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  1. Xmas trees

    That is a great idea, they look ace
  2. New and clueless!

    Hi Nick, as above really. i tend to use what ever i can get hold of, not done much carving recently hopefully have a little play this weekend.
  3. Woodland gnome

    Nice Simon. like it.
  4. My Carving Website - Opinions Please

    Amazing carvings and nice site, same little thing as delabodge with the sub headings.
  5. BBC4 woodsman?

    Well it wasn't quite what i was expecting, thought he would be a seasoned woodsman, but i think ill watch the next one to see how it pans out. Agree with Andy Collins two posts.
  6. Great Service

    Excellent service sorting me out with a new blower, very friendly and helpful advice. Its a beast in comparison to the old one Thanks
  7. Tales from the wild wood

    On BBC 4 tonight at 20.30, looks like it may be quite interesting.
  8. Hare

    Very nice Ross
  9. Kingfisher and buzzard

    Great Carving, really like the Kingfisher
  10. Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Better pics of Fung found on dead Larch yesterday, Poss Phaeolus.
  11. Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Thanks Tony, that's what i first thought but looked in Keizer and Jordan and it didn't seem right. will venture out tomorrow with my big cam and get some better pic's. Quite a few fung starting to show so may make an aftrnoon of it
  12. Woodshavings

    awesome, they must have taken ages, someone's got a lot of patience.
  13. Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Found this on a dead Larch any ideas? sorry poor phone pic.
  14. Carved Yew Bowl

    Thanks for all the comments
  15. Carved Yew Bowl

    Usually season the lump, the lump it came from was about three years old. I carved it out with the chainsaw then left it for a while before sanding. Yew seems to be quite a stable timber.


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