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  1. I am using the rock 12ton with the Briggs engine and it’s been great. Put about 25m* through it in the past couple of months. Modified the 2 handle operation to a single lever as it makes it a whole lot quicker and easier to use on your own
  2. Shaff

    Ripped off??

    Gas work is a different ball game but waterworks is a piece of piss with modern fittings
  3. Shaff

    Ripped off??

    Plumbers seem to have a bit of an attitude regards pricing. £500 a shift for turning up with a couple of spanners is taking the piss.
  4. Shaff

    Sun rise photos

    Nith valley September
  5. Shaff

    Signs you're approaching middle age....

    At 46 the UN diplomat style tolerance of annoyance has now been replaced with Frank doberman on a bad day. And an appreciation of a good cheese 😆
  6. Shaff

    How Bad?

    Looks aerodynamic as well. Double bonus😂
  7. Shaff

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    No tow bar on that one so it’s had an easy life😂
  8. Shaff

    Small chipper help

    Can only say good things about rock gear . You won’t be disappointed in your chipper. I’ve got one and I’ve chogged a fair bit through mine in the past year without any dramas👍
  9. Shaff

    Finding things out about your kids

    Ethiopian. WTF
  10. Shaff

    1984 MB Engineering integrity

    Stuck in a hedge or in a shed for years and away they go like they were used yesterday... When we used to park landrovers up at work over the Xmas holidays for 2 weeks they needed the full rescue package. Just goes to show quality lasts!
  11. Shaff

    Starting out in forestry

    I would push him for wages on the first 3 days stacking then do a couple of days for free when you’re actually learning something worthwhile. Sounds like he’s just after free muscle
  12. Shaff

    DIY firewood bagger

    Would say around 4 hours including painting. As for cost I couldn’t guess as I used stuff I had already.But If you counted a length of 1” box section at £20 and then £10 for other bits you wouldn’t be far away
  13. Shaff

    DIY firewood bagger

    Tried it this evening with net bags and it doesn’t snag. The chequering is smoother than some I’ve seen though. 👍
  14. Shaff

    DIY firewood bagger

    Finished off my firewood bagger project last night. Can’t really take any credit for the design as I just googled some images of what I was generally after. Had most of the stuff lying around so was a cheap build 👍
  15. Shaff

    first big day out with new mill setup

    Top job fella👍


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