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  1. gand

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Happy birthday pal
  2. gand

    Climbing helmets

    http://www.hse.gov.uk/treework/safety-topics/chainppe.htm At the top of the table it says what helmets should be rated to
  3. gand

    Climbing kits.

    All I can say is try some harnesses on before you buy. They might look good, but some don't fit or be as comfy as you might think
  4. gand

    Anyone done hit and miss boarding on a shed?

    Used them loads over the years, can't grumble at their service. Fed up with empress not having stock. I also use timbermatic directly behind empress for fencing panels as they are a damn sight better built
  5. gand

    Anyone done hit and miss boarding on a shed?

    Which firm do you use for materials?
  6. gand

    New sthil reviews

    I know rob rainford was using one over the weekend. He seemed impressed
  7. gand

    Work required

    I'm in the same boat Pete. Good to see you back on here
  8. gand

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Happy New year Paul. Here's to fresh starts! Hoping for that myself [emoji106]
  9. gand

    Another new signup

    Glad you got it sorted by the way. My mate really rates his for similar use
  10. gand

    Another new signup

    Get yourself some trousers. Don't bother with new fancy one's being a hobby user. If you give us a pm I've a few pairs of older ones in numerous sizes that might suit your needs
  11. gand

    Not been Feeling to good

    All's been good really. Had a bit of stress in my personal life, but fine really. Had driving licence back and all that. Just need to think of what to do next really. I know nothing but trees and saws so thinking something in the game
  12. gand

    Not been Feeling to good

    Thought I'd get this started again. As of last Wednesday I'm back ground based again and he's not wanting me to use a saw either. So what next? All idea's welcome
  13. gand

    Wood with natural holes in?

    No problem. Thought I'd check. As soon as I looked at the tree I thought of this thread
  14. gand

    Wood with natural holes in?

    This any good
  15. gand

    Rotatech chipper blades

    Not had a problem with these blades on a tw 150


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