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  1. Does she wear the trousers too? Sorry, couldn’t resist it!! [emoji23]
  2. Christ, you are on the minority there! I’m constantly moaning about how hot it is whenever I come in from working outside. And she’s constantly saying to bring more wood in!
  3. -3 at night here, I broke out the denser hardwoods normally kept for the depths of winter!
  4. Yes, it’s aimed at sellers. That’s who I was referring to when I mentioned a sweepstake. What you said about the end users does raise an interesting point though, unseasoned logs can still be sold in 2m3+ quantities as long as it has the relevant paperwork about seasoning it with it. There is nothing to stop the end user ignoring that and burning it anyway. So maybe there should be something in the way of fines for these people of the idea of this legislation is to improve the air quality and reduce pollution? Also emissions from the chimney can be measured from outside, there’s no requirement to enter a property to check. And it’s going to be pretty obvious from the clouds of smoke going up in the air.
  5. Gav73

    Burning aspen

    Did you get it for free? If so, yes it’s worth splitting and seasoning! It’s quite a light wood and will burn quite quickly, but mix it with other denser wood and it’s fine
  6. Only 1 came up for me and they are 25 miles away as the crow flies. 35 miles on actual roads and would take them an hour to get to me!
  7. I’m interested in the definition of 2m3, does it state anywhere in the regulations how this is measured? Is it a 2m3 Loose load? Or 2m3 stacked? Unless this is defined, then it can always be disputed by either side. This is not the same in the discussion earlier around supply and delivery. This is straightforward, the word supply covers the delivery in the same way as it covers someone picking up logs. I’m a previous life I spend hours and hours drawing up service agreements, processes, policies and the like to ensure it covered regulations - the wording is absolutely key to make sure there is no wiggle room or leave it open to interpretation.
  8. Is there a sweepstake going on how long it will be before someone gets a visit/fine?
  9. I heard he slipped on the waste water from the window washing while felling a tree with one hand and jet washing a drive with the other
  10. I’d be interested in some of the Tasmanian and cider gums. Not sure what the delivery to Scotland would be like though?
  11. Just sat my phone in the end of the trough and used a Bluetooth selfie stick to take the pics. Bit hit and miss, but seems to work
  12. A few of the regular visitors to the trough feeder we put out for the deer
  13. Never seen a red and used to get quite a few greys round here - until we got two kittens that were born to a feral mother, these two hunt, kill and eat everything from mice to squirrels and rabbits! Probably helps that we know we have what appears to be a wildcat that frequents the woods and the local bus yard next to us
  14. Gav73

    Yew logs

    Ok. Cheers for letting me know
  15. Gav73

    Yew logs

    Just had a load of logs dropped off for me to process as firewood. In amongst it were a load of decent size pieces of yew. Seems a shame to use them for firewood when they could be milled, would anyone be interested in them? I’m near motherwell


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