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  1. Believe they tend to quote Telegraph and Wireless Act or some such thing which supposedly gives them access over the easiest way for them. Still need to either annually pay you a “Wayleave” payment or a one off larger sum, as long as the service isn’t solely to your property. Buggers did the same to me across my back garden without even an apology. I kept accidentally catching it until they got sick of me and erected four poles out with of my property. The odd shotgun round through them creates merry f*** too[emoji23] I now live elsewhere and take an annual payment for a number of electric poles and overhead wires. Either continually sabotage it and deny knowledge, put up with it or get onto their wayleave dept to get something back. Do nothing and nothing will happen plus it will be deemed as acceptable [emoji1304]
  2. Still got some amazing sunrise and sunset photos from 45 years ago. Unfortunately only had an Instamatic 100 in those days[emoji3]
  3. I bought two virtually unknown makes that did me for ten years and still work. One’s a bugger to start from hot and both don’t have the comfy ergonomics of a Stihl. The second hand Stihl lets me work for two or three fills without too many aches. The others not so. Haven’t used the others since[emoji1303]
  4. I’ve been thumped in the face a couple of times too. Not a great experience.
  5. Yup, tried them but those I’ve tried aren’t interested unless I’m in business, or get all our house/vehicle business (NFU)
  6. I’m interested in this thread too as a small landowner without a business but related to the ground. Also if I’m cutting elsewhere for firewood for my own use. My concerns relate to open access in Scotland, my boundary trees, and risks while taking down trees on neighbouring properties. Where and who is likely to cover me (without a related business) for third party risk?
  7. The op doesn’t mention where he’s from. In Moray I’ve given up on hens as we have too many pine martens which can easily climb anything. Even with concrete blocks covering the entry the bastards were able to lever the door tops open to allow ingress.
  8. Surprised he didn't include catastrophe, financial meltdown and cliffedge too. Good to see him referring back to imperial measurements 😃
  9. You want self governance and yet by pushing to remain in the EU you will never attain it, as you will be ruled and regulated by foreigners even more remote than those you detest in Westminster. Middle earners are already taxed by the Scottish Government at a higher rate than their English counterparts. The recent pay rise to paramedics and nurses was immediately lost because of the devolved Scottish tax allowance. None of the oil companies you mention are Scottish. U.K. farming exists through subsidies and not by making a living through world markets, and banks on the whole are carrying a scary amount of toxic debt, which if called upon (again) would truly fuck us over. Most wind turbines are manufactured abroad. I have one myself. That leaves whisky. Good luck with running a country on that.
  10. Can’t quite get my head around needing so called Independence from Westminster but to remain in the EU. To my mind that would be anything but so called independence.... Maybe a it’s just an anti-English thing or needing the assurance of being one of the 27 because your scared and know you your country as a truly independent country would struggle. And to base your argument on possible carbon revenues when every civilised country is trying to get away from such usage is the argument of simpletons. Is it really a generation since 2014, and wasn’t there a promise to respect that first attempt at such a vote for that period of time?[emoji12]
  11. A burnt away exhaust valve face can certainly pump out a bit of blue smoke too[emoji3]
  12. Really unpleasant having that experience so sorry to hear this.
  13. Used to do a lot of fencing with rabbit netting. As Gimlet said, don’t go short on the buried overlap or on the finished height of the net. If there’s a lot of rabbit pressure it’s often wise to price in ‘windows’ for drop box/barrel traps every 50 metres or so. Using pins to hold the net down on the surface rather than burying it is sometimes ok (on really hard ground) if the line is being walked every day until the grass grows, but as suggested above, pre-planning by using a furrow saves an awkward dig after a fence is erected.
  14. I use a thing called Typhoon. The rods have sprung buttons and the rods are flexible enough not to damage my biomass chimney or the flexible liner for the Aga. The head has a nylon string head and you fit the other end to a drill. Excellent at £50 from eBay. I use my standard drainage rods for the other lined chimneys
  15. We find the same thing. After getting a quote for a carpet clean prior to the guy coming out his window cleaning service quote (having eyeballed the house) was for double bubble compared to the time taken to remove three stains from a carpet.


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