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  1. Baldbloke

    Dead elm removal

    Looks like it still had its leafs a couple of years ago
  2. Baldbloke

    Making the news today....

    Not getting the fishing waters back under our control will be a serious red line here. An EU army. Hang on a sec, I thought we had NATO[emoji848]Germany with its subsidised federal private army[emoji848] They almost had control with a federal Europe before member states started to get stroppy and it started to unravel. Interesting times in this country with May’s generally unpopular but business friendly plan for supposedly removing us from the block. So why does Ireland need a hard border while Gibraltar doesn’t? Both are land gateways into Europe after all. There are others too. They seemed to create the problem where none should exist. Too protective of their trade, so let them sort it. I’m hoping for no deal and no divorce settlement. Remove VAT and lower corporate tax to make it the lowest in the world. That’s why the channel islands, Man, and formerly Hong Kong works. Introduce a Aus/NZ points system for immigrant workers so that care workers agricultural workers and hospitality workers aren’t excluded. Introducing minimum wage requirements for immigrants is just crazy. It might just happen if someone grows some balls. 1. The points system would allow existing hard working (but nonetheless poorly paid) but highly appreciated foreigners to remain in the UK. Otherwise both London (hospitality) and fruit picking/salmon farming or anything else that requires a bit of sweat for fuck all remuneration is fucked for a start. 2. If the UK revenue took the hit on lowering corporation tax so that it was negligible, along with removing or reducing VAT, all those businesses presently scuttling off to set up their headquarters in Europe would soon return. In fact business would boom and it would make trade deals outwith of the EU a given. IT would turn the tables on europe as they would be the ones struggling to compete. It would also fuck up Sturgeons plans for an independent Scotland and fully negate any reason for her SNP party to exist. 3. As an Island we have an enviable 200 mile limit( limit set by the EU themselves) rather than an earlier agreed 12 mile limit. Where our fishing industry has been historically systematically decimated by European quotas, it is now time to turn the tables on their fishing industry and rebuild ours. It would also allow the UK to fallow grounds for fish to regenerate. It works very well elsewhere in the world, and adds to our food security. Thank fuck we kept the pound.
  3. Baldbloke

    What glue to use for repairing boots?

    Great stuff. Just clamp it up for 24hrs.
  4. Baldbloke

    Dead elm removal

    I’m doing a fair bit of dead Elm at the moment. Some of the stands that have several trunks coming from ground level have a tendency of coming away from the ground if a hangers attached and needs a pull. I wouldn’t consider climbing one of those. Single trunked bigger trees on better drained soil generally seem ok. I find the biggest danger from doing a fell from ground level is dead limbs breaking off as the main trunk starts to move.
  5. Baldbloke

    Chain oil issues

    I just use new cheap engine oil when its cold and save chain oil for the summer. Never had a problem with the rate turned up. Years ago in the winter we even used carefully filtered burst oil (used sump/axle/gearbox oil) for our Stihls without any issues. Not so keen on trying that now (as saws seem less robust and I hear Husky's are even fussier) but perfectly happy using 10/40 for bars and chains when the temperatures drops and oil gets thicker. As someone else said, are you sure the oilways to the bar are clear?
  6. Baldbloke

    Boundary cut back

    Our local farmers aren’t the best at respecting anything that impacts on their farming interests. Our property and the churchyard are the only immediate areas with mature trees. Some farmers life’s work appears to be to remove every tree possible
  7. Baldbloke

    Boundary cut back

    If you were my neighbouring farmer you just use your Matbro to break off the limb by tearing it off at the trunk. I Don’t know about south of border but believe you can trim off boughs directly above your ground. Neatly would be good to limit disease prospects.
  8. Baldbloke

    Woodcock .

    You’re right, but Some dogs are better at finding them than others. Think it’s those with experience. Woodcock also have great camouflage compared to a cock pheasant so partly rely on that and sometimes lift at your feet.
  9. Baldbloke

    Woodcock .

    To save the birds or to save the beaters?😏
  10. Baldbloke

    Woodcock .

    Correct, as some have already said that some are resident, and some begin a migration to here during late October through November by usually using moonlight and favourable winds for their journey. As they need to use their beaks to get into the soil for food, our winter climate is preferable to where they have come from which can be frozen up over winter. I used to be a fishing ghillie up here in Scotland and saw resident birds roding (?) during the summer. It appeared to be birds following a flying circuit of their preferred area, or perhaps it was male birds advertising for a mate or ensuring other males didn't trespass. 30 odd years ago I did a couple of years in the oil industry and it was fairly common at this time of year to see exhausted woodcock and other birds drawn to the platforms lights and taking a rest. You wonder how many get too exhausted due to wind change or just getting lost and falling into the sea. I don't shoot them either now, although in the past with numerous numbers a left and right was common. Never applied for the tie though. The oddest sight I ever saw was a lone stork in Angus Scotland after heavy winds. It flew at an altitude that a heron could only dream of. Another oddity was several thousand pink flamingos in Forfar loch maybe 20 years ago. God knows where they came from!
  11. Baldbloke

    Waterproof alternative to plywood

    draining rod with a corkscrew attachment?😋
  12. Baldbloke

    MS261 Clutch/Crank

    I believe the 365 has been on offer for a number of years I can recommend the 365 Special as I had one as an estate work saw for 5 years and then bought another new (on offer) and still have it as one as my larger saws. Quite a bit heavier than the Stihl MS 260/261 though which is more easily used in real world felling of smaller trees for old fucks like me. 70cc for the Husky and 50 cc for the Stihl I also understand the 365 special, 365XP and another model using the 365 designation are all slightly different either in bore size,stroke, or carb type. Some are more tuneable than others. I believe the special is best left as standard as less tuneable. Good reliable saw none the less.
  13. Baldbloke

    Chainsaw refresher, a scam?

    I hadn’t done any tickets until about 18 years ago. The estate I then worked for put me through small trees and cross cutting course( whatever the no is). I’d previously been cutting on a self employed basis as well as for another estate that wasn’t so bothered by health and safety issues. Due to unusual circumstances I had to borrow a blunt saw from work and remember the unimpressed instructor giving me a bollocking for hurriedly doing a sharpen and raker reduction freehand in the back of a Defender so the saw was usable. I also remember the estate mechanic wag (who had supplied the borrowed saw) provided an enormous Husky with a 24” bar. Really handy for the practical bit in amongst the thinnings 😂 There was an ex army guy there who was a bit of a halfwit who got passed[emoji15] The rest of us couldn’t believe it as he was totally clueless. I later heard he had a serious chainsaw accident at work.... The danger is there’s always eBay/supermarket saws and stupid people who haven’t been either trained or had a good mentor beforehand. Being a stubborn grumpy fuck and having dealt with a few thousand red and roe deer during my lifetime I still refuse to entertain doing an approved deer course. [emoji3]
  14. Baldbloke

    MS261 Clutch/Crank

    Probably a silly question, but does the MS 260 suffer from the same issue? Or does greasing up the needle roller regularly eradicate this problem?
  15. Baldbloke

    Hows the budget effecting you?

    I do realise that the concrete and manufacturing involved in a wind turbine makes its green credentials suspect, but would like to be able to afford an electric car in order to charge it off our turbine. No tax, and few running costs, but just too expensive to justify a purchase at the moment. I thought all new housing was supposed to show its green credentials by being super insulated and have panels in place?


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