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  1. Baldbloke

    Carburetor limiting screws

    Drawing air in? Weak mixture? Wondering if it’s a problem elsewhere on the carb/induction.
  2. [emoji23][emoji1303] way to go
  3. Baldbloke

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Some lodge pole long needing logged this afternoon
  4. Baldbloke


    Fortunate in clearing away any dead Elm trees threatening the local church allowing me access to further firewood👍🏻
  5. Baldbloke


    I’ve been using standing dead Elm in our 60 kW biomass stove for the last 2 winters and need 2/3rds of a load as against a full load of Forestry Commision lodge pole pine. The Elm is more efficient as it burns slower but keeps the 4000 ltr accumulator tank hotter for a longer period. The pine heats the tank quicker but is also out quicker too, meaning that the accumulator runs out of heat earlier. The Elm certainly burns adequately as the 200 year old house can get up to 26•C no problem even when it’s freezing outside.
  6. Baldbloke

    Which are the bad 261 models/years?

    Certainly happy with my pre 261 2007[emoji1303]
  7. Baldbloke

    me old Isuzu TFS69 crew cab

    Doubt there’s many decent 4 track bodies worth mounting on a new chassis nowadays. Although I did pass one recently that was obviously being powered by 28 second heating oil[emoji3]
  8. Baldbloke

    Mature Lime avenue - in need of pruning?

    Since there’s 44 along the driveway (and it’s a real ball ache to do one let alone 44, why not hedge trim the problem into a low hedge between the trees? Future maintenance would then take a morning with a good tractor operator rather than days. My efforts took me several hours on the first tree and because of all the nooks and crannies in the trunk will never be truly tidy
  9. Baldbloke

    Foolish mistake.

    Think any self respecting swan would turn up his beak at my pond. Would also need some fairly hefty air brakes to stop from hitting the far side[emoji2]
  10. Baldbloke

    Foolish mistake.

    Did something similar to my man made pond by introducing a wild iris which has gone mad and not even had the decency to flower[emoji849]
  11. Baldbloke

    Monkey puzzle tree is it okay

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/gardening/article-2121614/ASK-MONTY-DON-How-I-save-monkey-puzzle-tree.html Drought? Seems a common problem if searching fo Monkey Puzzle dieback
  12. Baldbloke

    Help please....

    I have a similar sized trailer with slightly higher sides and the gross weight (trailer plus load) approaches 2 tonnes
  13. Baldbloke

    Help please....

    Maybe better doing one initial run over a weigh bridge if this is going to be a regular delivery system?
  14. Baldbloke

    Air cannon

    Made a launcher for full bake bean tins etc as a kid. Can’t remember the tubing we sourced but it was just loose enough that a very small amount of petrol was put to the sealed end (but for the touchhole) followed by the tin. A flame at the touchhole and the tin went up to three hundred yards. Was relatively quiet too - like a bazooka[emoji23] Think nowadays in this nanny state plod wouldn’t appreciate it.


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