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  1. Used to have a boss like that. All tickets went back to him, but it wasn’t until a new driver was involved and several runs involved that I got to see the weighbridge tickets to what the old boss said had been lifted. He’d been skimming the weights for a while.
  2. Just finishing my fourth night shift in the Covid Hub tonight. I don’t have contact with the patients BTW, but just drive the clinicians, sterilise their gear, get them togged up and generally take the piss out of them. Not that busy at the moment and looking forward to less restrictive times[emoji1303]
  3. Used to do about 14 miles of riverbank spot spraying Hogweed. You don’t need a mix at 50:50. 250ml for 15 litres of water is more than strong enough. So 25 cc/ml for 1.5 litres would probably be adequate for 4 plants. If the weather’s dry you don’t need a adjuvant/surfactants/stickers. It’ll be about a week before you’ll start to see leaf discolouration. Spraying on riverbanks in the north of Scotland was best done late in April as soon as the immature plant was recognisable, but before it needed gallons of spray near watercourses.
  4. There’s going to be a lot of cheap equipment, cars and houses shortly judging by the amount of businesses going pop.
  5. The Scottish dictator’s grip doesn’t seem to have worked as well as Boris’ efforts.
  6. You’re obviously more mature by not posting that at 57 than me at 61. I have a bad habit of posting similar inappropriate things on group chat between work colleagues just to wind them up.🤣
  7. Andy: All within the guidelines/application with a bit of research. BTW, my wife has corrected me by saying that last year it was a need for us to have been able to realise £750,000 and not 1 million as I suggested. Trouble is we’re both comfortable working for the SNHS and most of our assets are tied up in property. Even the shitty state pension has a value to add to your private pensions. A financial advisor can ascertain what value is in either.[emoji1303] To the original poster: Hopefully your partner has something to offer rather than just tagging along. While you may get in with a sponsor if your partner hasn’t a qualification or a job offer it won’t help your application. More importantly, they take a dim view of folk turning up on a visitor permit and retrospectively finding work. Doing that will probably ensure you never get to progress a work permit or residency
  8. I did about 15 years as a fishing ghillie on a river in Tayside. Alder is the most common riverside tree. We had a very similar and very common beetle there. However, it was the colour of a Scarab beetle. More translucent green than black. Regional variation?
  9. My understanding was that if you were getting on a bit the NZ Government doesn’t want older people migrating there only to be a burden on the state. The last time I looked they wanted proof that with all assets including property, pension and cash you’d need £1 million at my age, which is 61. However my wife is 54 and has 1 year to go to rely on her midwife qualifications. At present we might scrape it with our assets and qualifications, but in a year or so probably not. And that’s with a sister and her family as well as my son potentially getting residency. They want young (under 25) professionals
  10. A bit like the Scottish Administration then.
  11. .... we also have a sister already living and working there as a specialist nurse that ups the points requirement, but that is also no guarantee.
  12. Paid an NZ agency to do the application for my son whose been working out there for 4.5 years. This because I’m hoping they know how to do it best. Son was firstly admitted for work as an mechanical engineer, but presently managing four bars and a restaurant for a consortium. About £3500 in costs so far[emoji15]. Trouble is (like you) he’s over 25 and NZ has recently been inundated by wealthy Asians retiring there and it’s much harder to get residency and permission to work. A housing shortage is also an issue with locals pissed off as house prices have been inflated partly because of wealthy incomers. Covid 19 has also postponed all applications. My wife and I also considered migrating as we really like NZ and the people’s attitude. Plus we’re sick of Nicola Sturgeon and her separatists. Wife’s a midwife and I too could get in on qualifications too. But, because of our ages a million in assets is what they’re currently looking for.
  13. My wife is the photographer in our family


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