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  1. Your operators licence will be for you as the operator, and state where the truck is usually parked, this is your operating centre (exceptions think of, left a garage for repair/driver having night out), not have the licence at the yard, and take the truck home at night parked in the cul de sac. The operators licence will need advertising in local paper, and will state the operating centre address, I think the council are statutory objectors, and will be notified when you submit your application. If you don't own the yard where you park, you will need a letter off the land owner agreeing to let you park there (there is a template letter with the application packs). The franchised hauliers will have permission off the quarry/concrete plant, and this is then there operating centre.
  2. Sounds like the priority valve needs a little bit of adjustment, its giving a bit to much priority to the aux line.
  3. I was reading about them on fords website the other day, I think the basic `trail` is still 2wd with a limited slip diff and a bit higher ride height, 4wd is an option.
  4. A basic option would be a pressure reading off the tipper ram, not so accurate, and needing a uniform load each time ( a heavy weight at the back would have less pressure than if it was at the front), larger trucks have weight cells under the tipper pivots and ram mounts, never seen them on a 3500kg, guessing due to the size, weight, and cost of them, axle weigher measure the deflection in springs/air pressure/ gap chassis to axle, usually calibrated by the installer, but can give a reading for load and axle weights in kgs. If you have a weigher fitted, and got a bit carried away loading, and happened to get stopped, you have got no excuses. A cheap idea, is measure from deck/wheel arches to the ground/ centre of wheels with know weights on, to give you an idea (waste of time with HD suspension/air).
  5. Once we get a higher % of electric vehicles, so less fuel duty going to the government, do we think the government will look to get it back another way? A separate tariff for charging vehicles, pay by mile, something else?
  6. Try jacking a front wheel off the ground, to let the transmission unwind? Or both a front and back wheel up, with the hand brake off, other wheels chocked (be carefull).
  7. I seem to recall @LGP Eddie saying about lower working pressures on a JCB machines, with regard to tree shears on them.
  8. It is perfectly normal. I think the last tachos that you changed manually between drive and other work where about 1990, since then they have been called automatic. The first automatic ones still had a paper disk, and record drive when moving regardless of what they where set to, but reverted to the selected mode when stationary. The next automatic ones, where around 2000ish, still a paper disk, but a drawer slid out to put the card on (sometimes called CD player type), they recorded drive when moving and defaulted to other work when stationary. Digital tachos from around 2006, had a quirk that could change the mode, with the ignition being turned on, eg your on break, and turn the ignition on to open a window, the tacho would change to other work, this feature could be altered by a tacho centre, But still changes to drive, when moving, and other work when still. Early digital tachos record a minute driving, even if you have not driven for a full minute, (in a queue), later tachos work out the times on the majority of the minute, and the minute before and after it, eg in a queue stationary minute 1, minute 2 drive 29 seconds, minute 3 stationary, the machine will record 3 minutes other work (stationary). Just go by what your card/tacho head says, regarding driving times and breaks. On a VDO head if you press the down arrow, it will show your driving times totals, and current activity times. Driving time and other work counts as the same in regards to WTD.
  9. A self seeded ash had been growing at the side of our yard for a few years, got to about 15` tall, and about 2"dbh, last year we suspected it had ash die back, with a scar on the main stem. This year below the scar came into leaf normally, but above it was poor with some branches dead. I cut and burnt it this spring, but today just happened to notice some quite vigorous regrowth from its stump, if it was ash die back, will the regrowth be infected from the original stem? Sorry if its been asked/answered before.
  10. Guessing you mean to tip it electrically? Looks like the is a socket (black to the right of the sticker on the front box in the picture) for a wander lead, probably only three pins, live, up and down, should be able to make some thing up, or buy from M&E. A new fob from M&E, but guess you need the receiver as well (paired?), a winch remote kit from ebay may be cheaper. Or if all else fails, the hand pump on the front!
  11. Craig.

    Felix RIP

    Sad news, condolences' to his family.
  12. I`m guessing you want to uprate to 7000kgs? There was someone on planttalk, in this thread 4x4 pickups or iveco's that will tow 3.5 ton | Plant Talk - Plant Machinery & Construction Equipment Forum WWW.PLANTTALK.CO.UK Hi folks I got a 2016 E26 bobcat from main dealer in Derby Now realised I've got to get a new vehicle to tow it as my... Has just done it. I think it was sv tech who done the paper work, and he needed new springs and/or airbags and a towbar.
  13. There is a filter brand called virgis filter Virgis Filter UK VIRGISFILTER.UK See Virgis Filter's latest range of product, get up to date information & technical support. Might be worth a quick email and photo to them.


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