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  1. I wouldn't know what to look for tbh in m no good with vehicles Thanks for the info though
  2. I have a 2008 ranger wildtrack 3.0 It's started making kind of a whoosh under engine breaking as in going from 3rd to 2nd gear Also when reversing up a slope it's makes a horrible squeaking kind of noise Looking for someone that specialises in rangers preferably in the bromsgrove be area or surrounding areas The truck has only just done 80,000 miles and seems to be in good overall condition so would like to have it running properly It all drives fine at the minute but would rather get it sorted before it gets worse Thanks
  3. Definitely try a new plug I do a lot of small mower repairs and servicing and I did one the other day, great spark on the plug when it was out of the engine but put it back in and engine wouldn't start. New plug fitted and ran perfect
  4. With the c1 do you have to do 35 hours of training every 5 years like with the class 2?
  5. Ok thanks mate, think I'll stick to just trailer license for now then
  6. Thanks that all helps Do you know if doing my trailer license let's you drive up to 7.5 tonnes? Or is that another separate test? Ok m guessing trailer license is just for towing up to 3.5 tonnes
  7. Hi all, I'm hoping to get there not the tree surgery business within the next couple of months, obviously starting as a groundie to gain experience and so far I've put myself through cs30/31 chipper and grinder courses I have a post 1997 driving license so do I get the trailer license or go straight for something bigger? Was thinking class 2 but is that overkill or would it actually be useful for a lot of work? Just trying to get a feel for what would be more useful to me and I'm putting myself through it all so cost also plays a slight factor Thanks for any advice you can give
  8. Ah ok I didn't really want low profiles I wanted bigger rims but with beefy tires
  9. Hi I've got a 2008 ford ranger wildtrack 3.0 tdci The standard rims on at the min are 16inch and I wanted to put some bigger rims on probably 18inch Question is what size rims do I have to get or do I have to get spacers as a lot of the newer models don't fit my vehicle I don't have a clue with this kind of stuff Thanks in advance
  10. Sorted norfolk salvage car parts on ebay had one in with the pin
  11. Hi all I need a check strap and pin for my 2008 ranger wildtrack it's driver's door I've found some on ebay that's just the check strap but none with the pin I've tried asking a few breakers but no one seems to have one Any help appreciated
  12. Ford Ranger 3.0 TDCi Wildtrak Double Cab Crewcab Pickup 4x4 4dr SUPERB TRUCK AND NO VAT WWW.AUTOTRADER.CO.UK Price: £8,500. THIS STUNNING LOW MILEAGE FORD RANGER 3,0... that's the canopy one Just not sure if it would suit my needs for work
  13. The same company that are selling this have got exactly the same one with 3,000 miles more for the same price but it's got the cab on the back I think both are all original
  14. Yeah fair point about the ice really Just trying to get a general idea of reliability


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