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  1. Put them on in the shop and got straight to it with no problems
  2. Not had any problems with mine. They seem to have good grip in the tree aswell as the ground. I can't complain and on my 2nd pair
  3. gand

    stihl ms500i

    Agreed. I've always used my local dealer. He is only a mile from home, but when they know you got it from them you can most often get it sorted whilst you wait. Only downside is you end up buying a load more stuff whilst waiting!
  4. He's a goodan. He was telling about an episode with a bell tent that you brought to the arb show and it not being the driest of evenings, you should put tents up sober!
  5. Got it booked off work now. Not sure which days I'll be there yet. Pie Eater Pete came in the shop so asked him, he's tempted so might jump on with him. I might have to go down and represent the shop though and chat with important people
  6. gand

    A new chapter

    Well all is good with the job. It's going really well. Enjoying being busy in January for the first time in years. I'm getting to talk about climbing equipment every day which stops me boring my mates down the pub. Just need to find a splicing course now, as I think their keen for me to do that
  7. gand


    All I can say is, how much are you willing to spend. If you can get yourself down to a dealer and try some on. What fits one won't fit another
  8. No problem. I'll have an ask at work in the morning aswell to see if anyone else knows of one. If you look in the carving forum wisewood has plenty of pictures up
  9. Found it. Goes under Wisewood on here
  10. There's a bloke on here from Formby if I recall. Not sure of his name
  11. Just had one in the village. A good few Lombardi to take down. Didn't even ask the local firm( lives in the village 200 yards from the job) I worked with him till recently, and have done numerous work for the PC. After us they had someone else who's done all the work for the past 4 years and he didn't get it. He obviously wasn't versed with crane work.
  12. Looking good Paul. Nice start to the new year. Hope to catch up at some point
  13. Hope your well pal. Just did xmas with my parents. Rowan loved every minute of it of course, won't be long till she's a non believer. Give my best to your lad and the rest of the family. Nothing like a new start, I just did mine before new year
  14. Merry Christmas Wayne. Hope you've had a good one


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