eponymous Dunning-Kruger Effect. Dunning-Kruger Effect - Wikipedia In essence what they hypothesised is that if you are very stupid, you are unable to figure out if a task is difficult or dangerous and will as a result underestimate the difficulty and/or the risks involved. Intelligent people, on the otherhand, have a tendency to overestimate complexity and/or risk since they have a greater awareness of the issues involved. I would say that this video is a perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect! Their original study was prompted after they read about the case of a genius by the name of McArthur Wheeler, who was convinced that if he painted his face with lemon juice he would become invisible to security cameras (sadly I am not kidding, there really are people this stupid). In 1995 Wheeler robbed two banks in Pittsburgh in the same afternoon, convinced that he'd conceived the perfect crime. Unsurprisingly Wheeler was (a) virtually unable to see whilst conducting his robberies due to the lemon juice in his eyes, and (b) caught within hours since he showed up perfectly on the security video and was very quickly identified. When caught he was genuinely baffled how the cops managed to identify him, so convinced was he that he was invisible to cameras. Dunning and Kruger were professionally intersted in how someone could actually be quite that stupid, and this lead to their research.
  8. P60 text message scam.

    It is quite shocking to think that there are people who fall for this kind of thing, but there must be. The villains wouldn't bother if nobody fell for it. I think that probably 50% of the emails I receive are some sort of phishing or other scam now. Except of course for that generous bloke in Nigeria who still wasnt help getting his surplus money out of the country and has chosen me to help!
  9. The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    Nothing illegal about beadlockers per se but they need to be 'E'-marked, and I believe that the only 'E'-marked 16" beadlockers are the Hutchinson ones at around €525 apiece. If I recall correctly from when I had similar thoughts the Tibus portals cost about £1000 per corner.
  10. stolen saws etc on ebay

    I had something similar a few years ago after an attempted eBay purchase, from BTP investigating the theft of tools from railway worksites. Fortunately on this occasion the vendor (or thieving scumbag, if you prefer) had failed to supply the item concerned and Paypal had already reimbursed my hard-earned. In my view any initiative by the Police to counter tool theft, however inadequate, and however overdue, is commendable and should be supported.
  11. Mag drill

    You could always try one of these:- https://www.milwaukeetool.com/power-tools/cordless/2787-22 Expensive, but looks promising, and generally seems to get good reviews. I am looking forward to an excuse to try one. It is incredible how cordless battery technology has come on in leaps and bounds. Perhaps one days we'll have electric vehicles that are actually practical!
  12. Mag drill

    I have an elderly Evolution which I have had for years (it wasn't elderly when I bought it!) and used sensibly it is an excellent tool, excellent VFM.
  13. Superwinch repair

    A Husky is very simple, you could do it yourself.
  14. Trailer snaking accident

    They are legal here provided that they conform to C&U Regs (which not all American brakes do). See https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/408947/american-caravan-and-trailer-brakes-coupling.pdf


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