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  1. Good to see before and after, great stuff ...Thanks for posting.
  2. porky

    what to do with lanky trees

    Just to get back on topic...if it's a PAWS site it's best to leave the oaks in where possible, in any condition, as they probably will be the last remnants of the original ancient woodland.
  3. I was asked for a Coshe statement for all the fluids on my ride on brushcutter, also a hand bowl, water and soap.
  4. porky

    Brimmon Oak bypass Petition

    Signed, good luck with it, ancient trees definitely need far more protection.
  5. porky

    Husqvarna Combi Can question/ problem

    How long do they last, do you think are they better than the green ones?
  6. porky

    Husqvarna Combi Can question/ problem

    The black ones were from late 80's or early 90's.
  7. porky

    Husqvarna Combi Can question/ problem

    The old Husky cans with the black spouts lasted donkeys years then the green ones came out which are crap. I suspect they outsourced manufacture to China.
  8. porky

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    Good to see a Stihl GB rep on here, welcome! That's a first I believe?
  9. porky

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    I have the Stihl 160 and really like it. Sits in the wagon ready for instant use, battery still good in it's third year now. Won't replace a petrol saw but has it's niche.
  10. I'm just wondering how many Refresher courses the top people at Carillion did last year?
  11. porky

    Towing in the snow !!!

    Made me laugh!
  12. porky

    Service Kits - Filters

    Reminds me of a time when I rang a dealer for Kubota parts on a Saturday. Someone picked up the phone and said "we're closed".
  13. porky

    Hedge cutter harness

    From experience, it's all just to cumbersome and dangerous up a ladder . Far better and safer to use it from a platform eg a Henchman or from the ground
  14. porky

    Ride on lawn mower for steep uneven slopes

    Ditto all above. We need more biodiversity.


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