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  1. Either use a kiln wacking out heat to dry it and then vacuum seal it in industrial plastic or import it from the other side of the world. This is the obvious answer!
  2. It depends why you want the land. To make money? doubt you will make much. To grow your own timber? possible but not profitable. Xmas trees do not like boggy grown, willows and alders do
  3. The one thing that people seem to miss, IMHO, is that if wood, or any other fuel, is burnt for a process that is not needed, i.e. drying wood that could be dried over time in the air or dried is a solar kiln (poly tunnel). Then this is wasted heat and wasted CO2 not a "carbon neutral process".
  4. Regardless of any of the arguments for or against no one can deny that more heat goes up the chimney than would if it were seasoned properly without a kiln
  5. I know of one that was chipping arb waste to fire his kiln and for every 4 buckets of this chip he added a bucket of the clean dried chip to get a good burn. A sinful waste of wood and energy. Anyone that says burning wood is zero carbon obviously does not understand that burning more wood to get dry wood is a waste of energy
  6. How many tons of wet wood are burnt in a kiln to produce this dry wood? What about those particulates. It beggers belief how wrong this is on so many levels
  7. Titan TTL758CHN 2000W 230V Electric 40cm Chainsaw | Chainsaws | Screwfix.com
  8. If you have power near by a cheap corded saw might fit the bill. I use a titan from screwfix and it does all my wood and a few cube to sell
  9. I don't think you can be classed as self employed if you are doing the same work as you would as employed. You do not have the option to choose whether you are self employed or employed you need to meet some conditions. Check this out! Check employment status for tax - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
  10. Anyone planting a small area with trees where rabbits are a problem i have 10 rolls of electric rabbit nets as good as new for sale. DM for price
  11. CGOLDENWALL Electric Chainsaw Three-phase Portable Industrial Grade Wood Cutting Machine Electric Saw with Full Copper Wire For Forest Harvesting Wood Cutting (75CM): Amazon.co.uk: Garden & Outdoors
  12. Yes but then it would not be self sharpening
  13. Is oak best milled green or part seasoned?
  14. You can only use their chain with self sharpening saws


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