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  1. Also tidy up all the leaves and either burn or remove offsite, don't compost
  2. I have tried carrots between onions,shallots and garlic andit seems to work well with early cops but am now netting late crops
  3. I see that the National Trust are asking people to pay £5 so they can plant a tree. Wonder what the ongoing plant will be? Donate £5 so we can get some volunteers to clear some waste ground with shrubby trees?
  4. Pity you were not closer as i have some rabbit electric fencing you could buy/loan if you went unguarded and then found a problem
  5. To be fair the garden i tackled was in the same street. It took 3 goes and still the odd bit after.
  6. I think you should have gone back in 4 weeks to see how much needed retreating
  7. When ploughing in the early 80s with a ford 6610 2 wheel drive tractor there was a wet patch in one field and we had a fordson major with a winch standing by so as soon as i lost traction I would get winched through with the plough in the ground. A couple of days drying and the ground would be safe to cultivate. If left un-ploughed it would have taken weeks
  8. Got a few nice sized pumpkins this year!
  9. A few bits of charcoal off the BBQ works very well
  10. Put a felling cut in. Bore through and create your hinge. If the branch is too thin to bore through, angle your bore cut so you leave some holding wood. On very thin leaning branches your bore cut could end up vertical. Cut either side of the hinge as already said, then cut the holding wood!
  11. Kohlrabi? Very impressive. it is a primo cabbage runner beans and spring onions. not grown any Kohlrabi this year
  12. It depends where you need it and whether you want to kill everything or just the nettles. Salt will stay active in the soil and might make it impossible to get other plants to grow there. In small areas you can be selective in what you kill with glyphosate by applying spray strength to rubber gloves and then touching the leaves of the plants you want dead. Don't use glyphosate stronger than the recommended dose, this can be counter productive!
  13. When cutting this type of hedge to promote growth and to thicken up the final size hedge i would cut it back about 6" further than the final size. Then trim the new growth to closer to the final size until thickened up!
  14. Try working on a farm with no tickets or experience!
  15. If clean i would have few for water for my polytunnel
  16. I bought one. It was great for the first few seconds, then the filter was blocked. Unblocked the filter then it was great again. Go back to the start and repeat as many times as you like! I gave up on it and it has gone to the tip
  17. I would be contacting them with a quote for the fencing and asking which department to send the bill to.
  18. When i was looking after 100 acres with 1 apprentice there was some 4 acres of grass under parkland oaks that used to grow like stink. I used to pick a nice frosty day in February and take the 10' roller to it. It would look lovely and striped once the sun came out and the top of the grass would burn off much faster than mowing and no clippings to get rid of. Very sandy soil so i know it would not work everywhere!
  19. If it is dry enough and long enough then cut. No such thing as first cut or last cut in my book. An early cut in Feb saves so much hard work in April when there are so many other jobs to do!
  20. Wait until they start to green up and then decide whether you need to use a selective weed killer or to spot treat each clump with glyphosate
  21. I am retired now so it would make no difference other than i can't go to the pub or anywhere else


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