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  1. They’re a big American Company I think. They’re producing 10million units a year so one of the biggest in the market - probably more than husq and Stihl in this field. It was Henton and Chattell disturbuting it to our area - their UK sales unit come over with all the range a few months ago. There were some really good features on the stuff and battery technology seemed more advanced than Stihl and Husq, but just need to know if anyone has used it for a longer period. Does it stick the pace at the sharp end of contracting? Battery life was much better than anything else on the market.
  2. Anybody tried any of the EGO battery powered stuff. We’d a demo of the whole range, strimmer, mower, chainsaw, blower and it seemed great on the day but would like to know if anyone had tried it for longer? Great battery set-up, charging system and massive range of options.
  3. I can only ever take instruction on a job when I'm getting paid - I feel your pain
  4. I was chatting with the guys on the Eucalyptus nursery stand at the woodland show last week in Stradbally - they were giving amazing growth rates and firewood returns in a short time. Hardiness didn't seem to be an issue as they could spec the variety to the location. Could also be a foliage return to be made in the shorter term.
  5. Best payload for 3.5t tipper | Parkers Interesting feature on 3.5T tipper comparisons - if the links copied?
  6. Like the table and chairs, rustic and functional.
  7. I,ve the Derwent type one fitted to our larger Massey. Very effective, easy to put on and weather resistant. You just have to remember to put full lock on before you switch the engine of each time!
  8. I see what you mean but I was looking at it from the legal identity angle - the Ltd company is a identity in itself a not a person so it's the company not its directors that holds AA approval and this Ltd Co can be bought and sold freely to someone without 2.years experience the next day.
  9. Yes, I have to agree. Name change doesn't change time served by either a sole trader/an individual it's simply a cosmetic thing. Strangely changing from sole trader to limited company with a similar name is a massive change though and something I thought the AA would have had an issue with as the limited co is a totally new legal identity in itself an not tied to an individual
  10. Absolutely, every little helps and if you could also vaporise the Stihl hand over thingy you'd be on a double.
  11. Had one for about 2 months - and then traded it on. Found it didn't like cutting at the lower heights, the drive was very weak and it was awkward to use(too heavy to handle and load). We run mostly with kubota ride-ons and then Estesia push mowers and were looking for something in-between. We've decided our existing combination works fine the way it is. We had the turf master.
  12. http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/general-chat/94209-arb-association-logo-change.html I have to agree- The tree outline is identical to the old one? Just has that pointed spear branch structure running through it now. Thank goodness the 50th anniversary logo has past by now - "it didn't work for me" - like the old tree that had been napalmed and had died or the tree remains standing after a forest fire So the new logo is the old tree logo with the 50th anniversary spear like branch structure in a more tree friendly colour. Interesting - Obviously just my opinion
  13. Not every operation - certain operations. Although Probability is involved in most risk management from crossing the road to a taking flight. Engine failures, lighting strikes, manufacturing faults of safety equipment, etc all in the mix
  14. I'd also add in frequency -meaning each time you carry out a risky operation the odds can increase of having an accident. If there's a 1/1000 chance of a chain snapping off and catching you by the time you get to your 900th time, accident free the odds are now more likely to happen than not. (Random example and not suggesting it's factually correct). So there are tasks where you are likely to have an accident at some stage - the Russian Roulette of risk/hazard.


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