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Petzl Sequoia harness failure

Andrew McEwan

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An Arborist, working at height for another DNO, narrowly avoided a fall from height when their harness suffered a malfunction to the bridge. One of the pins that secures the bridge in position came loose and the pin dropped away. This allowed the bridge to pull through compromising the safe points of attachment:


The arborist was using a new PETZL SEQUOIA harness whilst climbing the conifer to carry out pruning works, when the bridge malfunctioned. The arborist was able to descend safely to the ground. Note the absence of the black pin in the gold gated attachment point (see below).


Petzl are investigating the failure and we are awaiting their findings.

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It is very popular harness I have one as well , used it couple of times, too flimsy as every thing made by petzl , so I use primarily my tree hog  chippo harness I just like it or it is a habit . In theory I thing it is good practice to reinstall with new treadlocker every bolt or screw used in gear , never did that but thinking about this regularly, so I will start from this petzl ,I believe loctite permanent is the best option? To be honest I like ropes ,and knots basic 3 act carabiners,no swivels, and pulleys all made by DMM or stein  heavy duty stuff.

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13 hours ago, Sviatoslav Tulin said:

I believe loctite permanent is the best option?

My harness instructions specify new nuts and bolts, 6Nm, loctite 262 or 2701 when putting a new bridge on, these are permanent loctite types. Cost a few quid but I bought a bottle of 2701 for the job and have a small torque wrench, seems like it's not something to scrimp on if they go to the trouble of specifying like that.


Makes you wonder if that guy had ever removed the bridge or if it was straight from Petzl.

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I always thought it was a poor feature - same as with shackles. Why have such a potential 'weak link' on what is basically the most crucial part of a harness. Movement of bridges over time possibly loosening the bolts/threaded components. Loctite or not- it's lazy design. Compare with Skylotec harnesses- eliminated these weak spots. A pity that good old Willans have not kept up to date with modern designs- can't find a sturdier made harness- just not very functional by today's comparisons. 

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I’ve had a bolt come out of a Petzl harness ring. Lyon sent me a whole new ring so that’s on the harness. Pretty sure I glued the threads. The old ring with an old rusty bolt that fitted became part of the dog rigging. Then it fell off that too. I’d have thought the rust would have held it in but there you go. Quick release things that are slightly too quick to release are a faint but present hallmark of Petzl. I’ll keep asking. Has the Eject killed or paralysed anyone yet?

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