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Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who donated to this years raffle, in total we raised £3485 for the childrens trust, so yet again a great effort :001_smile:


Below is a full list of prize winners. If anyone wants their prize sent to an address other than the one they filled in on the childrens trust website, please pm me your address as soon as possible, thanks



Chopping board - green 377, user: firewood


Hitch climber - green 805, user: tree cutter stu


Spliced eye to eye cord - yellow 200, user: Brenton boy


Sawpod fleece - pink 95, user: Dean Lofthouse


Sawpod fleece - green 879, user: Dave G


Turned beech bowl - orange 256, user: woodworm


Burnt candle holder - orange 2, user: RC0


Mushroom, candle holder and goblet - yellow 578, user: Dean O


Art and science of practical rigging - orange 68, user: slasherscot


2 rigging tape slings - green 384, user: firewood


13mm split tail - yellow 364, user: Tom D


Timbersports earmuffs - pink 991, user: Gareth Dalzell


Stein baseball cap - green 104, user: JPBeaver


Stein throwline bag - orange 66, user: slasherscot


Stein throwline cube - pink 847, user: john shutler


Stein throwline cube - green 110, user: JPBeaver


Homebrew Gin - green 17, user: mixedangased


The secret life of trees - yellow 772, user: omniata


Life venture mugs - green 3, user: mark johnson


Hand carved ring - yellow 372, user: samuel


Glenmorangie whisky - orange 243, user: Giles Hill


£50 f.r.jones voucher - pink 50, user: Chainsaw Dom


Tree doctor CD ROM - green 606, user: bob


HM11 shoe studs - orange 496, user: edenarb


£10 Gustharts voucher - yellow 653, user: J Scott


Stein hi-vis waterproof jacket - orange 44, user: sal


ARS handsaw - orange 30, user: swooop


Secateurs - green 123, user: CharlieH


Selection of AA publications - green 92, user: treebeard


BG56 Blower - pink 996, user: Gareth Dalzell


1 page website - yellow 71, user: hawthorn


CS30 training course - green 201, user: frankie lawrence


LX310 saw and strop - orange 271, user: phenom


3 cans of aspen fuel and t-shirt - pink 10, user: Rob Stringer


Gloves - green 411, user: jojam


Gloves - green 67, user: treebeard


Gloves - yellow 452, user: treedave


Gloves - pink 27, user: ging


Gloves - orange 430, user: skyhuck


Gloves - orange 400, user: benstihl


Gloves - orange 77, user: jacjak


Gloves - yellow 532, user: RobRainford


Gloves - pink 209, user: procee


Gloves - pink 653, user: testcricket01


Clark waterproof jacket - yellow 595, user: bbtarb


Transit light guards - orange 377, user: RobRainford


Tipmaster t-shirt - orange 324, user: kev stephenson


Tipmaster t-shirt - orange 15, user: swooop


37m Imori - green 927, user: weedee


Sawpod - green 754, user: screwie


Sawpod hat - pink 42, user: N6ASHH


ISC portawrap - yellow 949, user: josharb87


ISC rope grab and karabiner - yellow 407, user: zippysluggish


Petzl Alveo helmet - pink 234, user: SDW


Petzl sequoia harness - green 336, user: buzz surgeon


Essential arb subscription - green 550, user: woodplans


Essential arb subscription - yellow 130, user: tony sorensen


Essential arb subscription - orange 117, user: ecolojim


Essential arb subscription - yellow 325, user: rob murison


Indulgence food and drink hamper - pink 297, user: delabodge


Alaskan mini mill - yellow 925, user: weeklyshave


Petzl sequioa srt harness - green 88, user: treebeard


Split tail - yellow 23, user: rovers90


Split tail - orange 448, user: skyhuck


Split tail - green 10, user: mark johnson


Split tail - green 637, user: buster


Split tail - green 824, user: sloth


3m flip line - green 30, user: mixedangased


Stein throw weight kit - green 664, user: andy collins


Stein throwling - yellow 858, user: gmime


Stein S300 handsaw - orange 469, user: J Scott


Stein skywalker pulley - pink 408, user: DN22gardening


Stein outreach - orange 229, user: Weliketomoveitmoveit

Edited by Steve Bullman
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