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  1. the ultimate sharpening system is a tormek wet grinder..........but you might as well cut off an arm to pay forit, fortunatley, axminster power tools now have a "copy" os the same at a fraction of the price, and all the tormek jigs fit it!!!!, you will be able to sharpen all your lathe tools, carving chisels, knives, axes, and basically anyting with an edge, and hone it as well, I waited 4 years for the copy to hit the market and was not dissapointed with it
  2. 100% with rob on that one......Ive been cutting for 40 years now, and crosscut chains, a few wipes with a file and there fine, but milling chains, if there not spot on......welcome to a world of grief, I dont care how good you are you'll never match the acuracy of the machine, and when your doing a lot of milling, it can actually work out quicker
  3. find this can be a problem on some of the hardwoods, oak, elm, sometimes ash if its been down long, and beech, I usually run 4 chains at a time, when one becomes blunt, changing it out for a sharp one, I drop the chains into a bucket of kero and let it soak, when its time to sharpen, chain out of the kero, a quick run through a rag and a brish down with an old brass wire bush I have, this, I find cleans off all the cooked on crud and allows a good inspection whilst sharpening, the chain change routine also allows me to clean and turn the bar at the same time, doesnt take long and gives the saw a break as well
  4. agrimog


    and why shouldnt a company use its own employees as an inspector, "a competent person familiar with the equipment being checked", someone who uses, and checks the stuff every day fully fills this requirement, Id rather have this aproach than some independant guy who is only in it for the money. on my own kit I carry out all my own loler checks, on climbing and lifting kit, on my atlas crane , and even though its exempt on my farmi timber crane, if it needs something , it gets it, not only is it possibly an accident prevented, it is my own peace of mind, in this game like many others, your only as good as your last job, and if its one plauged with breakages and problems, word soon gets round
  5. from someone whos been at it a long time...........dont even consider a change ........underpaid, over subscribed, treated like unwanted, and to get your qualifications these days, shouldering a huge debt, not the cheery happy devil may care business people think it is
  6. the millitary rate it for 10 ton, so god knows what it'll really carry
  7. no piccies of the mill on the back of the mog Rough Hewn, but this is the log trailer
  8. and as mine is towed by a purpose built forestry mog, it doesnt apply anyway
  9. 1.9 When does IVA not apply? • Agricultural or forestry tractors, their trailers and interchangeable towed machinery, together with their systems, components and separate technical units and trailers designed and constructed specifically to be towed by them. interchangable towed machinery.........I believe this applies to a saw,mill designed to be mobile, IE on its own chassis, which the woodland mill is, as are most other mills in the same style, norwood, logosol, woodmizer, etc........as it cannot carry a load, house people , or anything like that, its not a trailer in the construction and use sense
  10. justme, you state, easy, its a trailer..........but in essance its not, the sawmill frame is built integrally into the structure, not added on to it, therefore it isnt a trailer.....and as such becomes a piece of towed equipment.....you cant place a load on it and carry it, it is specifically designed for one task, and as it weighs under 750kgs it requires no brakes, it has suspension, and lights that comply with legal requirements......and there are "caravans" out there that are longer.......what is the problem..........oh yes as a piece of equipment, it doesnt require an iva, unlike a homebuilt trailer.............and you say as an agri exemption it would be limited to 25mph.........only if the towing vehicle is, and as long as the tyres are rated for the speed, the mill is only limited to national limits (remember there are agricultural machines that are allowed to exceed 25mph)
  11. as its not really a trailer, its a piece of agricultural/forestry towed equipment how do you interpret the legality ?
  12. Im interested, but rather busy at the moment to complete all the paper work needed. once things calm down around middle of july Ill get more computer time, but by all means go for it guys, Ill catch up as soon as paul dick (agrimog)
  13. theres a good chance that the centre of that trunk could be soft and squidge, cut and milled enough beech to recognise the signs
  14. like you Saul, dont find beech a problem, but if Im not the one felling ash, I very rarely mill it with the saw, its hard enough on the band mill
  15. agrimog

    Fencing Nailer

    looked at various brands of the gassles electric nailers and decided to leave well alone....they all have a finite life, and the repair at this point is nearly as expensive as a new gun.......and none of the manufacturers warranties cover it, so for me, bostich coil gun and an A&K framing gun, covers nails from 30mm to 100mm, and , smaller pin guns and staple guns when needed.......the gas ones are just to slow


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