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  1. I went Saturday. It was expensive to get in and didn't think much to the layout. I thought there wasn't much to do with the countryside unless you wanted cheap crap clothing that was neither use nor ornament if it was going to be used for what it was originally designed for. But it would be ok to pose in down the pub. I know a few stall holders that refuse to have anything to do with it nowadays due to the expense of the plot. The fishing section was no better than what you would get in your high street. If you had half a mill going spare you could get a bloody big tractor and there was next to nothing compared to previous years for anything to do with Trees/Wood/logs. There was plenty of shooting stuff whether you were browsing, killing clays or shooting bits of tin with your airgun, but I lost interest in that stuff years ago. Years ago I used to think that there was always a good balance and mixture of countryside pursuits and interests, but for me this one was very poor and I don't think I will be going again unless theres a drastic change. Whether because it's no longer a CLA sponsored event maybe a lot has changed with the way the organisers vet and offer plots to stallholders has stopped a lot of exhibitors from going I don't know
  2. Are you sure they are "rattus norvegicus" (common brown rat) and not the tree rat "Sciurus carolinensis" (Grey squirrel) They can both make a mess in the roof space, and if your lying in bed and you hear a scratching noise in the ceiling it could be either. Have you found faeces anywhere or seen the rodent in question? My neighbour had a problem with a noise in the roof it turned out to be tree rats. It was unbelievable watching them just walk up the brick wall without a care in then world. It wasn't difficult for them at all. I know you can get semi tame ones and these seemed to have performed this trick for quite a while. A little .177 pellet soon put a stop to their antics
  3. Iv'e always used fire ash on damp kitchen paper on my B & G infire 800 before lighting a fire. But every third or fourth log I wipe the inside (flame side) of the glass with 00 grade wire wool and never had a problem........... YET!!!!!! and this fires five years old now. You get a nice bright fire all night and a ball of wire wool the size of a fist lasts for most of a winter
  4. In between programmes and adverts they show tiny snippets of things. There is one of someone using a chainsaw. A left handed one as opposed to a standard right hand one. The chainsaw looks like a cheap electric one I bought from Screwfix. To me the labels on the saw look back to front, as in, if you were printing a picture from a negative you had put the neg in the projector the wrong way around but everything else looks correct in the film. Unfortunately you cannot see which way the chain is revolving or where the wood chips are going. I am sure there is something not quite right with the film snippet.......... Or it could just be me
  5. R-Tech mig and R-Tech tig. Excellent Pre and After sales support. Good website as well
  6. Has anyone been to previous shows? Anyone going this year? 23rd 24th Sept Anyone from here exhibiting?
  7. I would of thought that in this day and age with the health and safety police always snooping that putting some sort of lanyard through a wedge would be a real NO NO !! A flapping rope and a moving chain in close proximity to each other is an accident waiting to happen isn't it?
  8. Question : Do plastic felling wedges float? Answer : NO!!!! We had a large willow fall in the lake at the weekend so it needed cutting up to winch it out. On two seperate occaisions had a cut that was nipping the saw so used a wedge, both times they fell out and the water was deeper than my arm was long so ended up cutting slithers off the willow to make a wedge. A bit specialised I know but does anyone make floating plastic wedges?
  9. Hi Dan Did you get sorted with a winch as I have one for sale on Preloved at the moment. Unfortunately its only the winch there is no cable or winch handle. (they got nicked and the winch takes a 16mm cable) and I would swap it for a load of firewood if anyones interested
  10. Robbo90


    Probably my inability to type my password in correctly left me having to request a new password and after a number of failed attempts the site locks you out for a period of time so spent some time browsing as a ghost
  11. It's a bit posh this new fangled site thingy
  12. Have a look on youtube for bosnian bill It's not just van locks it's virtually all locks. It's frightening but some how quite interesting how it's done
  13. Well nearly everyone seems to be Ifor fans and no one has told me to buy an Indistruction model..... not surprising really. At least I can start looking more closely at the Ifor range now. Thanks for the input guys.
  14. I am looking to purchase a trailer. In order of preference I am looking for a four wheeler with proper suspension (not rubber cones or bushes) The bed must be able to take a minimum of 8x4 sheets flat on the floor. I want sides on the trailer that are removable with the provision of possibly using greedy boards. Good tie down points that won't pull out. lockable coupling head, Ladder rack and prop stands.The rear tailgate to possibly be used as a loading ramp. Weight wise, I need something (as an indication of capacity) that can comfortably take the equivalent of half a dozen meter cube bags of logs, or a couple of large motorbikes, or a couple of ton of hardcore. I know nothing about tippers. Do they go wrong very often and where are their strong and weak points? I suppose Iam looking at spending approx 2500 of our best english coinage. What trailer have you got and would you buy another one? The trailer you have, what would you change to make it better? The company you used, what is their after sales service like? What have I missed from my list?
  15. Next time he asks a question get your phone out and google the answer for him, then your sure to be right. Then anytime your texting or surfing on your phone and he catches you just tell him your looking for the answer and walk off.


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