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  1. I love that book. It’s good to dip into and read whatever takes your fancy - no need to start at the beginning and plough through it in order.
  2. What’s the dangerous looking slicing machine in the yard picture? Victorian branch logger or mangle wurzel chopper?
  3. So does the oil boiler heat the accumulator or do the two systems meet “after” the accumulator, with a thermostat calling on the accumulator first and the oil second? Really appreciate the responses, thanks.
  4. I think the plumber isn’t quite sure what to do - I am going to shop around for advice and experience before doing anything. I think the accumulator is important especially in summer when burning wood just for hot water. We probably won’t stoke continuously. Quite often there’s no-one of stoking age around - hence integrating with the oil system. For chimney that’s also still to decide. It’s near a listed building so probably induced draft.
  5. Hi - any thoughts on the Farm 2000 boilers? They look simple and robust. Would be adding to an oil fired system. The plumber recommends it heats the DHW tank and then offloads to the central heating. He doesn’t think an accumulator tank is a good idea because the central heating radiator and pipe work system is ancient (1950s) and has a big volume of water in it which would soon use all the heat in an accumulator. It’s a big house with thick brick walls but not much insulation. We keep it fairly cool in winter and the aim is just to use less oil. Would be grateful for any advice.
  6. Thanks all. Choosing between elm and Douglas. I think sycamore might be difficult to keep nice round the sink.
  7. Does anyone have any views on either sweet chestnut or a redwood species for a kitchen worktop? Am thinking that both are rot resistant but am less sure on how they would be in other respects. Not sure the chestnut would take a great finish, but that’s just a preconception. The joiner is recommending elm or iroko. Worried that iroko may not be very sustainable. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks dumper and MrNick. Appreciate the advice.
  9. What pressure are people putting in Alpine tractor tyres? Am guessing these can be run quite soft.
  10. Great reading this thread, am thinking of getting a small bandsaw mill. Anyone know a good book on milling and drying?


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