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  1. 0.8x0.8x0.8=0.512 so very nearly 1/2 a cubic metre
  2. I may need to label my logs as "Not fit to burn, only use as garden ornaments"
  3. I help out at a charity that promotes horticulture and agriculture for people with disabilities. They have a small woodland that is about 25 years old and pasture kept as wildflower meadows. They have some poplars that need taking out of the wood and some maples that need taking out of the hedges. Is there anyone near Lichfield or Burton on Trent area that would consider taking these down for the wood. I know it is a big ask but we are a small charity and this year has left us strapped for cash.
  4. Get some kids on quad bikes and charge them for a day whizzing around!
  5. If applying power will straighten the snake how do you slow down again?
  6. I have been asked to cut an apricot tree quite hard as it is getting too big for the garden. Is this something I could do now and how will it responed to hard pruning. ps. no apricots for several years
  7. None of us know how we would deal with things until they happen. I only really saw 2 options, carry on the best I can or give up. Not given up yet!
  8. I broke my back in a road traffic accident, I was driving no one else involved.6 Broken ribs too, I thought all other aches and pains would be easy to cope with after that. Been in the wheelchair nearly 17 years now. Still active, Looking after 4 gardens as well as my own and 3 veg patches. Cut and split logs with electric chainsaw and electric splitter. Getting arthritis in middle finger and the pain is something else at times. Getting older isn't any fun but have had a pretty good life all in all. 62 now
  9. Banks can be like umbrella salesman. They give them out freely when the sun is shining but want them back once it starts raining.!
  10. Sometimes it is the simple things that get overlooked
  11. A £12 capacitor was at fault. Thanks to Brother in Law who suggested I looked there first! New one fitted today and the splitter is running fine again
  12. Yes that was my next move but could be later in the week now


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