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  1. Ian F

    Great Service

    Thanks Sir I'm glad Steve and Dave got you sorted. Ian
  2. It's a little unfair to compare the New Petzl Vent Helmet to an old Stein Helmet. The new Stein Helmet has a much greater air flow and with the inner liners being replaceable it means you can keep it cleaner. Plus the helmet does not need drilling to fit the ear defenders. It comes with one pre made hole from the factory which has a plastic plug in it if you do not need ear defenders. At the end of the day both helmets are great but as with other PPE it is personnel choice as one may fit better than the other. People have different shape heads so may find one sits better than the other.
  3. One thing i've always loved about the Echo saws is the fact they are fitted with a proper Air Filter. I'll try and post some pictures of the new CS610 soon. Plus look out for the New CS550 coming out in the Summer. It should be a great MS261 alternative.
  4. If you are that pleased with the CS600 you should try the new CS610 that has just arrived. Its about 15% up on torque compared to the CS600. A great altenative to the MS362
  5. Not until March/April 2012.
  6. Ian F

    stein trousers

    I haven't had this much fun reading a thread in along time. :lol::lol:
  7. The throwbag trick would be great in 3D.
  8. Ian F

    vat on ppe

    Even if the item is Zero Vat their is still Vat on the postage.
  9. :thumbup:Chris would love one if he could get his hands on one
  10. Keeping things in perspective as you say Rupe. You can't compare any of those three items. It all comes down to the type of work you as a tree surgeon carries out. Your GRCS may be your prefered tool, due to your type of work. But to another guy he may never need the abilitys that a GRCS gives. On the other hand he may need the features of the Arb-Trolly on a daily basis, so to him the Arb-Trolly becomes a no brainer. And like wise for a Quad. As Theocus said thats the beauty of the Arb World, so much kit.
  11. You will find that the rotating chute does not clear the through put of chipping as well, especially on conifer.
  12. The thing is, i don't think they will have any left by then. But if there are you may find them going for even more than a new one
  13. So with the arrival of the New Stihl MS201T in June/July, who is going to go for the new saw and who on the other hand is going to buy up the old trusted MS200T before they run out.


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