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  1. I personally refuse to use self scan checkouts I think you should get a reduction on your shopping for serving yourself!!
  2. Great bits of kit easily fit a 6ft door in plenty of room in the fire box and very easy to operate
  3. I’m a Toyota hilux man through and through I had a demo in a new model which was very nice then I tried a 3lt v6 Amarok and I hate to say it the VW was a better pick up with plenty of power. I later bought adventura model and I love it [emoji1303]
  4. I can never get my head around people rating land rovers. Personally I think there uncomfortable and most of all totally unreliable.
  5. Exactly the same as mine. What a tool!
  6. Silenced 410 is my choice with 3" cartridges
  7. When you say flame top do you mean sunburst?. My dad has a Jimmy page edition in black lovely bit of kit could be collectable now. He also owns a fender strat with lace pick ups and I think that is a Eric Clapton signature along with his other guitars such as Taylor's, Yamaha's and P.R Smiths.
  8. j warwick

    block paving

    I would think £55 - £60 per sq meter sounds about right for dig out. I do a lot of tarmacing and there's very little difference in price per meter.
  9. Where does it all finish it just gets harder and harder to stay legal these days. No wonder there's so many people running around illegal maybe there better off taking the risk and paying the fine. That way would maybe cheaper than running to the book and that's if you get caught the longer they get away with it the more money they save.
  10. I always use a regular mechanic who is proper old school and very much a perfectionist sometimes to much. The only 2 things he cannot check is the brakes and emissions a lot of mechanics/fitters don't have brake and emissions testing equipment . Last time I went my truck failed the brake test typical !!.
  11. j warwick


    Start with putting a new spark plug in. If that doesn't work trace the problem back from there it could be a wire that's worn etc.
  12. Yes mate I know the feeling after 25 years on the highways. Diesel dissolves bitumen that's a fact!
  13. Ideally you want H.R.A planings which is a surface course generally of major roads and motorways. In the past seen planings which have come from rotten highways they never seem to bed down. I wouldn't advise diesel putting diesel on them as it washes the bitumen of the stone.
  14. Are there not two types of Cpc. Firstly a operators licence and secondly a drivers Cpc?.
  15. Yes mate I remember the Royal Show in the glory days . Not to far from me no other show ever replaced it. The Stoneleigh show ground seems so wasted today:thumbdown:


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