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  1. Hi I have damaged the chain tesion slider on my 420sc Is this the right part to order? Dolmar-Nr.: 165213240 (ersetzt 195213240, 195213241) schreiber-zweiradshop.de - Dolmar Spannschlitten für Kettenspanner Or from UK Makita EA3500F Spare Parts | Miles Tool & Machinery Centre part 167 I think the 3 part no. are the same/interchangable as ersetzt = replaced?
  2. Also had people dump cockrels outside the house & drive off once?! Must think its some kind of hen sactuary?
  3. My eggs are getting nicked fairly often also but they usaully leave the money inn the honesty box they just don't pay & take the eggs. Saw an estate car with a big trailer one time pull away but didn't get number plate. Well annoying, pretty sure its a few different locals doing it. I reckon 1 box in 10 gets nicked, only put one box out at a time now after had several boxes nicked @ once.
  4. So they just did it right in front of you? How did you react? Think I would of gone mental & attacked them but ended up getting beaten up most likely if there was 3 of them etc?
  5. In the strimmer thread loads saying they charge over 20 quid an hr etc I could never charge that much round here though I don't think. Seems that there is massive variation it pay regionally & between different companies.
  6. I liked it before better hid the view of the ugly house
  7. Which of thoose files would be best for silky sharpeing do you reckon? They have a silky type saw there for € 669.00 wouldn't bin that after it got blunt
  8. Looks goood but does it really reduce noise 50% etc?
  9. Heres the pic: Would keep my hen house floor in bedding for a while. Article: BBC News - Renewable energy: Burning US trees in UK power stations
  10. Seen alot exactly the same as that on dead elms killed by dutch elm disease.
  11. Now i couldn't even order a stihl baseball cap online? If actually wanted one that is....
  12. I thought this policy was around for a few yrs already same as for husky saws? I probably will never buy any stihl stuff new because of it anyway as its annoying.
  13. Maul or axe? Maul does look good also: I want the whole range tbh lol: Holzbearbeitung / Produkte | Fiskars
  14. Theese are the cheapest normal pots i've found Home Wanted some with dimesions more like the MT38 here Stuewe & Sons - Mini-Treepots But thinking now theese special tree pots two expensive to sell trees in & not get returned. Thoose Polypots on ebay also Or here but they sell them by the 5000 for the 1 litre ones Hadopots? for both commercial growers and the retail ?Grow your Own? kits throughout the UK Im going abit potty now.


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