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  1. Could just get the rear handle 2511
  2. You have to remember that battery blowers use more power than other tools, so might be worth getting a bigger battery
  3. All I found with the wellies is to buy a smaller size than your normal, whether it be a half size or full. It makes all the difference
  4. You could both be right! I book loads of parts each and every day. And also check the eta of orders. They either arrive early or a longer than expected when on back order. I don't think the manufacturer's know them selves when stuff will arrive in the country, we waited 6 months just for a pressure washer hose to arrive last year. Needless to say the customer wasn't to chuffed
  5. It's pretty much the case across the board if it's not in stock in the UK then there's a good wait for it to arrive it's not just Echo
  6. Just had a look on my ordering system and the part number is highlighted. Sorry for the crap pic
  7. I'm not defending them here but, you've got to remember it's been Christmas probably didn't start back till the 4th. And then with covid probably not got the staff they usually do
  8. gand

    Mot testing

    Had a mk3 Hilux a few years back. When I had to get the mot (a mate did it before hand, but retired) I took it to another local garage and told them if anything needs sorting I'll do it. Anyway as I expected it failed. When I went back he said come with me. It was up on the ramp with everything marked out and he talked me through how to fix everything(far better than a Haynes manual) That's the service you want from your mechanic knowing their not getting anything else from you. Just a bit of advice can mean a lot and they still get work to this day
  9. Their recommended to use 300s as using anything else won't give the correct chain speed. From my experience the oil pumps aren't the best. If I was spending that sort of money I'd get the Husqvarna 540i.
  10. Definitely get the 12" not enough power for 14"
  11. I definitely wouldn't get the Sugoi! Great saw but, to big for most stuff. The Zubat is a good all rounder, it's better for using at a reach or above the head and also reaching down below the feet. When on the ground I found it better to use a straight blade as I didn't need the hook to assist cutting
  12. gand


    I'm sure it is! To be honest I've always tried to get back home on new years as the village had 4 pubs in the centre of the village and everyone came out and started smashing glasses and bottles. Not my thing at all! Most of them aren't local even coming from Manchester. They've had to get bouncers on the door in the last few years! Yes we are on about Jools. Doesn't seem to of aged a bit. It was good to see them do cool for cats
  13. gand


    Happy new year! It's sounding like a war zone here!
  14. Good to hear from you Paul. It certainly has been a few. It's been a very different year for me, now I've given up the climbing and working for the local shop, it's felt good passing on some of my experience on to younger generation. It's not just been the younger lot though. Hopefully APF will happen and I'll see you there 👍
  15. I'm intrigued now Paul. Tell us more. Happy New year by the way hope you're are keeping well


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