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  1. As a 60Kw log burning biomass owner I could readily see the use for bags of these branch off cuts. To get my stove going I need to have faffed around cutting kindling, then added cardboard, then newspaper followed by smaller diameter logs (or split logs) before adding the bigger stuff once the flue temperature is up to heat. If those bags of pieces were adequately dry they would certainly save me around 15 minutes for each firing as I wouldn't need to spend the best part of a morning in filling an old fashioned laundry basket for the kindling. The basket when full lasts about a week and a half assuming a firing each day. Why not approach biomass suppliers and mention this so that they could contact their customers to see if there was any interest?
  2. And once you do get taken on in forestry don't expect to make good money from the off, unless you are lucky enough to get into big timber clearfell. First thinnings and tight woodland as a beginner can equal small tonnage along with poor earnings. As someone else said, if you hang in there without injuries you'll become fitter than ever👍
  3. Baldbloke

    Landy reloved

    B post door shut certainly looks tighter than on my Defender. Mines going to need a bit more replacement next time. I was looking at this which covers the spring area
  4. Baldbloke

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Had this old (1995 I think) Yanmar for about 8 years. Most reliable piece of kit I’ve owned in spite of being ex hire. Probably still worth what I originally paid for it.
  5. Baldbloke

    Out milling Alder

    I tend to equate it to poorer firewood. But the milled grain does look good[emoji1303]
  6. Baldbloke

    The Mower Bench

    I bought an old Jacobsen 3 gang hydrostatic mower off eBay a few years ago. So far it has cost a couple of small belts, 3 or so oil changes a year and all the required filters. Also much greasing of the multitude of nipples. I’ve even managed to use the back lap option to keep the cylinders sharp. I’m hoping it outlasts me. A £400 chance and a trip to middle England so far seems to have been well worth it.[emoji1303]
  7. Baldbloke

    Repurposing kerosene tank for petrol

    When I’ve reused such a tin before I have always swilled it out first with petrol and used the swillings in my Briggs and Stratton enginged mower or rotavator.
  8. Baldbloke

    Which mini tractor?

    I’ve got a 4WD Shibaura with low hours. Around 550.it could be for sale. It has an American topper, a post hole borer and there’s a single furrow plough too. Bad points are the Seat is needing replaced and the original tyres sidewalls are cracked but have great tread80-90%. No air loss £3000 the lot. Trailer not included!.
  9. Baldbloke

    aren't spouses great?

  10. Baldbloke

    Over heating

    Something else to check after all the above: Water pump impeller. Sometimes the vanes are non existent if the motor has been run without antifreeze in the past. I’ve even seen the shaft sheared off internally. The pulley still giving the appearance that the pump is still working
  11. Baldbloke

    Bumper fruit harvest at cost of trees

    Good point. I’ll go below the damage and try to seal the wound. Might take a few years before shell fruit again though
  12. Baldbloke

    Bumper fruit harvest at cost of trees

    Think it’s too far gone except for retrieving this years crop
  13. What a fruit crop this year. Too busy at work to notice the build up of fruit. Probably try to leave a high stump on the plum tree to see if she comes back
  14. Baldbloke

    Are air dried logs to be made illegal?

    I did get approved for supplying wood and for an RHI subsidy for a biomass boiler. However, after reviewing the ongoing paperwork and other ongoing commitments I decided it just wasn’t worth the effort of having a bunch of twats looking over my shoulder. Now I cut and supply only for myself. No subsidies and no hassle.
  15. Baldbloke

    Axe re-handle

    Easy enough although care needs to be taken when reducing the new shaft to accept the head. Remove the old wood by cutting directly below the head, fitting the head in a vice and knocking the wood out from the newly cut side. I use a 4.5 “ hand grinder with 60 grit scurf pads to reduce the new shaft. A little at a time. I mark off the limit of seating on the new shaft so that the head is secure and I don’t grind away wood unnecessarily. Also finding wedges can be problematic although at a push hardwood wedges can suffice. Saving the old wedges is handier. And the new shafts reduction should mean that reseating is hard as it should be a tight fit even before the wedge is finally thumped in[emoji1303]


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