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  1. I think he should start a new thread on these pics, and put all this behind us. There's a similar hospital near me which has mostly been demolished now. I remember going into one of the old boiler houses as a kid. They look very similar if memory serves
  2. And atlast this thread turns into something interesting. Get some more pictures up. Stuff like this is great 👍
  3. There is the option of the AL300-4 which can be fitted to the van. Not sure on the connections for it as I haven't seen one as yet. It charges 4 batteries at the same time. It also plugs into the mains.
  4. That's exactly what I was going to do, with the exception of the square ground
  5. We shall see. Went back in work today to find my chain had arrived, all good me thinks let's go do some cutting. Only to find out that the files are on back order till the 11th. Not much point having a chain I can't sharpen!
  6. You probably could file a standard RS chain with the hexa file, but could you be arsed for a few quid saving. It's not that much tbh. I'm not expecting miracles, just want a quick easy sharpen when I hit something (not that it's hard to do with standard RS) I'm hoping it's a good and quick alternative to square filed chain.
  7. Has anyone tried it properly yet. Only had one customer order some so far and not that many ask about it. I've got a 20" loop ordered for my refurbished 441. Going to see how it goes and deliberately blunt it to see how easy it really is to sharpen. Just a bit of good old product testing. Just a shame I've got to pay for it.
  8. The automowers only do 35 degrees and like a pretty smooth surface, might not be up to the job
  9. That would be a great resource. I get numerous new starters coming in to the shop asking how to tie stuff, be great to direct them to this. I can't say I get much time to show them face to face. Although I do try.
  10. Only just remembered about this. I believe the CT one fits
  11. You might well be able to find the serial number stamped on the engine. It's on the underside of the engine usually visible through a cut out in the plastic casing.
  12. I used the app for years, then started getting problems a couple of years back when I got a new phone. Started using the mobile site instead. It's far better than the app was, but that's my opinion. I have to say the new update is great
  13. gand

    Sthil 028

    I know. I read it totally wrong. My mistake. Just ignore what I said. This will just teach me to read things properly whilst wearing my glasses.
  14. gand

    Sthil 028

    Any shop worth there salt should have a chain for that. It's stuff like brake bands and the like that are no longer made I think. It's .325 1.6mm. So stihl chain 3639 full chisel or 3686 semi
  15. I just use the main site through my Web browser on the phone. Works smoothly for me, better than the app ever did imo


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