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  1. Stress caused by drought I reckon. Seen it with cherry as well. Time to stop mowing so frequently around the trees and leave a uncut circle extending out to the leaf canopy through the summer months? Better for biodiversity as well.
  2. Is that what is called "a two staged pump"?
  3. I never understood why the Government bankrolled Smart Meter installation.
  4. porky

    Fuel Stabiliser

    I have been using that in all my petrol kit for a couple of years. It solves the problems of machines like mowers, petrol drills, pole saws that sit around idle for months. I hadn't realised it works out to be about £29 per litre when you buy it in 250ml bottles.
  5. Thanks guys, the ouput is 26 l/pm so seems it's best to go via the PTO.
  6. My AGT835 alpine has 2 quick connectors to operate a 3pt linkage open/close grapple with a non locking lever. Can I plug a log splitter into the 2 quick connecters and lock the lever down to use it? (The bottom hose in pic 2 goes to the tank) The engine is 35hp, is it likely to have a big enough pump to run a small log splitter?
  7. Harder to steal and your mates can't borrow your trailers but when you break down with your Landy the AA can't recover you! I now carry a 50mm ball hitch and would swap it back by the side of the road if that ever happened again.
  8. Does the G coupler stay on and not leak without needing to hold it in place?
  9. Never had a problem with all my old Land Rovers but the UJ couplings on the Puma are different. I had to grind down the diameter of the coupling to get it to fit. Still difficult now.
  10. I read on one supplier site that Gov.uk didn't want operators to flush their tanks as that would lead to environmental pollution and were waiting for guidance.
  11. Is there ethanol in Red diesel? Or is it exactly the same as White simply died Red? White diesel has it and will increase to 10% this year so loads of lesser used plant sitting around with it it may cause problems.
  12. Ok back on topic... If you use Red Diesel from your large tank after Apr 2022 are you supposed to pay the difference to the Tax man?
  13. Exactly... its just green water
  14. I seem to remember reading on some offical website it was safe to burn as there was no toxic chemicals in it anymore. Which is why it soon rots in the ground of course. Try the HSE website or Environment Agency.


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