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  1. Sycamore

    I milled some Sycamore to 1 1/4" , seasoned and planed and then sold it as chopping boards/bread boards. Went like the proverbial hot cakes. The waney edge with the bark removed and a light sand on the corners seemed the most popular. I kept one for use at home, I will take a picture.
  2. Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    Must be hard to compete with the supermarkets, I have just made a tiny charcoal stove to fit into the van and to test it I bought 5KG of lumpwood charcoal for £5 from Morrison's.
  3. Oak Sleepers

    After a large quantity of 200mm x 100mm x 2.4m sawn oak sleepers for a landscaping project, cheapest place I've found locally is £30 each including vat, any pointers to a cheaper supplier. Need about 150 of them.
  4. Thinking of buying one of these

    It does seem slow, 5 seconds between each saw cut. I wonder if the splitter cycle time slows the whole process down?
  5. Douglas fir vs larch?

    Nice timber, ugly shepherds hut!
  6. mpg vs tyre size

    I noticed the same thing on my Renault Trafic van, I switched from normal 195 van tyres to Ranger 215 all terrain tyres on the front to help me access our field. The circumference on the tyres is bigger although the wheel size is the same (16") but I've gone from 640 miles to a tank (80L) down to 550 miles. I guess the rolling resistance has worsened because I cannot inflate the Rangers to as high a PSI as I had with the commercially rated tyres.
  7. Any Interest in Shingle and Featheredge Attachments

    I imagine there is no innovation in my design, it uses tables hinged on one edge and tilted by a cam on a shaft with adjustable stops. The cants are clamped by a sliding device like an F clamp with another cam to lock into the timber. Just pondering whether there is a market for them from mill users without fabrication facilities.
  8. Frog Spawn.

    Where in the country are you?
  9. I'm currently drawing up designs for rocking tables, one that tilts from side to side for featheredge and one that has 2 tables that rock end to end for shingles but can be extended by adding more tables according to the length of the bed so if your bed is 3m long you should get 3 lots of 2 tables, each table holding a 400mm long cant. Both table designs will be rocked by a single lever at the end of the tracks and will be adjustable for different sized cants as well as different taper sizes. It's all at the CAD stage at the moment but wondering whether it's worth doing a production version or just a one off for myself depending on if there is any interest? Just to add I used to have a blacksmithing/fabrication business and I still have my workshop although it's no longer my main business.
  10. Pippy Oak & more

    ^^^^That's the difference between a log and a cant. ^^^^
  11. router templates

    I'm guessing that the above was done with a CNC router as the exclamation mark is tapered which means the cutter was lifted as it cut, or it could have been hand cut with chisels.
  12. Cutting Shingles on a Bandsaw

    Cheers, I used to have my own fabrication/architectural ironwork business so the design and manufacture of it is fine, it's deciding on the best method.
  13. Cutting Shingles on a Bandsaw

    Cheers for that, that's an example of the 2nd method of the 2 I was contemplating. If I had the cants sideways on to the blade on a single table I would get more on but clamping the cants would need more thinking.
  14. Cutting Shingles on a Bandsaw

    I am going to fabricate a tilting table for my band mill but I can't decide which way to orientate the cants. I could have a single table that rocks from side to side and position the cants so that the end grain faces the side rails or... I could have individual tables that rock in line with the bed so that the end grain on the cants face the ends of the side rails. Hope that makes sense!
  15. Kindlet 200 - How it Works

    If you don't mind. I picked up a pair of dual action 4" rams off a shear grab, I've used one to fabricate a log splitter and I'm toying with using the other for a kindling splitter.


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