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  1. They just copy the garage details etc from another plate, and if paid for with cash then it's untraceable really.
  2. You really mean you took a saw to a job without enough fuel for it? So if I take a petrol saw but no petrol does that mean all petrol saws are useless? Horses for courses springs to mind here.
  3. Well, in the not so distant future it's going to be up against your house and holding damp against the wall. You could always just cut off any branches overhanging the fence line as it grows though.
  4. That brings back memories, remember being told off for that at primary school 🤣
  5. 65 seemed to be my turning point to heading downhill, but I've had two severe colds which I assume could have been covid and they've left me short of breath and stamina. Also bear in mind I can go six months without touching a chainsaw so haven't really "got the knack". Everyone to their own, there's going to be things I do quickly and easily that you would struggle with.
  6. To do it more than once would be greed surely? 🙄.............🤣
  7. Far from despondent but definitely a realist, but it sinks in when you can no longer run a comfortable ten miles or do one armed chin ups (just) and still rock climb to E6. The mind is willing, but the body says "Nah, no chance" 🤣
  8. To be honest, it's probably hard to start because I'm 16 months off 70 and it's not something I do every day. I daresay someone in their 30's/40's would fire it up quite quickly. You just can't beat old age, it wins every time 😔
  9. Got to ask, where did you get the "Does not run" from?
  10. Yep, don't really know how we got to that either as I stated both run well, one been serviced, both really clean, one harder to start than the other. I'll either get around to selling them, or chuck them under the bench and forget about them for a few years more. But it all makes a good read and passes the time away, so it doesn't really matter 🤣
  11. True, but a chainsaw takes minutes to warm up, no water jacket, no great lumps of cast iron. I feel any engine is best started from cold, then run until warm, turned off a while and started again. And it would have to be a very worn engine to not start hot. Same with all engines really, just takes longer with a car or truck (speaking as ex main dealer truck mechanic, ex motorcyclist and ex motor sport competitor)
  12. In all honesty............ I really can't be bothered for an extra £20 or so. I'm not too far off 70 and videoing and posting it is something I just don't want to bother with. Probably a doddle to a younger person, but not me. Basically, I'm an old git.
  13. I would rather someone started them from cold themselves to be honest, I'm not in to the hassle of conning folk for a few quid. Whoever has them I want to go away knowing I was honest, and without any doubt as to what they bought. Looking around they'll probably fetch £50 / £60 each, so ideal for someone in their garden or a professional to chuck in the back of the truck as a spare "just in case".
  14. I wasn't thinking anywhere near £150 to be honest, that's why I asked. I know what I would pay for a diy saw but on the other hand don't really want to give money away. I'll chuck them on market place for a price or offers and see what happens, or even swap for something like a Titan brush cutter and see if there's any response.
  15. just a relatively small area, about 20' x 20', very dense though and interwoven now and getting on for 6' high. One of the reasons for thinking brush cutter is footing, there's bits or rubble, timber, sticks etc underfoot and with a brush cutter the nasty bit is further away from the soft bits.


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