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  1. I’ve used the pictured plug kits for a number of years without issues but have always used additional rubber solution on the repair strings. However, I’d always prefer to use the mushroom type plugs from the inside of the tyre wall for peace of mind.
  2. Had tuning boxes on both of our softroading TDI Tiguans for about 2 years. Both have done over 30,000 miles with the boxes fitted. Both give more torque, and the later engine gives a noticeable lift in performance at higher rpm. The older car is noticeably more torquey than the newer engines car. The newer car which had 150 BHP as standard is now a flying machine at higher rpm. We do bigger annual mileages than 12 k and if trying we can get 50mpg from both cars on a 20 + mile trip. We’ve seen no reduction in mpg through tank top ups and calculations against litres/miles done if you ride the torque and keep the revs down. If you hammer them, or tow to the weight limit the mileage can drop to around 37mpg. Personally I’m a fan of tuning boxes and had one on my 2 litre Audi a few years ago without issues, and did over 75,000 miles with it fitted. I also have a remapped diesel Mercedes which is great but cost several hundred pounds against the boxes at £70 apiece.
  3. Ours has been up 6 years without issues. I did build up the plinth slightly and grade the sides away from the lower woodwork
  4. The two swallows I briefly saw on the 28th April are the only ones I’ve seen. Normally we see them from the 24th of April or maybe a couple of days later, but this year (up to the 4th May) they’ve been absent apart from that brief sighting.
  5. Couldn’t resist a cheap r1150r a couple of weeks ago. Not running, a throttle cable broken and the clutch inoperative on purchase. Still waiting for a handlebar switch but looking promising.
  6. We’re nearer Keith and saw two on the 28th April, but unfortunately not been seeing them since as been on night shifts since. One of our much needing repaired steadings used to be a favourite for dozens of pairs of swallows but last year just hosted a few pairs. They seem to be getting later in returning each year, and they’re definitely in decline.
  7. Made a start on next years firewood (mainly beech) following the storms.
  8. Part of the family[emoji1]
  9. I agree, and would suggest that once electric vehicles become a performance and price viable purchase that the government will remove all subsidies and the increasing cost of electric will mean there’s little incentive to change unless you’re the type of person who needs everything renewed every three years, and they tax diesels out of the market. We too rely on two soft roading diesel part time 4WD Tiguans through the year. 45mpg, quick enough, pull a couple of tonnes and reliable enough.
  10. And last year on here when I suggested that the construction industry’s loss of red usage would seriously impact on new house prices some were quick to rubbish my thoughts[emoji1]
  11. The cars are 6 and 10 years old. This year my wife was offered almost the same money her 6 year old car that it had cost her two years ago but now with double the mileage on it. My older model cost half of hers as a second hand purchase and would be hard to find a year and a half later for the same money. I realise it’s an odd situation where second hand cars are retaining values better than ever, but the cost of a lease at an additional £10,000 for Chinese cars with zero residuals, no 4WD, limited range and the hassle of chargers isn’t for me.
  12. Amazing what your body can recover from. Had a shotgun breach explode on me when I was 17 or so. Took off most of the flesh from my right hand thumb. Bone sticking out with a flap of gristle back over my wrist. Doesn’t look too bad nowadays
  13. That sounds good on the electric incentives. Ours works slightly different in that we get a base payment for total generation and an additional smaller deemed export payment. On top of that we get paid for the units EVEN IF we use them in the house. We too are slightly north of Aviemore here, and while the summer days are long the winter days are correspondingly short and dark so your generation will be good in the summer and maybe mediocre in the winter.


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