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  1. Sorted! New pot and piston OEM fitted, saw runs lovely Thanks for everyone's help
  2. I wouldn't know where to start with that, might just try a non genuine cylinder and piston
  3. Looks like cylinder and piston are shot, the rings are moving free though
  4. I found that the intake boot was split so I've fitted a new one but still no improvement, I tried to do a compression test but I bought a cheapo compression tester but I don't think it works I e tried it on good working machine with the same result, also the spark plug is bone dry even after I get it running and keep the revs high, completely at a loss now
  5. Turning by the stub of the crank, I think they are in correct the smoother flatter side in first
  6. I have changed the seals on both sides and it felt very tight with the new ones fitted I couldn't turn the crank by hand
  7. I've checked the impulse line for splits and all looks good, I've stripped the tank off and checked everything I can think of even went round it checking that all screws were done up tightly, I haven't fully checked over the boot though so that may be worth another check over, I've ordered a compression tester so I'll give that a go aswell
  8. I've looked at piston but looks pretty clean to me, I'll try and take another look at some point, my struggle to check the compression as I don't have a tester Can't think of anything else it can be
  9. I have a 2004 ms200t that was bought as a non runner, it fires on choke then can usually get it running as long as I keep the throttle going, as soon as the revs drop it dies So far I've cleaned the carb and tried a working carb off another running 200t, also changed the plug and have good spark, changed fuel line, fitted new tank breather, new crank seals and still won't run, seems to have good compression I'm at a loss what to do next
  10. I've ordered the 9640 003 1190 seals so I'll give them a go first
  11. Thanks I did notice this when I had a look but wasn't sure if they fitted
  12. Hi all, I'm replacing the seals on my ms200t 2004 Can anyone tell me what the code is for new seals or if there is a better seal to fit other than OEM ones? Thanks
  13. Yeah I did see that but I'm not looking for a full time employed position as I have my own garden maintenance round through the growing season Thanks though
  14. Hi I'm looking for work as a groundie but hoping to move forward eventually and start climbing so I want to learn I have my cs 30/31, chipper and grinder tickets I'm 34 years old, based in bartley green and bromsgrove area, I've been doing groundwork for roughly 4 months on a subcontracting basis I'd be looking for anything really whether it be the occasional day or regular days each week, I just want to learn If you have anything feel free to drop me a message Thanks
  15. Hi all, I'm pretty new to tree work but I'm slowly trying to learn how to climb, I have all my climbing gear except for spikes, if anyone has any spikes they want to get rid of or sell then drop me a message and I may be interested. Not looking for anything special but I don't want to be spending £300 on a new pair when they will get hardly any use at the moment Cheers


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