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  1. lurkalot

    New CS352--tuning and muffler mod advise

    No, I never mentioned 10:1 that would be rather foolish. I said the difference between 50:1 and 32:1 with the same carb setting. A general comment on a forum suggesting that adding extra oil to you mix for protection could result in problems, which is why the manufacturer has recommended ratios. But then we all know better than the people who make actually the stuff.
  2. lurkalot

    Stihl pole saw head and Kombi system

    Some pics from inside one of those pruner heads here, https://thegardenmachineryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=58.0 I wasn't overly impressed.
  3. lurkalot

    New CS352--tuning and muffler mod advise

    I'd be interested in your findings too. I can't see why a engine with too much oil wouldn't rev, it should have the opposite effect, it should run lean and over rev. Example, a two stroke tuned to run on 50-1 and filled with 32-1 will run leaner. Tuned to 32-1, and filled with 50-1 should run richer. A few years of racing motocross bikes taught me that.
  4. lurkalot

    New CS352--tuning and muffler mod advise

    And a lot of people use more oil than they should and seize them up due to running leaner and hotter. Use the recommended mix is my advice, combined with the right oil.
  5. lurkalot

    MS250 won't start

    Obviously it will get flooded if you keep pulling it over without it starting. Just saying the flooding issue needs checking out that's all.
  6. lurkalot

    MS250 won't start

    So make sure you fix the flooding issue, or it'll do it again.
  7. lurkalot

    MS250 won't start

    You'd need to let the crank case dry out as well, as it might be full of excess fuel. Pull it over a few times without plug in, and make sure it's switched off while you do it. (Fire risk). Possible that if it was really flooded it could have kicked and sheared the flywheel key, pretty common on the smaller saws, though they normally spin the flywheel loose at the same time. If it's flooding while standing still, then that needs sorting before anything else.
  8. lurkalot

    Ms 390 not oiling

    Has it got the correct bar on it? Does the oil hole in the bar line up with the oil channel on the saw. I'm assuming it does, but just in case someone has changed the bar.
  9. lurkalot

    Stihl ms180 (2-mix) modifications?

    Ditto. Totally agree with that suggestion.
  10. lurkalot

    Walbro wt 406 carb

    Hmm. Well this one same model has a WT-500 on it, https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/carburetor-air-filter-assembly-for-husqvarna-225-h60-hedge-trimmers.html
  11. lurkalot

    Walbro wt 406 carb

    Not off hand. But out of interest, what's machine is it fitted to?
  12. lurkalot

    Ms150 high jet.

    Think it's a CMR6H
  13. lurkalot

    Tool thefts

    Ok, but how will this stop them being stolen?
  14. lurkalot

    Stihl hs81r blades

    Or use a Stihl blade adjuster kit perhaps.
  15. lurkalot

    Seems That Makita UK/Dolmar Salesman are lying to us!

    Makita took over Dolmar in 1991, if that's any help to you. http://www.dolmarpowerproducts.com/company/history/


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