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  1. I use a Titan 7 tonne vertical splitter. So long as you know where to put the wedge it copes with most stuff
  2. I got some ice on the swelling straight away. A lump was coming up quickly but the ice brought it back down again. Cut in my forehead is taped up and nothing worse. Didn't stop me getting a days work in the garden
  3. Actually it was a bit of dry leylandii and a 4way wedge
  4. I have been splitting logs for years and know where to put the wedge. never had the front of a log fly off like this one did An inch lower and it might have been a different story. My eyes would have been at risk.
  5. Splitting logs today with 7ton vertical splitter when the front of the log (nearest to me) popped off like an explosion and caught me full in the face. Nose and forehead wacked and forehead split and bleeding. Looks worse than it feels now thank goodness. No more log splitting until I get full face visor. )
  6. Is this your own hedge or one you look after for a customer?
  7. No it seems it is me that was given duff info sorry
  8. A number for you all to get to know is 112. If you have no signal it will search all other networks till it finds a signal and contacts the emergency services
  9. I am disabled and use a wheelchair. There is so much new tech coming on stream that will be useful to me as I get older that will need a smart phone so I thought I better start will I am not too far out of touch
  10. I have been using a Samsung C3350 for the last few years. Dropped it in puddles, Hit it with logs and hammers etc. Still works but have reluctantly moved up to a smart phone. I know I am going to have to be much more carful with my phone in future.
  11. Where are you I would love to take some off your hands
  12. is he at one of the specialist spinal injury centres? I hope so as he will get the best available. I work for Aspire (a spinal injury charity) as an adviser pm me if it could help?
  13. Surely this is wrong as it would mean you would only shift 37.5kg in a 2 wheel barrow. I worked on a farm and could move more than you total with a standard farmer's wheelbarrow
  14. What is the best shredder for a large garden to get rid of green waste as well as some woody material
  15. headgroundsman

    Bromley Farm House

    Large garden needing clean woodchips and firewood. Paved area to tip. Call 07908809108


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