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  1. Craig.

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Posted the same time as you, he was saying larger diameter as well as width.
  2. Craig.

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    A local contractor I used to do a bit for had a slightly older one than that, and used to say about it had larger front wheels than a JCB 3cx, making it better in soft ground. Might be worth a bit of investigation?
  3. Craig.

    Liner Giraffe telehandler

    Has the dip stick been removed, because the engine mount is in the way?
  4. Craig.

    B license towing...

    MAM, Maximum Authorised Mass, some times called GVW, Gross Vehicle Weight, in simple terms the legally allowed maximum weight of the vehicle, the vehicle, load, driver, fuel, every thing basically. On the VIN plate, (manufactures plate with chassis number and weights on), the first line of the weights is MAM/GVW The second line of weights is the GTW, Gross train weight, maximum weight of vehicle + trailer, (some times called GCW gross combination weight, problely other names too) 1 is max weight of front axle, 2 is back axle max weight. These are the maximum legally allowed weights regardless of driving licence, if your above these you will over weight and could be prosecuted. On the above vehicle example, with a B licence you could tow a trailer with a maximum plated weight of 1100kgs, Vehicle MAM of 2400kg + Trailer of 1100kg = 3500KG It is the maximum allowed weight that is used here, for B licence, not the actual weight. Eg a 2700kg plated plant trailer might weight 800kg empty, totalling (example vehicle 2400kg + 800kg) 3200kg whilst under 3500kg you would be a B+E to tow it as the maximum allowed weight would be 5100kg (2400kg + 2700kg) If you had a B+E licence you could go up 5900kg, 2400kg vehicle + 3500kg trailer. Edit, the vehicle MAM should be on the log book as well, @justme or some one else, may have may some other acronyms to help you
  5. Craig.

    1 Tonne Trailers

    https://www.iwt.co.uk/customer-care/downloads/download/127 FAQ’s Q I do not hold category B+E on my licence, what trailers am I permitted to tow? A This depends entirely on your towing vehicle, read the examples below for further guidance. Q I drive a Land Rover Discovery**, with a MAM of 2720kg. What trailer can I tow? A You may only tow a trailer with a MAM of 780kg. This restricts you to trailers in our current unbraked range such as the P5, P6e, P7e or BV64e. Q The model of Land Rover Freelander** I drive has a MAM of 2080kg. What trailers can I tow? A You may tow trailers with a MAM of 1420kg. This includes any of our unbraked trailers, eight of our Eurolight range trailers, three from our general duty range, any of our single axle box vans, all of our P6 and P8 Livestock models and our single axle car transporters.
  6. Craig.

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    I don't know if you`ve done in it in your video, but if you press and hold the power button until the light goes a yellow/amber colour, you get a boost mode, I don't know if it is more chain speed, or more power, or both, but it makes a difference. Apologies, if you've done/know about it.
  7. Craig.

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Looks like a 7000kg gross weight, so 3500kg should be possible.
  8. Craig.

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    You could try speaking to these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Excavator-Ram-Guards-Cylinder-Guards-CAT-KOMATSU-HITACHI-JCB-CASE/111970880589?hash=item1a11fc0c4d:g:EwEAAOSwYlJW6cnh I spoke to them in the past and seemed helpful. It has said smaller machines added soon in his advert for a while I think, so might have something sorted now.
  9. I noticed that myself, seeing the rwd was 3500kg and assumed the 4x4 would be the same.
  10. Craig.

    Ideas wanted to make a trommel screen

  11. Have you looked at a MAN TGE 4x4?
  12. Craig.

    Ideas wanted to make a trommel screen

    Could you get a beet bucket, for your loader (adapt one to fit?), and use it like a riddle bucket?
  13. Craig.

    The BIG C .

    Sorry to read this, hoping the next news you get is better.
  14. Craig.

    1984 MB Engineering integrity

    http://www.ljacksonandco.com/index.php/land-rovers-g-wagons/g-wagons/article/50174-mercedes-gd250-g-wagon-4x4-box-vehicle Not tatty but half way there.
  15. Craig.

    Van Racking systems

    I`ve had a van with some bott racking and tool boxes in and it was top notch, drawers had ball bearing rollers on the slides, cupboards with quality hinges, and lockable catch's, best of all it did not rattle or squeak!


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