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I've a 6x6 ish sized front grass area which I've wrecked by filling it with logs, splitting by hand and then covering up with my daughters trampoline which has since blew away ūüėā


I need something low maintenance and something that looks good. I've been told about this as you don't need to cut it that often. 


Buy Low Growing Wildflower Meadow Seeds Mix online from Landlife Wildflowers, the wildflower experts. We grow and supply...

Has anyone used this before?

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Id just leave it be  unless all the work traffic  has mades it   a  muddy swamp. If so then id put some drainage/hard standing in under the "grass" or topsoil layer so it does not get churned up by doing logs there


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Any bare ground will naturally reseed it self with weeds/wildflowers,


Bark  doesn't last long & when it rots  down the area will be extra soft and get churned up easier than before


Meadow would have to be off limits  as  it wouldn't like being trampled id think....compared to grass  esp some species  selected for there tolerance to heavy foot traffic etc


Areas probably now really compacted would need cultivating digging over & prepared to get a meadow  seed mix to thrive etc

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What are your plans for the front lawn from now on? Grass lawn will need mowing every so often but is hardly high maintenance. You could try something like a chamomile lawn or thyme, low growing, and won't need mowing. Might need weeding by hand - not sure lawn weed killers will work.


However what you do depends on what you want to do on it.


my wildflower mix I did last year onto bare soil turned out to be 'wild flower grass'


Bark and similar will change the PH of the soil, something to consider. Might be if you want to cover it over, some barrier plastic and then slate chips, adding pot plants for interest and lowest maintenance will the plastic gets holed and the weeds get through.

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3 hours ago, Donnie said:

Here's a wee photo. It was grass before. I just want something that looks decent (I don't plan on high traffic) tbh. If youve any photos of the wildflower that'd be grNd


Options: -

!) Till it over, replant with grass seed and will be good in three months.

2) As above and use some wild flower mix - one cut in Autumn

3) Till and plant Nasturtiums, Cosmos, Foxglove, Delphiniums, Canterbury bells, Marigolds, Salvias, lavender and watch the bees love you for your cottage garden....oh, don't forget the crocus and daffs for early colour.

4) Plant half of it as a veggie garden...runner beans, courgettes and onions are easy and worthwhile.

5) Block pave it and be destined to end up in hell!!!! 

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