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  1. 50 years ago as a kid prior to getting an air rifle Hazel was all I used for both the bow and the arrows. I still look at Hazel growth with an eye for choosing suitable bits, but nowadays for sticks.
  2. If it’s true I’ll drink to this: Poll reveals sharp fall in support for Scottish independence WWW.THETIMES.CO.UK Support for independence is waning in Scotland and swinging behind the Union despite the SNP’s election push, an exclusive poll for The Times has revealed. Fifty-six per cent of voters say they...
  3. What about lifting one of the gates off the hinges?........
  4. Shelley does a lot of children book illustrations too
  5. My son has a print of the middle. One in his bedroom
  6. John Shelly and a Jersey artist whose name I can’t remember/make out Believe JS has a picture or two in the Tate or National Gallery. Still painting and does a lot of paintings with trees. He did mine in 1982.
  7. I have a couple of relevant paintings which include trees
  8. Your statement mirrors mine over the EU. Why shouldn’t we fully govern ourselves without EU interference? Why should A PART of the Scottish 5% of the total U.K. voting public THROUGH the SNP suggest that all of Scotland be dragged back into EU membership. This when a previous Scottish voting mandate insisted on remaining part of the U.K? And why, if the SNP really wants true independence, does it fail to include full autonomy without EU interference over tax and anti- competition compliance regulation? The SNP appears good at blaming anyone but themselves for the state Scotland is in. They’ve had a decade to start to change Scotland for the better and have nothing to show for it. As Andy suggests, socialism just doesn’t work. Dragging everyone down to the lowest common denominator means general dissatisfaction, a brain drain and a reluctance to invest.
  9. [emoji23]Yes, let’s ignore two votes over leaving the Union and for leaving the EU. Your hard on for Nicola and her dictatorship shows a distinct lack of respect for democracy. Like Andy, I would not be adverse to an independent Scotland were the SNP able to provide a credible manifesto to show how it would work. The SNP have so far been shown to be rather incompetent at running Scotland during their tenure, so the bigger issue of running an independent country looks to be a wish too far to be a credible aspiration. First govern well, and then provide the plan that proves its workable. Emotion and incompetence doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid.
  10. He’s very welcome to kidnap her and remove her to England[emoji1303]
  11. If it’s not electrical, I had similar with an old 044 many years ago. Crank seal was on the way out which I think led to it either sucking in air into the crankcase, or blowing some of the mix out when warm. This I believe led to the odd rise in revs and drop in revs.
  12. Cheers, bought 2 lots to renew some ageing hose on a cherry picker. Might just buy more if it arrives[emoji1303]
  13. Try spending a few years at Rannoch school in the early seventies. [emoji3]
  14. I’m not sure that Sturgeon is a better prospect than Corbyn frankly. There’s a sense of over self worth and of a dictator about her.


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