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  1. headgroundsman

    You are God for a Day

    I would repair mine and every other spinal injury.
  2. headgroundsman

    Ash dieback

    In a small woodland, 750 trees with a mix of 12 different species, I have included a few ash. Maybe they will survive maybe they wont but worst case will be a bit of natural thinning.
  3. headgroundsman

    Groundsman Required

    Sorry to hijack this but I live kings Bromley. I have a 4x4 and twin axle trailer. I would be happy to take some of your arisings for my firewood. Could also help move things back to your yard but as I am a wheelchair user I would not be much other use.
  4. headgroundsman


  5. headgroundsman

    Towing with a ride on mower

    offer the hay/haylage to a farmer so long as he mows late in the year. Anytime after 15th July should work and you get the wildflower and the work for free!
  6. headgroundsman

    Best log burning cooker with boiler?

    If you cover the coals with wood ash before you go to bed it will still be alit in the morning. Just rake out the ash and add more wood
  7. headgroundsman

    Parking on pavement - Illegal or not??????

    As a wheelchair user I wish there were clearly marked places where people can park and where they cannot. It is so accepted that people will park on the pavement to keep the road open that no one ever thinks if it would then block access to wheelchairs and pushchairs
  8. headgroundsman

    lawn feed and weed

    It depends a lot on the lawn in question. What weeds are there and what nutrients are needed. It there was a simple straight forward answer the general public would not need any help!
  9. headgroundsman

    Best way to reduce a hedge depth

    fully agree
  10. headgroundsman

    Best way to reduce a hedge depth

    cut it back hard it will soon grow back
  11. headgroundsman

    Chip and log tip

    25 miles away or i would have loved to help out. Kings Bromley DE13 7HW
  12. headgroundsman

    How are the veggies coming along?

    we mostly talk about the victories
  13. headgroundsman

    Wood wanted

    Picked up some wood from a local tree surgeon with my trailer today so i have a good start. Best thing was it was free of charge so many thanks and a bottle will be on its way. Still looking if anyone else has some.
  14. headgroundsman

    Wood wanted

    I can see the back of my wood store now. Fairly sure i have enough for this winter but it is a good time to look for wood for next winter. I am a disabled guy ( broke my back in 2003) but still like to get as hands on as possible. I use an electric chain saw and there is a young guy that helps with splitting. I am looking for arb arisings.. Anything from branches to rings or up to 1 metre lengths. Will take anything and happy to pay something for better wood. I have farm house in Kings Bromley and a field in Yoxall near Burton on Trent
  15. headgroundsman

    second hand and new vented sacks

    where are you?


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