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  1. lurkalot

    550xpg mark ll

    Don't really understand what you're saying / asking. Are you asking if someone has already modified the mufflers on those saws? Not sure anyone would be able to help without more info, pics etc. Same applies to the sprocket, or are you saying you fitted a 3/8 sprocket to it?
  2. lurkalot

    Another Mower Choice Question

    Not from me they don't. "Quite heavy" is a slight understatement, and getting replacement cables for some models is a mare, (or should I say getting the correct cables is). They changed the design of some of them (48V), and even though only one or two years old you can't get the original cables, and the new replacements don't fit properly, adjuster in the wrong place, and no adjustment left. I absolutely hate the bloody things, lol..
  3. lurkalot

    Stihl warranty

    You shouldn't have to do this, but contact Stihl directly (as already advised above) and they will give the service dealer a shake up for you.
  4. lurkalot

    What's on your bench today?

    You didn't specify what saw it was for, so just grabbed a random parts list. As you know, the screw on caps use those type "Hooks" And the crappy locking bayonet type caps just use a tether clipped inside the tank.
  5. lurkalot

    What's on your bench today?

  6. lurkalot

    Fisa logo

    Apparently they can. If I've got the right website, Read the bottom line. https://www.ukfisa.com/membership/what-will-fisa-membership-provide.html "The opportunity to display the Safety Accord logo and branding on your vehicles, website and company paperwork."
  7. lurkalot

    What's on your bench today?

    Reason said it might be bent, is I've seen a few of these with broken terminals, all of them had a slight bend in the motor shaft, causing the motor to wobble slightly. Trouble with this design, the output end of the shaft has a bearing either side of the gear which supports that bit nicely. But the motor itself just sits in housing and it has one main lug on one side to stop it turning. When you have a major blade jam it tends to kick the motor over to one side. It only has a really tiny shaft on the actual motor. It's a piss poor design IMO. You will get the same battery error, with flashing lights if the blades get stuck, and the motor controller tells it to shut down instantly. This brushless stuff is damn good, in a model car or plane though.
  8. lurkalot

    What's on your bench today?

    Pretty common problem with those unfortunately. Normally associated with a slightly bent motor shaft, which happens when the operator has had something jam up the blades. Did you notice the motor wobbling at all when you turned it in situ?
  9. lurkalot

    hayter harrier 56 belt change

    It basically gives the same drive system as the "Pro" version. Give you a fixed double pulley instead of a variator, and that goes on to a new two piece arm and a spring which swings the double pully out to keep both belts tensioned. Regarding the fitting of the belts, seriously it's not that bad, I do hundreds of them, and the 56 is the easiest of them all. Usually takes about ten minutes on a bad day. Remove the air filter, and tip machine on its right hand side (standing behind it), and you should be able to get to it ok. Anyway, hope you manage to sort it.
  10. https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/chain-brake-assembly-for-stihl-ms026-petrol-chainsaws.html
  11. lurkalot

    Stihl ms 211/ c throttle linkage removal

    Or just accidently nock the rear handle against something, it'll all fly apart. Judging from the amount of 181's 171's that I've had to put back together for people. Seriously though. I wish they'd go back to using a screw instead of clicking stuff together like a Kinder toy. Also, who the hell designs their throttle linkages.
  12. lurkalot

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    Getting the fooking batteries to take a charge when they're cold would be a place to start.
  13. lurkalot

    hayter harrier 56 belt change

    Just thought after I posted, you have removed the five screws and removed the cover part of the underdeck haven't you? Left hand side as you stand behind the machine. (Obviously underneath).
  14. lurkalot

    hayter harrier 56 belt change

    Obviously you'll need to remove the engine to variator belt again. Then, make sure the control is set to fast, then roll the belt off the variator as you turn it by hand. Then slip it off the gearbox pulley, You might have to twist the belt sideways to allow the belt to slip past the spring anchor. Belt is thinner inner to outer than it is wide, hence the twist to get it through the gap. Spring anchor = A bent piece of metal just above the gearbox pulley, to which the other end or the variator arm spring is attached. Hope this helps.
  15. lurkalot

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    I'd say yes in certain circumstances. Over all, no.


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