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  1. Was looking to get a new air filter for my 550 When I look at the diagram, [ see https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/husqvarna-550xp-xpg-chainsaw-spare-parts/carburetor-air-filter-assembly-for-husqvarna-550xp-xpg-chainsaw.html ] there are four different options - does anyone know the difference?? Guessing the current one is 522 67 54 05? Is yellow, has 522 67 54 in tiny print in the corner, and a 5 in the middle under the clip. Thanks!
  2. Another one for the collective wisdom. At the base of a dying Cryptomeria, looks quite innocuous, but wondering what it is, and if it could be a (partial) culprit, an opportunist, or a coincidence? Thanks Andrew
  3. Wanted some for making a foot loop, only place I found was Dicks climbing in Bristol - they also do loads of IRATA type kit www.dicksclimbing.com/products/beal-american-tube-tape-26mm-per-metre
  4. If I remember right (I'm not taking mine apart to look, sorry!!) then you have it in the right place. All these husky chain brakes need to be assembled with the brake on, then you need to take it "off" before fitting it on the saw, which would straighten out the joint. The way I've done it, and I think the way in the service manual is to remove the handle from the saw (watch out for little sprung rocker thingy when you put it back) and use this as the tool to reset it. A bit of a pain, and we had one person holding the cover down (or use a vice or clamp?) and another on the handle, but does work. A
  5. I know this is an old thread, but still the same question..... Does anyone run, or know of providers of EFAW+F (Industry specific basic first aid) courses in the Bath / Bristol area? The nearest I currently know of are Blake training near Bridgwater, and the Treekit one earlier in this thread in Dorset Would be for just one or two people, so getting a course put on specially is probably not an option. Thanks
  6. You could also try the Tetbury branch of TH White, pretty close and now Greenmech dealers with some machines available to hire.
  7. You could try Vince Cainey http://www.atwortharboriculture.co.uk/Services.htm Andrew
  8. Dan The serial number is all the marking you should need, unless you start cutting up ropes or making your own prussic cords. Sorbus probably gave you a certificate of conformity or if not the invoice should double as one, KEEP this - it will do instead of a LOLER test for the first 6 months (or even a year if you only climb occasionally). Also it will allow you to prove how long you have had the kit as some items have a fixed service life. You are also supposed to keep some records of when you use kit, but will learn that when you do a climbing course. Have fun, but don't try to run before you can walk..... Andrew
  9. Very belated thanks to Barrie on this! 346 brake band went recently, so bought new side cover to get up and running quickly (or not, took ages to come) then new band to put in old one for spare / next time. Was indeed a pain to do - not recommended for 10 min job on site at lunchtime as with a stihl! A
  10. I'm also looking for a quality toe cap boot - find the made down to a price toecaps don't last and not great on comfort. Would ideally like something like the Meindl Bergschug - meindl-bergshoe-gtx but they cost more than Meindl chainsaw boots (Waldlaufer etc.) which seems daft! Has anyone tried engelbert-strauss boots - look hopeful ? S3 Safety Shoes from engelbert strauss Thanks A
  11. andrew


    As per previous reply, watch out for parts availabilty - bent the fence on my Erbauer / screwfix mitre saw ( cutting down split firewood billet, few weeks out of guarantee! ) and could not get a new one. Think Axminster may be better at keeping parts for budget machines.
  12. In arbtrader can you force people to provide an approx location for an item - maybe by having an extra field in the post form that can't be left blank - then include this in the header or keywords / tags for the advert. Would just be handy to know if an item is 20 or 200 miles away. Otherwise, general thumbs up and thanks for your efforts.
  13. Apologies if this is stating the obvious, but if you have a longer bar on your 550 then try it with a 13" before shelling out for a new saw - you may find it much less tiring to use. A.
  14. Don't think Carrs do LOLER, though they do have names / cards for a couple of people who do, think one of them was Terry McGovern - http://www.treeschool.co.uk/ ( don't know / haven't used him though ) or you could try Vince Cainey, might be a little bit far away, but could work if he had another job near you. http://www.atwortharboriculture.co.uk/Contact.html A.
  15. I suspect a court might rule that the hypothetical notice was invalid, as Mr A clearly intended all along to remove a specifiec tree(s), and therefore the notice was not a reasonable representation of that intention ?


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