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  1. Spot on, never climbed but stretch before and after working will save you hamstring trouble in the long run.
  2. I've used a wire brush before with success. It also fades with time so bits that don't come off will eventually disappear.
  3. Reckon you should find out relevant dept and put something in writing, send it recorded delivery.
  4. Wait for the Ineos Grenadier to launch in the summer. Looks like serious competiton.
  5. Have a word with Jack Daw...
  6. Fitted a China impulse pipe of ebay lasted a year. The OEM one I fitted later wasn't that much more.
  7. Interesting. I hope someones looking into that.
  8. To be fair they were only given £37 Billion to get it working.
  9. It probaly checks the Insurance database for "Business Use".
  10. How long before this is rolled out everywhere once they see it as another nice simple earner?
  11. I'm not familar with the Grillo but i do have a similar machine -AS940 Sherpa. It has shear bolts on the boss that break off if you hit an immovable obstacle. From memory they are a darker colour, possibly due to higher carbon content (?). Is it possible that your bolt should be a shear bolt with a flange washer or something that makes it wider? It may have broken at some stage and been replaced with a standard bolt . Like others have said I think you need to go back to the retailer to get it sorted as it's "not fit for purpose".
  12. Ancient Woodland indicator species. Could date the hedge to being very old unless it was recent planting and part of the mix of course.


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