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  1. Bought a new bar and chains for it and there turned out to be an issue with the web page that was showing the incorrect size chain for the bar, so was too big when I went to fit it. Contacted them via mail and all sorted quickly - new chains sent and free label to send the wrong ones back. Can't complain about the customer service!
  2. Thanks guys - I've just ordered the FM16 8 tonne model, the 3 year warranty swung it for me in the end 🙂
  3. Looks like its hydraulic then! Any preference Forest Master or Rock?
  4. Thanks but been there and got a maul etc but splitting 4 or 5 pallets worth is heavy going and my aim is split most of it in a day and at my age tweeks and strains take a lot longer to recover from and then stops me cutting more wood.
  5. Guys Looking at buying an electric splitter for domestic use. My wood is all self felled or windfall from my own woodland. Mostly Alder and Oak with a bit of Ash. My budget is about £5 -600. I think a kinetic type should do, the biggest rounds are about 500mm in diameter and I cut them at about 300mm long as that fits the fire box. So the 2 brands that seem to offer the best value are Forest Master and Rock Machinery. Anyone have recommendations? Cheers.
  6. So I'd need a piston stop tool that screws in the sparl plug hole? Like this? https://www.treeandgrass.co.uk/flywheel--clutch-removal-tool--piston-stop-for-stihl-models-using-bpmr7a-69362-p.asp
  7. Just found a parts diagram, so I'll have to take a look. Several decades past being a teenager and don't use iPhones only androids ?
  8. About 4 years old. If the machine is switched off, turning the strimmer blade turns the engine over.
  9. Guys Started my FS for the first time for a few months and found that the blade rotated when I pulled the cord and the blade no longer stops when idling, The beast has had hardly any work and up tp now has always been reliable. I ran it and strimmed a load of brambles and knotweed today so it still functions but its defintely not right! Any ideas? My thoughts is that its the clutch stuck on? Cheers Simon
  10. About 6 or 7 years ago when I was in Copenhagen, the city council had just made an edict where all private heating systems were to be replaced with connection to the city grid heating system and every household had to pay about £1500 for the priviledge. Also you couldn't buy beer in cans only bottles. all canned beer was exported.
  11. I bought one of these and it was cheap and it has been brill! Wood Burning Stoves, Multi Fuel Stoves, Woodburning Stoves, Stoves,


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