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  1. Don’t know then I’ve looked before for mounts for mine and havnt seen anything. Seems to work fine without a brake anyway
  2. Any chance you could post a pic of the disc and the Caliper mounts? Maybe mines had one in the past and had it removed but there’s no sign I can see if it
  3. Never had one mate, no sign of a disc or calliper mounts or even a disc mount. Presumably it’s a quite old version. I think it’s actually an rg20hd
  4. Ah ok yeah I’ve seen that just presumed there’d be a level plug or dipstick aswell.
  5. How do you check the oil [emoji51][emoji849]? Mine doesn’t have a handbrake so definitely isn’t that [emoji23]
  6. Mine won’t even drive up ramps to my trailer backwards or forwards and that’s only about 2 feet high the ramps are six feet long!! Need some sort of diagram for the drive I think. My belt does slip occasionally but not as much as the thing struggles to move!
  7. The drive is just through a cable so not as fancy as what that sounds like Pete. Maybe just needs some adjustment somehow. Regarding the teeth, would it be worth upgrading to green teeth if I have to replace the pockets anyway? Jim, I’ve sent you a message thanks
  8. Hi guys got a rg25hd, couple of issues with it firstly the drive forwards is very poor, very slow and no power. Going backwards it goes fast but has no power so means pulling up trailer ramps at tyre same time etc. Is that normal? What sort of incline should they be able to cope with? Secondly I’ve had quite a few teeth come loose, not sure if it’s from the same pocket but I suspect so. Is this a common problem from finger teeth?
  9. Had this happen when the av mounts were shot
  10. Hi guys not been here for a while was going to post on the fb page but doesn’t always seem easy to get a serious answer on there lol. Anyway looking at broadening my knowledge. Have got basic tickets etc. But I’d like to get some “proper” knowledge something to get my head into. Can anyone recommend some courses etc that they have done/think suitable ? Cheers mike
  11. Where did you get the parts from mate ?
  12. Fuel cut off?? And then I have a five wire ignition switch.
  13. Hi guys think I may have posted here before about this but I never got round to do it and the thing is just sat in the garage doing nothing. Got an rg25 just replaced the engine with one off something else and the wiring is completely different. Rang up the local mower place to see if they could fix it but basically they couldn't be arsed. I'm normally ok with wiring but this has me stumped. First of can someone tell me what these are ? I think this is the rectifier/regulator?? Spark advance module?? Ignition module??
  14. Husky is the best winch out there!


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