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  1. Have used and trained with them for years and still have them. Whilst some some saws may have seemed a little quicker or have a bit more grunt, to me they ticked all the boxes with pro features ( side tensioners/quick release top cover etc) handled well, but when we bought them didn't have the pro price. I put them in the same bracket as the 365's, solid build and do what you want without any frills and i have only replaced standard consumables (bar/chain sprockets etc) and have never found a weak part. I have a friend who still has the earlier 351G, just replaced the carb in it and at 22 years old still runs sweet. If it's a genuine model then a good bit of saw for the money.
  2. Doesn't sound too clever having to add oil to get it to go! If you were aware that he was a bit haphazard with his mixing, why use it through your saw? Not a cheap piece of kit to replace for a can of your own fuel.
  3. I thought that the Husky H25 chains were oregon chains branded for Husqvarna so in essence the same as 21BP. The SP33G however was their own in house made chain alongside C85 and a few others.
  4. I found the SP33G to be quick cutting straight out of the box which is what they were advertising it as and had that "bite" immediately that other chains got after its first run through with the file. It held an edge for a good length of time but i found the cutters very hard to sharpen back compared with other brands and more akin to the stihl cutters in hardness. I never felt that i got it back to its origninal performance without a bit of work although i didnt use the saw that chain was on all the time to really field trial it. Haven't used it in a while as on Oregon or Stihl mainly and this was when it came out originally which is some time ago now. As for the names, true semi chisel isn't really how these newer cutters are set up ( I know you can get it but its more in name than profile to me in these choices) so no real difference to worry about.
  5. You’ve obviously never had to fell and sned out any Grandis then!!??
  6. Both decent saws in their current guise, maintenance is easy with the 261 although I find the filter picks up the fine dust quickly so needs tapping out fairly regularly. Stihl is lighter but I think the AV springs seem softer to me than Husky ones but maybe a personal thing and maybe old school but I’m not fonder of everything being made as light as possible as I find the saw a bit jumpy especially on Stihl’s rapid super chain. The mark II 550 seems well built to me but heavier in the hand. I don’t mind this and think it handles nicely still. It may not seem so sprightly at the bottom end to the mark I but when your asking it to work hard find that it’s very willing. Depending on price it may come down to ergonomics as to what feels better in the hand. I’ve got the xpg version and find it’s a joy to use and hasn’t shown any symptoms of the mark 1.
  7. As others have said I’d take the work you have over any steep ground felling any day. By all means go for a few days and try it if you want but it’s nowt but harder work than it should be (and it can be hard work on flat ground!) and if your moneys ok where you are and less strain on the body and kit you’ll be thankful when your older. For some strange reason us forestry types have an almost perverse want to take on shitty work on shitty ground to prove to themselves that we can make it!
  8. I’ve got the forest jacket and like it, possibly partially due to the fact that I didn’t have to buy it myself!! I was surprised at the weight of it as it has a honeycomb inner to help cool and keep you warm with air circulation so more substantial than I thought it would be. As others have said it’s not fully waterproof but I’ve been out in some pretty lousy weather and my shoulders and chest were dry due to the waterproofing in the hi-viz area and even thought the rest isn’t waterproof it was mainly the sides that let the wet through. I wouldn’t wear it in torrential weather (or have a waterproof over it) but it’s my go to jacket at the moment for general work and it’s pretty robust. Definitely not the cheapest and I’m sure there are other jackets for far less (plenty of reviews of gear on here) and arguably as good or better but it’s what I researched and wanted so ticks the boxes.
  9. As per the comment above, do a search for Reipal on here and you will find plenty of info. TCD’s favourite toy!
  10. I got a cut and climb 2 years ago after reading good reports on here about them and in all honesty I have been disappointed in it with regards to keeping the wet out. From day one it has always left me damp on the shoulders and sides and wearing today from lunchtime till 4.30 it had gone through the jacket a top and my shirt and base layers too. Do forget that this is in the soft southern rain as well unlike you hardened northeners!! In defence of the jacket it's robust and comfortable to me and I think it would take some ripping however I would be looking at alternatives when looking to replace it. I used to keep pretty dry in my old husqvarna monsoon jacket.
  11. I thought Bucklands out at Tibberton used to do it but been a long time since I've been in but the Aspen map shows that they are no longer an agent. I'd of suggested Listers at Cirencester but sure you know of that one and probably take you longer than 45 minutes if you get caught in traffic at the Air Balloon!
  12. Hi All Anybody had or still wearing an arborwear double thick hoodie? Never really wore them not being a "youff" and not certain if I'd like the hood at all times at work but the warmth prior to and after work now the weather is on the turn appeals! Not cheap but I've seen other arborwear kit and it seems decent or is cheap and cheerful just as good? Happy to spend on quality clothing if it works and lasts. Cheers
  13. Meant to attach a change is gonna come from Sam Cooke but you get the lot sorry. Still a great artist whichever song you choose:thumbup1:
  14. The great Sam Cooke https://youtu.be/Aif0to5tyL0 One from David Gray sang live which I've always found thought moving
  15. As others have mentioned its not always as clear cut as first thought so definitely worth checking out. I also received the email and whilst I have no issues with it being sent the tone seemed slightly inappropriate. The fact that the other insurers and the gentlemen in question friends gave him poor or incorrect advice is one thing but you then follow up by saying in highlighted and underlined text "this is absolute RUBBISH. As an Insurer perhaps stating it differently would have sounded more professional? You then follow this up by saying if you use subcontractors and don't have Employers liability you are "probably" breaking the law? I'm always happy for anyone in any industry to help clarify matters as we all hate those "grey" areas open for interpretation but please don't make out that everyone is trying to find a shortcut around not paying for EL and finish off by saying "Wake up and smell the coffee"! Please keep me informed by email and I welcome your input on this forum to give industry advice. Sorry if it comes across as a rant but its struck a nerve, perhaps I need to go into starbucks and breathe in deeply?!


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