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  1. Blackdown Hills Hedge Laying Association, just South of Taunton, run courses on the first Saturday of each month in winter. http://bhha.info/pg/hlc/main.aspx
  2. Only the latest technology for me...
  3. In Somerset but part of my problem is that I have National Trust woodland adjoining two of my boundries so I guess as fast as I cull them they will migrate in. ☹️
  4. I've realised this year how badly my woodland is infested with grey squirrels, I must have spotted 50 on my 10 minute walk this morning, 8 alone on one beech tree. The dog loves it but it's dawned on me that apart from crows and robins I haven't seen much birdlife this year in the woodland, I guess that's because the crows are too vicious for the squirrels and the robins nest in the scrub. Best humane way to control squirrels please. I'd rather not bother with the hassle of getting a fire arms certificate.
  5. This was on a Sweet Chestnut, the patch of foam was bigger but as I fumbled to get my phone out the dog shoved her nose in it.
  6. The 1 3/8" blades are 0.043" instead of the 0.042" of the 1 1/4" blades do opinion seems to be that they give a smoother cut (less blade deviation) and fracture less often. Not sure myself, just wondering if anyone had tried it first hand.
  7. What's the betting that the guy felling the tree tried to brazen it out with the cyclist... "No, it was miles away from hitting you, perfectly safe, we do it like this every day"
  8. Anyone tried using blades an extra 1/8" wide on a Woodlands Mill, 1 3/8" rather than the standard 1 1/4", it's been suggested that it improves the cut?
  9. So I found that Frank Gamwell is cheaper for Ripper blades than Stephen Cull. 10 blades 12' x 1 3/8" come in at £275 including VAT and delivery. Or 10 blades 12' x 1 1/4" for £253 including VAT and delivery. http://www.frankgamwell.com/order-blades/4540102203 On the other hand my local saw sharpening place, EPS, can do 10 Fenes Storm blades 12' x 1 1/4" for £210 including VAT and collection. https://www.eps-services.co.uk/store Or Koronet bimetal blades 12' x 1 3/8" for £30 each if you order 10 (plus VAT). Decisions, decisions...
  10. Have to agree on the Lenox blades, they seem way to brittle compared to other blades.
  11. Just about to order 10 bandsaw blades for my Woodlands HM126 mill. Best place to buy blades from?
  12. Annoyingly I think it's the white powdery corrosion on the aluminium body of the carb.
  13. I know it's an old thread but a big thank you to Bob as I had exactly the same issue with my Woodlands Mill and clearing the idle jet sorted it.


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