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  1. Are you using them for work? If you're at home, crack on and do whatever you like. If at work then Puwer puts an onus on you (and your employer if applicable) to have received adequate training but doesn't say what the training should be. I would have thought it's difficult to argue that you don't need the basic chainsaw ticket to use a chainsaw mill, as far as I know there is no specific training course for milling anyway. So I'd say CS30/31 modern equivalent.
  2. You're right though, sounds like one to avoid if they won't agree to any reduction.
  3. I take a big wheelie bin along, it's light blue so obviously mine. My trailer is much lower than a transit though, I can see would be more of a pain into a truck with it.
  4. If you look at the course details it will say which certificates are pre-requisite, for example you don't need anything before to do the climb and aerial rescue, but then must hold both climbing and chainsaw tickets to do chainsaw in a tree. So yes you can collect the ground ones only, as you want to.
  5. I know what you mean, I wondered that because the leaves look too big to be hawthorn. On the other hand they are hawthorn shape, just magnified.
  6. Well just to update and close this thread, I was going to buy a muck truck HMax but due to engine shortages from Honda none available. So I went for the ex-demo orange one, and made some enormous greedy boards. Brilliant bit of kit. Shifted 2 tonne of wood the other day up a long garden, didn't break a sweat. Thanks all for the comments and advice.
  7. Dan Maynard

    90cc chainsaw

    I went for a 9010 which came with a bar and five chains - but they were all junk. So after buying bar, chains, sprocket, air filter, oil pump, clutch bearing, and spending time sorting it out, it's a good saw but not such a bargain as it looked. Good luck with the 661, it's probably what I should have done in the first place.
  8. If you've got a long arm on a kombi that is more like the rough cut anyway so sort of covers that.
  9. Thats a bugger. On the other hand I had a genuine JoBeau blade which cracked (not catastrophically) and they replaced the pair no question. I have stuck with genuine since.
  10. Personally I wouldn't run the red in the new saw, even if you have 4 litres that isn't much compared to the cost/value of the saw.
  11. I run ultra, after working out it mixes with 250 litres of fuel and what that costs, the percentage increase on 255 litres of fuel isn't so bad. Also, that does a lot of trees for me. I have heard it said theres a fuel stabiliser in there - hard to find any details though. Is it just shelf life, or does it do anything to ethanol? It has an E25 symbol on the pot, what does this mean? Thinking maybe as a dealer you get a bit more info?
  12. Dan Maynard

    90cc chainsaw

    Are they good on a 36" ? I've a 9010 which I would have said best Makita for that length but I don't have a 7900 to compare. Otherwise the Stihl 660 seems popular, Husqvarna 395 prices I guess will come down a bit with the release of 592xp.
  13. If it's a small firm then there's everything else to do as well as pay you, maybe the admin all gets sorted once a week. To me I wouldn't think 7 day payment terms unreasonable, although when I have subbies myself I do try to pay on the day.
  14. Bet they won't tell you which summer either...


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