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  1. Baldbloke


    The point I was trying to make was that when they reported 4 deaths it was actually closer to 25. The news we hear is old news. BTW I’m 50 miles north of Aberdeen
  2. Baldbloke


    To add to my comment above: when it was reported that Scotland had 6 deaths a few weeks ago related to C -19 I was aware of 4 in our hospital. I thought it strange that most had occurred in the NE of Scotland, until, it was pointed out to me that it takes 5 days to a week before the figures are released. Take care people[emoji1303]
  3. Baldbloke


    If you’d seen the few I’ve already seen coming into our A&E you probably wouldn’t be quite so cool about it. We’ve just relocated our Covid 19 hub outwith of the hospital in an effort to keep the place ‘Clean’. I’ve been moved to the Covid hub and like most who’ve been moved there are shitting ourselves. Please take this very seriously. If you’re affected badly it’s not a good way to go..
  4. If the Government is hinting at paying 2/3rds of a wage to those who are locked down at home, it’s hardly an incentive to go and stack supermarket shelves or freeze your knackers off for a minimum wage in a field. The other problem is the debt that’ll need to be settled in a couple of years.
  5. Without going into detail I can assure you this ain’t a nasty version of flu. I’ve seen people coming in overnight in a bad way and dead by the following morning. Please take this very seriously, and don’t be the unnecessary cause of either taking up a bed or infecting others. Remember too that you’re infectious prior to being symptomatic.[emoji15]
  6. Double it nowadays, and that’s for a part time job.
  7. As per the the title, I noticed a puddle of hydraulic oil below one of the motors today. Moved the mower to do some maintenance on a vehicle and noticed it pissed out quite a lot just moving it 10 yards. Do these things have replaceable seals or is it new motor time? Machine was bought quite secondhand about 6 years ago, and was a fair age by then. Hydrostatic drive, 3 gang mower. Cheers!
  8. Jesus! That will infuriate farmers, is lot and boaties.
  9. And then there’s the upcoming Salmond rape trials. Tasty lot these Nats[emoji1304] They all suggest they’re covering the moral high ground, and it’s either the Tory’s fault or Brexit, but when the shit hits the fan there’s a big push to bury it. So many chips and so few shoulders to carry them.
  10. It may we’ll have been Francs. I’m getting a bit senile at my age[emoji12]
  11. Not wood related, but... Forty years ago I travelled around France on a motorbike doing odd jobs, and met up with a rather gullible Irishman also travelling around on a motorbike. He was down to his last bit of cash and was keen to cash in some traveller cheques. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t speak /understand French and was a bit concerned about how to go about it. I got him just about word perfect in asking for a shag in French,- which sounded very like what he thought reasonable in exchanging a few cheques for some Euros. Of we go to the local Credit Agricole where he waits in the queue. I’m meanwhile out of the firing line inspecting the currency rates and more customers have backed up behind Chris. He reaches the counter and stammers out his lines absolutely perfectly to this old crone. There was a stunned silence at which point I legged it out of the bank.
  12. Our Georgian house is supposedly the fourth on the site. Previous incarnations included wooden structures. Heavy clay soil up here. When I was doing some drainage I came across some enormous wooden footings with burn marks at the top. These lumps would have been a minimum of 200 years old and possibly a great deal older. Some sort of pine and in perfect order.
  13. I can clear up a couple of your supposed myths but not the one about uniforms. Modern speed apparatus doesn’t need calibrated as often nowadays. It used to be the case, but not now. Been there, tried that and got the official response[emoji3] If the notice doesn’t appear in your postbox within two weeks of the offence you’re off the hook as long as the log book’s address pertains to the offending driver and his residence. And if you lent the car you are obliged to name and shame. If it’s a hire car an allowance is in place for extra time as is when the log book paperwork is being updated. The police helmet must be true [emoji1303]
  14. We get carry out crap 18 miles from source too. I also pick it up so as not to have to daily view it. I did see one perpetrator chucking it out of his car a few years ago and did an early morning drop into his garden. Trouble was there was only what he’d chucked and I don’t think his brain power would’ve computed that it was originally his.


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