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  1. See it has the sliders on the bottom and side as if there is a massive picture, on some of the posts I sometimes find the text by scrolling up and down and side to side, other I can`t find it but that could be me losing interest and moving on!
  2. Easiest is to use the snipping tool, not that well known but part of Windows since 7. Thanks, I`ll look it up
  3. It`s on a laptop still running windows 7, and standard google. Not sure how to do screen shot is it something like function and F11?
  4. Hi Steve, I`m finding when I go to look at news (dint know if that's the right term) items, The new stihl 220/forestry expo event type of stuff is like the image is massive, to the point of not being able to find the text easy, also similar on classified ad`s
  5. Don't know about the ts, but the 8340 is a syncro shuttle, not a power shuttle, while this can be a good point in terms of simplicity, could be a minus point especially on a loader if pervious drivers have not known or cared, and gave it a bit of stick leading to a rebuild needed. PUH is also a bit prone to wear. Does @monkeybusinesshave deutz agrotron?
  6. Looks a good couple of days!
  7. Guessing 295/80 22.5? What's your tyre history like, do you get lots of tyre damage, rips, cuts, punctures, and so, not getting the life out of the tyres? If so may be look at remould/cheap new casing. Small chance of damage, mid range tyres. Premium tyres if all distance road work with hardy any chance of damage, generally more fuel efficient/quite. Have a look or ask your tyre man what local tipper/skip/muck shift firms are using. There is more choice of aggressive tyre in remould/cheap and mid range tyres. Personally I don't choose remoulds, and use mid range tyres, I`ve used Hankook DH05 https://www.hankooktire.com/uk/trucks-bus/hankook-dh05.html for a long time, the only problem is the rubber depth if you plan to recut them and stone damage when the tread gets low, they seem to be pricing themselves out of the mid range band now. The last set I had fitted where Kumho KHD10 https://kumhotyre.co.uk/our-tyres/truck/ on recommendation from the tyre man, a large ish local tipper firm he services had been using then with good results. They are wearing well so far, but a little less grip than the DH05`s. Both of those bands do more aggressive patterns as well https://kumhotyre.co.uk/our-tyres/truck/. https://www.hankooktire.com/uk/truck-bus/tires/on-off-road.html
  8. I`ve got the Makita route myself, because I have other 18v stuff so plenty of batteries, I`ve had both the rear handle and top handle. They are never going to be petrol saws, but for the use I`ve gave them, I`m happy with them, takes a few cuts to get the feel of them, to get the best out of them and the battery. On a side note the battery top handle is the only saw I`ve ever had to show my card for to buy! What size batteries did you go for 5ah? They do a 6ah but there is a big jump in price between the 5 and 6, I think I`d read on here @doobinwas using copy battery with no problems, if they are cheap enough to have enough of them to keep cutting while others are charging. I don`t think you`ll be disappointed with the impact wrench either.
  9. Could you contact the parcel carrier, with the parcel reference number If you still have the packaging, to see if they could help out with the sender? I know it shouldn't be you chasing the customer up, but if you find them put your time taken in the bill!
  10. Craig.

    Tachometer regs

    Within 100km of your base
  11. Posted the same time as you, he was saying larger diameter as well as width.
  12. A local contractor I used to do a bit for had a slightly older one than that, and used to say about it had larger front wheels than a JCB 3cx, making it better in soft ground. Might be worth a bit of investigation?
  13. Has the dip stick been removed, because the engine mount is in the way?
  14. MAM, Maximum Authorised Mass, some times called GVW, Gross Vehicle Weight, in simple terms the legally allowed maximum weight of the vehicle, the vehicle, load, driver, fuel, every thing basically. On the VIN plate, (manufactures plate with chassis number and weights on), the first line of the weights is MAM/GVW The second line of weights is the GTW, Gross train weight, maximum weight of vehicle + trailer, (some times called GCW gross combination weight, problely other names too) 1 is max weight of front axle, 2 is back axle max weight. These are the maximum legally allowed weights regardless of driving licence, if your above these you will over weight and could be prosecuted. On the above vehicle example, with a B licence you could tow a trailer with a maximum plated weight of 1100kgs, Vehicle MAM of 2400kg + Trailer of 1100kg = 3500KG It is the maximum allowed weight that is used here, for B licence, not the actual weight. Eg a 2700kg plated plant trailer might weight 800kg empty, totalling (example vehicle 2400kg + 800kg) 3200kg whilst under 3500kg you would be a B+E to tow it as the maximum allowed weight would be 5100kg (2400kg + 2700kg) If you had a B+E licence you could go up 5900kg, 2400kg vehicle + 3500kg trailer. Edit, the vehicle MAM should be on the log book as well, @justme or some one else, may have may some other acronyms to help you
  15. https://www.iwt.co.uk/customer-care/downloads/download/127 FAQ’s Q I do not hold category B+E on my licence, what trailers am I permitted to tow? A This depends entirely on your towing vehicle, read the examples below for further guidance. Q I drive a Land Rover Discovery**, with a MAM of 2720kg. What trailer can I tow? A You may only tow a trailer with a MAM of 780kg. This restricts you to trailers in our current unbraked range such as the P5, P6e, P7e or BV64e. Q The model of Land Rover Freelander** I drive has a MAM of 2080kg. What trailers can I tow? A You may tow trailers with a MAM of 1420kg. This includes any of our unbraked trailers, eight of our Eurolight range trailers, three from our general duty range, any of our single axle box vans, all of our P6 and P8 Livestock models and our single axle car transporters.


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