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  1. So many people come in the shop wanting saws that have no clue, I'd rather not sell them one to be honest, but it's my job. I try to tell them as much info as possible in the short interaction I have with them. It's been mentioned a few times that we tell them more information than the first day of a course by some. I've had a few walk out because it was taking to long. They expected it just to come off the shelf and off they go, no pdi or anything. Just hand over the money. If they want that go to B&Q, Screwfix etc.
  2. Cheers for that. I wanted natural, but the other half and her dad insisted on treating it. Just need to find a compromise
  3. Can I ask if your using a wood preserve on the larch? Just had something built out of it and trying to decide what to use with minimal effort and to keep some original colours and grain. It rained earlier and turned a really nice shade, wondering if I could mimic that
  4. gand


    I remember coming back from college and went to a mates house, walk in and said this like odd film. As I said that the second tower got hit. Grim scenes!
  5. gand

    Prusik loops

    Always tied my own, can't see much difference in tying a prusik loop or a bowline to clip in to. How can anyone say your safe to tie one knot and not the other
  6. Can't said dealer do a warranty claim themselves?
  7. Don't forget it's not just the zig zag it's also the zillion. We have six zig zag plus and a couple standard in stock. All have to be sent back and no availability till November at the earliest
  8. Their made in Japan and imported by Danarm
  9. Kazz mowers are a good substitute, seem to have better gearboxes than the Honda's and a bit cheaper
  10. That's exactly what I was going to say. New hand guard is something like 15 quid plus vat
  11. So what happens to the likes of me? Passed test 23 years ago, but not got b+e. Do we suddenly get it or is it just the snotty nose brats that can't drive a fiesta
  12. I found Marlow Boa at 9mm worked for 13mm rope. Get yourself 1m or so of a couple of different brands tie some of your own and have a play, just don't cut it to length till you find what works
  13. Yes bmx, skateboarding, surfing is judged, but so is the gymnastics, judo, boxing, fencing and others that have been Olympic sports for years. Bmx freestyle is basically gymnastics with a piece of metal on wheels between your legs. Gymnasts have sprung floors the others have 15ft ramps
  14. Clutch covers! I think we've got 3 or 4 waiting for them to arrive. Sometime this month I believe. It's a ball ache for parts at the moment
  15. It's the same at near the junction for A6/M55 vast amount of houses. Anyway back to topic, Dick Leigh is a character to work for


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