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  1. It seems crazy that someone with a restored Fizzy is asking for the same amount of cash as another with a more usable 750 / 1000 cc bike from the era.
  2. 70/80 horse power is not a lot when modern bikes are making more than double that
  3. Not too expensive unless you go for the sought after ones
  4. Hopefully picking up a third machine tomorrow.
  5. Nice rims. What are they off? Something older and British? Are you up to truing them up yourself?
  6. To stop the engine I push the enrichening plunger that passes through the pump body towards the front of the machine. That leans off the mixture, and I was told is kinder than using the decompression lever. I held it over in that position while cranking the engine over which resulted in zero fuel coming out of the pumps outlet. I took the pump out and removed the plate hiding the internals and found the plunger to be well lubricated and smooth in its operation from both the cam off the engine and from priming lever ‘A’. Both were working. The lift from the restricted priming levers’ mere 90 degrees of movement actually equates to the full travel of the plunger, so there’s probably little benefit in making alterations there. There was actually adjustment within the chest underneath the plate to give the plunger a little more travel to depress the Bryce pump’s internal plunger a bit more. I’ve given it a turn to take up some of the slack produced by 48 years of wear.
  7. Baldbloke


    Go the whole Germanic hog and get some leather chaps to really freak her out[emoji12]
  8. Thanks for your patience! It’s a little tricky to see exactly what’s going on as the now open plate containing the tappet/plunger/primer is opposite the same chassis rail that interferes with the primer lever’s operation. With the decompression lever engaged and cranking the engine over, timed spurts of diesel come out of the top of the Bryce pump with the outlet pipe disconnected. It’s hard to quantify how much is being pushed out without being able to post a video. The diesel jumps maybe 3” from the top of the pump opening. Operating the priming lever (A) over its available limited travel (because of the chassis getting in the way) gives a similar output. There’s no rust in there and the weak timed spurts of diesel would suggest the plunger you mentioned is free. What is so frustrating is that a very brief tow gets the engine running immediately with no hint that it wants to die. There’s also little smoke on startup. That to me would suggest that the engine is in good order and because it idles immediately at almost zero revs makes me think the injector must be atomising the fuel correctly. Are you suggesting that I could try an aftermarket inline primer pump to enrich the initial fuel load for startup?
  9. Just had a bit of time to revisit the dumper and removed the throttle linkages, tappet chest and diesel outlet from pump. There’s obviously output of diesel from the pump which would suggest the plunger is free, but it’s knowing what’s adequate. I’ve taken a short video of the output but can’t figure out how to post it. Any pointers?
  10. The bigger ones only have girth diameters of around 15” as it has grown together tightly packed. There’s height but no specimens or burrs. In previous cutting it seems the rot is limited to the bases and roots. The bigger the trees, the more the more the rot extends further up the trunk from the root. I took down a large elm in the garden a few years ago and the heartwood near the base was like blotting paper for eight foot up the trunk. I’ll just be selecting 4 to 6 uprights of around 12” diameter, coating them as much clear preservative as they’ll take and ensuring the eaves of the roof help protect them further from the elements.
  11. Was planning on selecting trunk sizes suitable to go rather than getting it milled out. It’ll have a roof over the structure but it will be fit and finished by chainsaw. Pictures🤣I’ll see how rustic it looks, and nothing will be happening until the end of the summer.
  12. As per the title, is this suitable for outside in a garden? Planning on using four trunks as uprights over a patio purely as I’ve access to plenty. It’s all standing dead without bark and as hard as nails. Planning on welding up some heavy feet to keep the bases away from ground dampness and giving the wood a few coats of clear preservative. Am I being stupid, or have my plans merit?
  13. There’s also a wealth of practical assistance on here not limited to trees. Probably because of the price of using dealers makes many get involved in repairs and finding solutions. I’ve found many contributors are also very generous with their time in suggesting where to start. [emoji1303]
  14. Volkswagen suggest their DSG has an almost unlimited life if the fluids are regularly changed. I wonder what the difference is with the Skoda badged one that makes this a common issue with the Czech one against the more reliable German one? A mate has just changed his wife’s Yaris clutch along with a gearbox/driveshaft seal. He mentioned a complication with the replacement clutch plate which was supposedly differently sized to the original but offered as an upgrade. Do Renault still use metalastic bushes on the remotes where a partial age related split of the rubbers mean selection becomes less positive?


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