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  1. Drill out and helicoil[emoji1303] German car stuff often has steel bolts into an Alloy and the best solution is often a helicoil kit that includes the right sized drill and helicoil. Usually lets you use the original sized bolt too. I’ve Helicoiled all four callipers on an old Porsche we have. The end of the steel bolt corrodes and strips out the aluminium hub, and there’s no access to clean out the steel end that corrodes.
  2. I’ve got a White’s too. Used it for finding lost pins from the digger and other implements lost in the undergrowth. Invaluable for that as it’s saved a day or twos work. Tried it around the house for perhaps two hours in two years but really need someone in the know to show me how to get the best of it.
  3. We’ve done a bit of AirBnB over the last few years and I’m considering putting in an outside wall charger while the fitting subsidy is still available. Seems a shame not to do it with a wind turbine sending some of our generation back to the grid. We had a two VW employees staying with us a year ago who were employed on their electric vehicle research. They were suggesting that the purchase of any early electric vehicle was presently a bargain. This because all early models are over engineered (because all manufacturers wanted to reassure their efforts are super reliable)and a better more up to date battery pack can be fitted when the original one wanks out. Electric motors are relatively simple and cheap to replace after 500,000 miles compared to a gas or diesel motor plus ancillaries
  4. Saw a report last week where what you’re saying is actually already possible
  5. Don’t think there’s any mileage in accepting rotten strainers and posts to burn in my biomass as all the local farmers bundle it up next to their newly erected fencing and set light to it. The only people up here likely to take the like to recycling are town folk.
  6. Believe the public charging points in Scotland are still free to use at the moment.
  7. New lithium-sulfur battery could charge your phone for five days, researchers say APPLE.NEWS Australian researchers claim they have developed a battery that can keep a smartphone charged for five days or power an electric car for 1,000 kilometers (over 600 miles).
  8. Early adopters have the hassle of shorter range but a bigger subsidy over purchase. But once they’ve come down in price to be a more viable purchase and the range is better they’ll drop any subsidy and whack on black boxes and charge by mileage. Otherwise the revenue loss will need to be covered elsewhere
  9. Believe the new upcoming battery technology will mean the current crop of EVs will be cheap buys. That’s unless the new tech can be retrofitted
  10. Baldbloke


    Most of the bigger stuff I’m dropping nowadays seem a bit soft/pumped. Even the stuff that was in leaf a couple of years ago.
  11. Kennels are before and after shots from about 10 years ago taken from different sides. I discovered these gates buried underground when doing some drainage. They’d been hit by a car and needed a heat and a stretch to get them back into shape. Then mounted them at the back garden to keep the dogs in. Metal work is my hobby.
  12. 35 years ago I spent my spare time as a gofer to our local country blacksmith and learnt a few tricks from him. 2 years after he died our local foundry in the nearest town closed down and I bought their forge with a 3 phase blower, tongs and assorted equipment. Used it for 20 years to make and repair fire baskets, gates, flower stands and even did a few cart wheel refurbs for a chap who ran horse drawn carts. Unfortunately I moved house about 11 years ago and had to leave my workshop and equipment. I have however recently bought a farriers portable forge with a hand cranked blower. Good enough to straighten some gates and effect some repairs[emoji1303]
  13. Land cruiser is a good towing vehicle[emoji1303] 3.5 tonnes[emoji1303] Toyota Land Cruiser - Towing Capacity & Weight Limit Information WWW.TOWINGCAPACITY.CO.UK
  14. Went to buy/look at a V10 Touareg a couple of weeks ago but the steering was dodgy so walked away. Tried the smaller V6 from the same garage and that had fuelling issues so no sale. I really liked the V 10 and would have bought it had the steering been better. I have a 300Tdi defender, an early 3.9 Disco, and an early V6 RR Vouge. I’ve just got rid of a Freelander 2. The only one worth having is the old Defender and the V8 Disco. The rest are trouble, to the extent that LRs reputation for reliability is a bit of a joke.


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