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  1. CE standard for figure eight device

    Simple answer - AFAIA there isn't one.
  2. Dmax issues where do I stand?

    Ditto Since problems with rising oil levels part of the manufacturer 'solution' was to provide modified dipsticks. There is now a X (not visible in the photo) at the two indentations, this identifies the highest level, at which point oil should be changed. Wouldn't recommend running it for too long after part draining as oil will become progressively more diluted. I get oil change kit delivered for £50, correct spec with filter & drain plug. Easy job to change & significant saving over dealer rates. Ours required three oil changes in the last 12 months.
  3. Revision guide on the NPTC website, not many pictures but front cover has a pole rescue set up.
  4. Some serious chogging

    For those that at are speculating on the climbers footwear, he's wearing Jika-Tabi. Traditionally worn by tradespeople, gardeners & foresters, even available with steel toe cap to try & satisfy modern safety requirements. Provide 'bare foot' feel when climbing around on the branches but not sure there's much benefit with spikes. Spikes are more like two claws worn on the outside of the foot bit different to what most of us are familiar with but seem very effective. Often used to access the crown then taken off & hung on the back of the waist belt / harness until needed again.
  5. Age of Kit for Loler

    Just noticed you have stated manufacturer's recommended lifespan as 6-8 years. In which case providing you can produce relevant documentation & harness remains in serviceable condition there should be no reason why the harness should fail until the upper figure is reached.
  6. Age of Kit for Loler

    Depends on manufacturer's recommendation, some give 10 years for harnesses others 5 & some 7. Get on the web & download relevant info for your harness etc.
  7. Agricultural Practice Note 12. Driveways

    Was published by Tree Advice Trust but the website doesn't appear to be live any more. I have a copy somewhere but so long since I've referred to it I can't find it at the moment. Largely replaced by BS5837 which recommends three dimensional geo-textile as opposed to two dimensional in APN12.
  8. Rope guide / Pulley saver

    Paperwork for pulleysaver says 2 years for the Dyneema prusik loop, rope & Sirius hitch may be up to 5 years if infrequent use (1 week per year). All parts are subject to inspection, replace when worn / damaged, hitch cords should be considered consumable parts.
  9. Treemotion webbing

    From Treemotion manual: Life Span Infrequent use (1 week per year) up to 5 years. Under intensive use reduced to 3 months, normal use 1 year. Treemotion Life Span.pdf
  10. Ascentree SRT

    Petzl have the answer on their website Can I use the ASCENTREE rope clamp on a single rope? Just in case link doesn't work: "There is no specific reason to prohibit the use of the ASCENTREE rope clamp on a single rope, but that is not its primary intended usage. Moreover, the ASCENTREE rope clamp is not certified for such use."
  11. Ideas please

    [emoji106] Dove Tree - Davidia involucrata
  12. Lanyard

    From AFAG401 Climbing ropes Select ropes to provide a high margin of safety. Ropes suitable for tree climbing need to have a minimum diameter of 10mm and are not normally larger than 14mm. When selecting a rope, carefully consider the compatibility of any friction hitches or mechanical devices used.
  13. How are people finding their new Isuzu D-Max?

    If yours is only 5 months old hopefully it should have all the mods. Earlier models have had a couple of software updates to try & resolve dpf regen issues. Common fault with over enthusiastic blocked fuel filter warning light, there have been two filter re-designs to fix but not sure they've got it right yet. Ours still lights up occasionally (2012 model). Oil dipstick re-designed, not sure why, maybe so you don't notice the oil level rising 😕
  14. How are people finding their new Isuzu D-Max?

    The 4x4 on the new models is not supposed to need a limited slip diff. Explained in this Isuzu D-Max 4x4 Drive Train System Demo:
  15. Renewing certificates.

    Not just arb; recommended for all chainsaw operators Chainsaws at Work Indg317 (top of page 6 in pdf)


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