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    think you will find that they are metric sizes its just "Old school" to call them by imperial sizes 1/2 inch and 13mm are the same 3/4 and 22mm ae almost the same 22mm olive on a 3/4 copper pipe needs a bit extra grunt when tightening or you can get a 3/4 olive and use n a 22mm fitting
  2. pretty sure I bought one of these drop plates at one point and can remember that it said it must only beused as a drop plate and was either illegal or not recommended to fit it as a riser plate -worth checking
  3. link here the steelwrist screening buckets in the above link look the dogs whatits been trying to get a price but they cant be ar***d to reply has anyone on here tried them
  4. small plant nappy-lets the water through but traps the oil dont know how - we have them under every piece of small plant a must on sse jobs
  5. roads around here are kept pretty much clear all winter been was traveling through glencoe twice a day for last 2 winters and think I was in 4wd once and that was at 6 in the morning before the ploughs were out dont think there is much snow there at the moment good place to have a look at the roads go to traffic scotland-live cameras- then altnafaedh a82 camera is less than a mile from the ski centre and one of the worst bits for snow blowing onto the road
  6. scot trac Unit 2A, Strathallan Airfield, Near Auchterarder, Perth, PH3 1LA Phone: +44 1764 663 000 Email: enquiries@scottrac.com Web: ATV Vehicle Hire Europe | Auchterarder
  7. Welding - The DIY Guide try the above site full of tutorials and a fourm a bit like this one with a lot of realy helpfull guys as well as a bit of banter
  8. charged on 2 counts of attempted murder so no doubt he will be gone for a while
  9. they are the parents of the arrested mans on/off girlfriend
  10. may have been broken when I got it there was always a bit of play in it ans meant to see to it for a while now was not caused by me by a breaker as I dont have one pin sheared through the grease hole
  11. wow what a beast very tidy look forward to some pics of it in action
  12. unusual one today went to change the pin and bushes in the end of thr dipper on my digger and the pin was split in the middle not sure how this could have happened as the break is almost exactly in the middle as an owner driver I am never sore on it and the bushes were not seized or worn and were still tight in the end of the dipper
  13. bar does the same as hole through the head you still have to unscrew the bottom bit
  14. yes got the bar to hold it but you still have to unscrew the bottom bit


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