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  1. I think that is a p21, bigger back window with no curved glass in the corners. Check the output on the engine, I think they are all turbo but with different power outputs, makes next to no difference using the back end, but noticeable on the road and pushing with the front.
  2. Recently used my TCF trailer for bringing the arising back from a couple of take downs up the track from our yard, the mesh sides holding ringed up pieces and shorter lengths, then using the bolsters on top to stack longer lengths, getting a fair sized load.
  3. I`ve got a TCF Trailer, the twin axle one, and are very pleased with it. When I ordered it I asked for bolt on wheels, and larger tyres (wider and taller), which they did with no problems. I believe the bolt on wheels (rather than complete wheel/hub assembly), are standard fit now. ATV Timber Trailer - TCF ENGINEERING WWW.TCFENGINEERING.CO.UK Our ATV timber trailer is perfect for moving cordwood, short or long lengths, logs or chip. Ideal for low impact forestry... I find it follows the quad well, and the twin axle smooth's out rough ground well, problely better loaded than empty. To me this model is preferable over the heavy duty atv trailer they make, which is a bolster type trailer, as this one with the mesh bottom I can move other stuff as well, split logs (I think tcf can make a tail gate for them), fencing and tools, bales, leaves and hedge cuttings, etc.
  4. I Think its started here, local Vodafone mast shares with O2, upside you get pervious unavailable O2 signal, at the cost of a poorer Vodafone signal.
  5. Don't know if my reply is for me or big J, I've been using a dual sim phone, with my main number diverting to the second number, instead of answer phone. Just with outgoing calls people don't know who is calling them, sometimes handy. I think the tuffphone big J has said about is dual sim.
  6. I don't think three network supports 2g, only 3, 4, and 5g. I`m with three, and have been for getting on 15 years, my feeling is as the network has got more popular and others using their network, like tuffphone that big J`s talking about, ID (car phone warehouse), they seem to concentrate on improving the network in towns and cities, and forgetting about rural areas, at home my signal has gone from getting mobile internet quicker than I could get from the landline, to currently not getting a signal to text. Modern phones don't seem as good at receiving signals either which doesn't help. There is/was a firm in the lake district iirc, offering a similar multi network sim, mainly pay as you go, and didn't seem to want to know with pay monthly, unless you wanted 10`s of numbers with them.
  7. Don't know what machine your running it on, but have you got the auxiliary lines set to hammer rather than 2 way? Just thinking alone the lines monkeybusiness has said, about the case drain, and your getting too much back pressure on the return, if in two way.
  8. I think the seller of this Kubota is the same one who had the Terex duck.
  9. Getting a plating certificates for both the pickup and trailer would be one of the main problem, at a guess. While not impossible (I would of thought), it would be a lot a hassle with no uk dealers to help with type approval numbers, facts and figures, and so on.
  10. See it has the sliders on the bottom and side as if there is a massive picture, on some of the posts I sometimes find the text by scrolling up and down and side to side, other I can`t find it but that could be me losing interest and moving on!
  11. Easiest is to use the snipping tool, not that well known but part of Windows since 7. Thanks, I`ll look it up
  12. It`s on a laptop still running windows 7, and standard google. Not sure how to do screen shot is it something like function and F11?
  13. Hi Steve, I`m finding when I go to look at news (dint know if that's the right term) items, The new stihl 220/forestry expo event type of stuff is like the image is massive, to the point of not being able to find the text easy, also similar on classified ad`s
  14. Don't know about the ts, but the 8340 is a syncro shuttle, not a power shuttle, while this can be a good point in terms of simplicity, could be a minus point especially on a loader if pervious drivers have not known or cared, and gave it a bit of stick leading to a rebuild needed. PUH is also a bit prone to wear. Does @monkeybusinesshave deutz agrotron?
  15. Looks a good couple of days!


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