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  1. Working the guy in our yard the other day, he did 9yrs of forestry work here in NZ, they did 3 weeks on 1 week off. Camped out at the site for three weeks and worked every day for the 3 weeks. There is always work at the big arb company's in Auckland, Treescape or Asplundh.
  2. Looks good, I used to be part of a rescue station In the fire service in London and I'm used to using a device to go up and down on ropes so finding it hard to trust friction cord. Plus it binds up and does not always set it self, I know I can dick about with lengths and diameter of cord and rope, but would rather have a device that does it all. What's the defiance between a LJ and a SJ?
  3. Am I right in saying that a LJ is just like a mechanical friction hitch, like the new Zig Zag thing? Sorry for my stupidity?
  4. Where is the indoor wall your climbing? Is it in Auckland?
  5. Hello fella, moved out here from south east England 4 months ago, work for Treescape, let me know if you fancy a pint fella.
  6. How much to ship to New Zealand Steve?
  7. Wouldn't bring pants, not unless they are the stretch air ventilation ones. They have a brand here called cloggers, cheap ish, they are just type A, no one climbs in full type C, it gets to hot. Bought my stihl ones with me, type C, been in the box ever since, even an Auckland winter was to hot to be running around in them. Hard stuff is expensive, as the shops have to ship it in, so I would bring, spikes, harness, carabiners, hitch climber ect ect. I would leave rope as its heavy. Boots is up to you, if you have been reading about how good chain saw boots are!! then you might want to leave yours at home and just get a pair of steal toe cap work boots and climb in them. They is a great shop called Treetools in Auckland, they will have everything you can get back home, but its a little bit more cash. PM me fella if you want any more info, moved over from the UK four months ago, loving it!!
  8. Fella, company's over in NZ are crying out for Arborist. Think Treescape still need over a handfull!!
  9. Fella, company's over in NZ are crying out for Arborist. Think Treescape still need over a handfull!!
  10. Hunter in the Northern Hemisphere or good old Red Bands in NZ!!
  11. Hunter in the Northern Hemisphere or good old Red Bands in NZ!!
  12. I have the same but mine is really painful at night, had injection in both my wrist of steroids to try and stop the swelling of the nerve, but have only taken the edge off, only two options left, give up the saw work or have the op, looks like I'll give the op a try, seems quite quick, takes about 15min under a nerve block in your arm. Good luck,
  13. Got that book, great read, lays down the basics well.
  14. Sorry for your news guys, sending you a speedy recovery of your kit from New Zealand, hope they nail the *****.
  15. Thanks for all the info gents, opted for the new Petzl with the size ratchet at the sides just above your temples, fits well, like the big vents at the side and how easy it is to fit muffs and visor.


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