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  1. gand

    New climbing rope

    How have you got on. Have you managed to get out and climb on it yet? I know your waiting to do the tickets, but no harm in practicing
  2. gand

    New climbing rope

    8mm Marlow viper for me. It's just what my local supplier had in. It's only a mile and a half from home and I drink with a couple of folks who work there. So quicker than mail order
  3. gand

    New climbing rope

    Can't complain. Feels good on the hands, running a hitch climber setup with vt
  4. I'd get the isc 70kn pulley. £32 + vat at honeys
  5. The pic of the 201 is great. Think it might take some beating
  6. Really annoys me people who don't drive due to drink/drugs. I can't drive because of my epilepsy, but still manage to get myself to work every morning
  7. Did some work there years ago. Some great trees to work on
  8. Looking good so far. Glad to see you've a good taste for fashion, got the same hoodie myself [emoji106]
  9. Have a great weekend Paul. Should be there myself, but the daughter has something on. It would be great to meet up again and you can meet the mrs. Remember I'm only a couple of miles from the pie eater, so two birds one stone
  10. http://www.hse.gov.uk/treework/safety-topics/chainppe.htm At the top of the table it says what helmets should be rated to
  11. All I can say is try some harnesses on before you buy. They might look good, but some don't fit or be as comfy as you might think
  12. Used them loads over the years, can't grumble at their service. Fed up with empress not having stock. I also use timbermatic directly behind empress for fencing panels as they are a damn sight better built
  13. Which firm do you use for materials?
  14. I know rob rainford was using one over the weekend. He seemed impressed


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