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Deer fencing around trees


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Just after some advice and info about deer fencing around trees. 


We have some 3.5-4m trees to plant and they need deer and rabbit fencing around. 


I was thinking once posts knocked in approx 6' tall 4 posts and then bars across to each and maybe some chicken wire at the base and dug into the sod. 


Don't know if that's over kill but I feel it's going to take some time and materials! Not looking forwards to this part so asking if anyone knows of other methods or something I may have missed out? 



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Theres a BS for rabbit proof fencing mesh max diameter and wire guage height etc



Find out about eligibility and requirements for the rabbit fencing supplement.


A customer had some chicken wire installed surrounding his whole  garden and rabbits were still getting in  as the mesh holes were to big and they can chew through cheaper thinner gauge  chicken wire.





Mulch mats also best be  used I reckon - also chesnut posts are nice if you can get them.


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Seen stock netting use 2 high made into ring and a couple of posts a spiral to stop rabbits, worked well for muntjac, may not if deer are fallow. 

Not her opinion is rifle and put them in freezer.

To add, needs to be simple to put up and nice to the eye. Also easy removal to maintain tree. 

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I've done rings of heavy grade weldmesh, 4ft wide rolls so that is the height, which I think is ok for roe deer if the ring is wide enough. You only need 1, maybe 2 posts to keep the ring in the right place.


The heavy gauge weldmesh is pricey, but could be reused in the future.


I was using 2" weldmesh, don't know if that is rabbit proof, but you could clip rabbit netting to it


To get in for maintenance you untie one end of the mesh and pull it back

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1 hour ago, scbk said:

I've also done it for stock/deer in a parkland with 4 fenceposts in the ground, and 4 timber rails on each side.


To get in for maintenance you climb the timber

What sort of gap though? As was thinking surely the buggers can just get their heads through?

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1 hour ago, GarethM said:

What about chain link fencing, might look a bit HMP but possibly cheaper and less faffing about ?.


Welded mesh prices have gone a bit daft over the last few years, especially as your going to need 7/8ft to keep the deer from getting over.

Chain link is horrible to work with, you don't need it 7/8ft high if the guard is set back from the tree.



2 minutes ago, swinny said:

What sort of gap though? As was thinking surely the buggers can just get their heads through?

I can't remember exactly, probably 6"-8" gap, their heads can only reach so far?



I think it was the BTCV book on fencing that has a page or two discussing tree guards etc.

And also deer fence height depending on deer species and area fenced, they won't jump a low fence if it's only a small area?




Buy Fencing: A Practical Handbook By Elizabeth Agate. Available in used condition with free delivery in the UK. ISBN: 9780946752294. ISBN-10: 094675229X


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I'll take you're word for it, they seem to breeze over my normal stock fencing with ease and several feet clearance.


I don't even fit barbwire anymore and just use plain wire, partly so I don't get barbwire in places and hopefully less damage in the long term.

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