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  1. Screw is perhaps part 13 here, https://www.diyspareparts.com/parts/stihl/diagrams/028/2e65f7fe-5b5d-4760-9eea/
  2. = and yes, it would cause the non stopping issue.
  3. They made a fair amount of shite too.
  4. Trouble is, the general public see the pro's using gear with for example the Stihl name on it, then when they go to make a purchase they want a Stihl. Doesn't matter that it's a Chinese Stihl the from the lowest end of the range, it's a Stihl. I would guess this applies to other brands , but the big boys sell their stuff based on the badge, doesn't matter what it's actually like at the end of the day. People trust the name. Eventually it will bite these manufacturers on the arse as people wise up. Brands like Echo you tend to have to sell to the customer, because most domestic customers don't know the name. Anything that has a big name on it tends to sell itself, doesn't mean its any good, or any better than other stuff out there. You're also paying to have that name on the product. Technology is moving on, and the lesser known brands are catching up with the big boys, if not overtaking them on some things, but the blinkers stay on unfortunately. Just my 2p's worth.
  5. lurkalot


    I agree. But this normally only happens at the idle end of the scale rather than the high rev range, If it idles ok hot or cold, but won't rev then it's something else. Is what I was saying.
  6. lurkalot


    I'm assuming from the description (starts great but once warm won't rev up) that the saw will idle, but won't rev. Usually with compression problems they will run at higher speeds ok, but fade to nothing when you get anywhere near idle.
  7. I believe there was an issue with that switch sticking, not sure if they resolved it, I'd have to check. Are you getting any lights flashing (Error Code) on the battery when it doesn't work?
  8. No problem. didn't realise you were tinkering behind the scenes. Does seem a little strange if all you did was take a database backup, that shouldn't break anything at all, so doubtful that caused it. Obviously using that same database backup on a second site could cause chaos. Looking forward to the new site then. Thanks.
  9. Cool. While grabbing your image, I found it Interesting to see what this site used to look like in 2017, brings back memories. Back on topic. So as yours was a custom avatar and it went missing means its not just broken generic avatars. I'm curious as to what caused it to happen.
  10. Well, I just recovered it from cyberspace for you.
  11. Seems it's not just the generic avatars then, as some of the user uploaded ones have also disappeared.
  12. There's a topic running regarding this somewhere.
  13. I would have said the same if it wasn't for the OP saying it was replaced along with new pipes etc. I'm wondering if perhaps the wrong grommet, or it was damaged while fitting.
  14. Did you set it to "No Photo" in your profile settings and save?


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