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  1. If this is the future im jackin it in...

    whilst the drone takes a phasor set to stun?
  2. If this is the future im jackin it in...

    The future is sitting in a deck chair whilst the drone takes the saw.
  3. Drying kindiling in loft, will it work?

    carrying kindling up and down loft steps sounds like a lot of wasted effort to me
  4. Logs & chip in Nottingham

    Shame it was not nearer to Burton on Trent I might have been able to help out
  5. Need to hire a 3 Furrow Plough...

    If you can do it at 60 degrees it will take out any uneven front furrows. Set the back roller of the power harrow so the arms are taking no weight and it is all on the back roller. (If it has one)
  6. Rook nests

    get someone to shoot the crows first.
  7. Can I charge a lawnmower battery with a car charger ?

    if a battery is very deeply discharged you can sometimes bring it back to life by connecting a good battery in parallel before charging
  8. deer shooting

    Successful day. 2 Red deer culled. Many thanks to the guy that helped me get them off the field!
  9. Weight loss

    I have managed to get just under 80kg. It has been really hard work as I cannot work it off like you guys. I have had to be very strict with my portion size.
  10. any one else mowed their grass yet ?

    Simple formula. If it is long enough and dry enough then cut. Just keep the height of cut up and all will be fine.
  11. Disposing of waste

    Legally farms can only burn what has grown there I believe and then they should apply for a licence to do that.
  12. Tree ID - My first Groundie Job

    second that
  13. Need to hire a 3 Furrow Plough...

    If the soil is sandy or light then rolling after the plough can be very helpful. If heavy then a power harrow set shallow is the way I would go
  14. Deer Fencing

    I used to work with cattle and they need to be trained to an electric fence or the can just run through it. I also worked with deer but never used electric fence for them. I can understand how they would jump through a fence. You are probably right but I know a few that offer electric fences for deer and we did consider it at the place I was looking after deer before
  15. Deer Fencing

    Electric Deer Fencing - Fencing Articles


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