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  1. A self seeded ash had been growing at the side of our yard for a few years, got to about 15` tall, and about 2"dbh, last year we suspected it had ash die back, with a scar on the main stem. This year below the scar came into leaf normally, but above it was poor with some branches dead. I cut and burnt it this spring, but today just happened to notice some quite vigorous regrowth from its stump, if it was ash die back, will the regrowth be infected from the original stem? Sorry if its been asked/answered before.
  2. Guessing you mean to tip it electrically? Looks like the is a socket (black to the right of the sticker on the front box in the picture) for a wander lead, probably only three pins, live, up and down, should be able to make some thing up, or buy from M&E. A new fob from M&E, but guess you need the receiver as well (paired?), a winch remote kit from ebay may be cheaper. Or if all else fails, the hand pump on the front!
  3. Craig.

    Felix RIP

    Sad news, condolences' to his family.
  4. I`m guessing you want to uprate to 7000kgs? There was someone on planttalk, in this thread 4x4 pickups or iveco's that will tow 3.5 ton | Plant Talk - Plant Machinery & Construction Equipment Forum WWW.PLANTTALK.CO.UK Hi folks I got a 2016 E26 bobcat from main dealer in Derby Now realised I've got to get a new vehicle to tow it as my... Has just done it. I think it was sv tech who done the paper work, and he needed new springs and/or airbags and a towbar.
  5. There is a filter brand called virgis filter Virgis Filter UK VIRGISFILTER.UK See Virgis Filter's latest range of product, get up to date information & technical support. Might be worth a quick email and photo to them.
  6. Nice set up you have there. Have you taken the offset feeds up to the 3 way diverters for the extra service?
  7. You mentioned towing trailers in your OP, most tractors from abroad have different tow hitches to what we have here, no pick up hitch, often a height adjustable clevis hitch or truck style drawbar coupling, that adjusts up nearly the top link height.
  8. You wont get an operators licence without off road parking. Inspections can be tailored for, type of use/mileage/age of vehicle, with in limits, you need a maintenance contract with a garage, if not got facilities/knowledge to do them your self, forms available on dvsa site. Tax dependent on weight/emission class. Insurance could be more expensive being a new pass rather than your age, tippers then to be a bit more than say a dropside of the same truck.
  9. Link has not worked, but its sandhill plant on twitter, or a link on his website.
  10. £58500 according to the comments on twitter
  11. Craig.

    Business video

    Nice little film. You`ve been a Kramer fan for a while as well! What had happened with the arm on the small one, just bent or failed?
  12. You could try David King Electronics, for repair. DK Electronics | Specialists in the Supply, Repair and Servicing of Agricultural Electronics DKELECTRONICS.CO.UK
  13. I think that is a p21, bigger back window with no curved glass in the corners. Check the output on the engine, I think they are all turbo but with different power outputs, makes next to no difference using the back end, but noticeable on the road and pushing with the front.
  14. Recently used my TCF trailer for bringing the arising back from a couple of take downs up the track from our yard, the mesh sides holding ringed up pieces and shorter lengths, then using the bolsters on top to stack longer lengths, getting a fair sized load.


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