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  1. sycamore splits very easy. split like leaves of a book with splitter then finish with hatchet
  2. There is no words for these people. I worked at a young offenders prison for 9 years and they just don't care less. Problem is there are no effective punishments as they claim they are trying rehabilitation instead of punishment. It will never work while there is no worries of getting caught. I said they should have been able to take these youngsters to a place where the punishment was hard labour so they knew what would happen next time. I would advocate chain gains for repeat offenders
  3. Like home grow veg and venison from deer you have shot yourself
  4. Make a covered run for the annual avian flu regulation. Make everything fox proof
  5. I used to be the headgroundsman at a hotel with 100 acres and set up a deer park thre with Sika deer. Before we put in the fences i took the 2.3 m flail mower through a load of alder saplings but missed out narrow stripes 15 years later it was a nice woodland with alder trees nearly touching. We got rid of the big tractor and mower so were able to use the smaller mower between the rows. It would now be perfect for coppicing and firewood but i now longer work there and neither does gardener who started just after me
  6. I hope they don't ban it soon because i only have 10 litre of concentrate left and that would have lasted me a life time now.
  7. Thanks for reminding me about fusilade we used some in early 90s on couch grass in potatoes. It was a complete failure but the rep said it was probably due to the length of the couch grass rhizomes. They gave the farmer the cost of the spray back but nothing for the lost of yield in the spuds and the hard work separating them from the couch grass. It came up the harvester like a carpet
  8. My experience says otherwise. I have been using glyphosate since it first became common on farms and i like it . I have also used it in my veg growing area with no adverse effects. I have used it very carefully to produce a magnificent wild flower verge by getting so on rubber gloves and just rubbing the leaves of what i wanted gone. No wildflower seeds sown but loads of flowers this summer. Even the council mower went around my verge as the flowers were about 3 feet tall.
  9. I planted 2 acres with a friend 6 years ago and as i use a machine to tow me around i was having problems with long grass wrapping round my wheels so very reluctantly i sprayed a path with roundup early spring. I discovered a happy accident, the grass died off before the wild flowers came through and lots of oak saplings cropped up too. So now i am doing an area each year and marking the trees when i see them. The wildflower meadow next to the trees is mostly grass and the areas i have sprayed off has great burnet 4 feet tall and a few other wild flowers i do not recognise coming in too
  10. Why not lift them as saplings and either plant in guards or bring on in pots
  11. I have used prees heath before and i found them good quatity
  12. Even a couple of cattle troughs buried and filled with water will help. Always leave a pile of stones of a ramp of some sort to allow creatures to get out once they get in
  13. It will devalue the property to people that want a small piece of farmland but not to people who want woodland without the work of planting it. Also he may just want to keep it in the family. Do we ever actually own land or just occupy it for a generation or two
  14. I believe Aspen is native to the UK and prefers moist but well drained soils
  15. At least you avoided saying you would give him a stiff talking too!


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