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  1. I'm guessing you have to be VAT registered to get the rebate back.
  2. How many emergency standby generators are not going to start up due to this I wonder?
  3. Interesting thread, thanks for posting. It seems WW11 left it's mark on every woodland.
  4. We were discussing Emergency Rations that we could stash in the wagon and then later on the way home the Output Shaft went, yet again on the Landy, and I wished I has some food while I was waiting for the AA. Ebay wants £15 a packet.😲
  5. porky

    Changing tyres

    Did it once, never again, just not worth it.
  6. The spiral guards are not Biodegradable as I had always thought. They are Photodegradeable which means they go brittle and break in to lots of unwanted plastic litter unless you get them off as soon as they have done their job. Used old ones would tend to be very brittle and shatter easily.
  7. porky


    Uniform items are Tax deductable, which is a good incentive.
  8. Took some motors in the other day and it was £360 per tonne.
  9. Just to get back on topic...if it's a PAWS site it's best to leave the oaks in where possible, in any condition, as they probably will be the last remnants of the original ancient woodland.
  10. I was asked for a Coshe statement for all the fluids on my ride on brushcutter, also a hand bowl, water and soap.
  11. Signed, good luck with it, ancient trees definitely need far more protection.
  12. How long do they last, do you think are they better than the green ones?
  13. The black ones were from late 80's or early 90's.
  14. The old Husky cans with the black spouts lasted donkeys years then the green ones came out which are crap. I suspect they outsourced manufacture to China.


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