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  1. Have you thought about grass seed blankets?
  2. Commercial body fittings Home | CBF WWW.CBF.UK.COM Commercial Body Fittings
  3. Give john at mason wood chippers a call.
  4. Chainsaw | Downham Market | Chainsaw Training UK Ltd | Norfolk WWW.CHAINSAWTRAININGUK.COM Welcome to Chainsaw Training UK Ltd, a family run business based in Norfolk providing industry recognised training courses for ground and aerial based chainsaw use
  5. Check the belt tension on the fly wheel. Loose belts on my chipper caused problems and on a mates chipper also. Neither were entec chippers though. Might not be the problem but costs nothing to check or tighten if you can do it yourself
  6. Oil pump knackered or a pipe has come adrift
  7. If you had any experience of cleaning up after a big job you’d mug off the expense and buy a back pack blower. Time and labour are your most expensive commodity.
  8. Essex

    Red Diesel

    73 pence per litre on the pump
  9. Mason wood chippers are good. John is really helpful. Helped me with a problem 3 years after I bought the machine from him
  10. Cut the tree down. That will stop it fruiting
  11. Mason chippers are spot on. Good company to deal with
  12. I’ve used forst chippers in the passed but never owned one. They sound like a nightmare from what everyone on here has said. I’ve got a Jensen myself. It’s been faultless apart from when it ate a pair of fencing pliers. Changed the blades and anvil and carried on using it. I find them well built. I’d buy another one when the time comes
  13. Out of interest, all problems aside, which machine do you rate as the best just based on chipping performance?


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