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  1. I worked on farms most of my life before my accident ( for those that do not know I broke my back in RTA ). I was headgroundsman at a hotel with 100 acres at the time. I was very lucky as my boss told me there were no desk jobs for me so I would have to learn how to work from a wheelchair. I worked there for another 8 years. I have no gripes about the rates of pay for farm work. I worked hard, saved a little each week. Grew veg in my garden, went shooting for meat. I was made redundant 3 times and has a serious accident but was never out of work or claimed any benefits except for DLA. I got married last year and live mortgage free in a farm house with 1/4 acre garden. I guess I must be very lucky in life. ps retired now at 62 but still love my veg garden
  2. Some areas in our deerpark looked like it had been rotavated once the rooks found them!
  3. Very little! Arb waste is hard work. I have access to a wood pile and give the owner some beer tokens when I see him. We are both happy with the arrangement!
  4. people have forgotten the difference between punishment and deterrent. Because the punishment was harsh it was sufficient deterrent to mean it was very rarely dished out!
  5. We had tantalised posts for a deer park in 2004. Some needed replacing after 5 years, more still a few years ago and 70+ last year
  6. I have a 12v winch in the barn somewhere. Been meaning to fit it to my trailer for a while. I was thinking more about something that would hoist it whilst I am doing a gralloch. I have just loots at the David Stretton hoist and that looks fab
  7. I am getting too old for pulling these large reds around. I can get help most days but not today. Farmer loaded red hind into the trailer for me but gralloching from the wheelchair is getting harder. All done before 7pm and shower. Anyone use a hoist from the tow ball? Any other advice?
  8. It is endemic now. I worked at a very smart 4 star hotel as their headgroundsman (100acres of grounds for me and my apprentice ). The electric gates allowed just enough time whilst they opened for the people in the cars to dump anything and everything onto the drive. We could often fill a bin bag on our daily litter pick!
  9. Good luck I would be interested to see how you get on!
  10. I would not want to put this through a chipper
  11. Which end of the National Forest are you. I have a small wood in Yoxall
  12. I had an HW80 at 21.6 ft/lb. I gave up with it as the spring recoil made it impossible to keep the scope still. The full length scope mount with a roll pin recessed into the barrel sheared the roll pin with less than 50 shots!
  13. I have had some success by threading some shoots of hazel through the holes in a plastic plant pot and filling with soil. A year later I cut off below the pots. Good roots!
  14. I use a Titan 7 tonne vertical splitter. So long as you know where to put the wedge it copes with most stuff


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