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  1. loads of the wood has already been removed
  2. Thanks! Will try and get some paper work to have a look at 👍 all I know atm is that there is a licence for around 350 trees to be thinned
  3. Hi Ive been given permission to fell and remove some tree from a local woodland, The trees that require removing have been marked with an orange paint mark but some have been sprayed over with white? does this mean anything
  4. hi, I've sent a request to joint! would be great to get involved
  5. <p>No sorry not at the moment</p>

  6. <p>Hi, I was wondering if you ever need any extra help on a weekend?</p>

  7. Just to make sure, you are talking about dart in derby?
  8. Has anyone had any experience with these guys? Mentioned it to Afew ppl and seem to be getting abit of a negative vibe??
  9. Hi, would someone be able to add me on the the Facebook group plz I've sent a request ;-)
  10. Hi I've recently revived my first section of work from hcc, I've had a quick read through and found that what they have sent through isn't to great. Loads of spelling mistakes/ incorrect words (it's like auto correct has kicked in) has anyone else had any experience of this?
  11. Hi Was wondering if any one could explain what cscs -pts and any other Cert codes are plz Thanks
  12. I'm currently in the same situation as you, from my understanding you do the abc level 2 + cs30-31-38-39 and chipper tickets photo copy them and email the rfs and they just send you there cert
  13. Sound! I've been looking on job sites and 30-31-38-39 are the min requirements..just abit confusing, what sort of work would you be generally doing as a ground worker?? Thanks


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