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  1. Rayco rg25hd gear box ..

    Where did you get the parts from mate ?
  2. Kohler wiring help

    Fuel cut off?? And then I have a five wire ignition switch.
  3. Kohler wiring help

    Hi guys think I may have posted here before about this but I never got round to do it and the thing is just sat in the garage doing nothing. Got an rg25 just replaced the engine with one off something else and the wiring is completely different. Rang up the local mower place to see if they could fix it but basically they couldn't be arsed. I'm normally ok with wiring but this has me stumped. First of can someone tell me what these are ? I think this is the rectifier/regulator?? Spark advance module?? Ignition module??
  4. Superwinch repair

    Husky is the best winch out there!
  5. Online Level 4 award in arb Myerscough

    Interested in this have been thinking about doing some extra quals recently. Following topic
  6. How do small petrol engines stop?

    What voltages should I be looking for on this wire? I have one that only shows 12v when running but not when ignition on?
  7. How do small petrol engines stop?

    Mmm ok well it's going on an rg25 grinder, there's only four wires on the ignition switch one to the power on the starter one for the power to the starter solenoid one to a wire in the carb and one that I'm unsure where it goes, will have to get out the multi meter and have a good poke, cheers guys
  8. How do small petrol engines stop?

    Hi guys I'm trying to get a kohler v twin engine working, I've got it running after a fashion but it won't stop on the key. Do these stop off the ignition like a car or is it a petrol cut off ? Cheers guys
  9. Hi guys looking for an engine to replace the knacked kohler on my rayco grinder, think it's a 25hp engine it's 725cc anyway. Anyone know of any direct replacements? Only thing I can see that'll have to be the same is shaft size 36mm x 110mm failing that anyone selling one for spares or even a good unit ? Cheers mike
  10. Rg20/25 spares

    Hi guys anyone got any spares for sale for these after a few things, let me know what u have cheers Mike
  11. Ear Defenders - Bluetooth? Any advice

    I got some of those, there pretty good really Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  12. Railway work

    Think the average for a track man on agency £9 an hour or £10 for a coss Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  13. Railway work

    Do you mean the wage for chainsaw ops? If so climbers between 90-125 ish a day not paye. Work varies loads some is crapsomd is good, rough with smooth etc. on the plus side there's no tidying up like domestics haha Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  14. Double glazing

    Don't they have to be put in from outside though? Can't see how they'd go in from inside without replastering the whole window area? Have to say, safestyle frames looked pretty similar (as I suppose they would) except for the locking mechanism was a little different and the anti crowbar hooks weren't as good quality in my opinion. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  15. Double glazing

    Safestyle want 2700 for the same but would of done it for 2350 if we signed today, but they did have a charge of 900 for scaffolding and easy deck! Included in that. 600 quid was for scaffolding over a garage! Hopefully a neighbours dad is gonna help us out. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App


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