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  1. as pelerin says a bridleway is for foot traffic and horses.....says nothing about cycles, as long as a person can walk unobstructed, and a horse can traverse the route, so it doesnt mater how muddy it is, just make sure any transverse ruts arent too deep..... and remember, cyclists dont actually have any right on the bridleway
  2. the thing which dictates cutting speed more than anything when milling is the chains ability to clear chips, next thing is the top plate anglefrom arond 0-5' for hard woods to10' for softwoods, raker depth is linked to angles, power of the saw head is also a factor. the thicker the chain, the m,ore power required to drag it through, this is why the 3/8 picco chains do so well, you are going to have to experiment with these things to find which set of variables suits your style of milling, and be aware that hardwoods are not all the same, some cut easy, some are like toffee, and some are just c***s
  3. have a look at the 10th anniversery woodlands mills, lots of "new" bits, and an increase in cutting size, Im still running one of the early ones and it still does what it says on the box, simple, well built, solid, and plenty of adjustment where reqd
  4. there are already a couple of you tube videos with it cutting
  5. agrimog


    nice bit of elm, I see somebody has already had the burrs away from the base of the trunk, pity that
  6. you should have been able to do a quick calc on the weight based on a quick vol rec, the tree lying on the groundapprox 6-7 cube, plus the branches and greenery approx 2 cube...take euccy at roughly 600=750 a cube, ...total between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 ton, and always err on the heavy side.......better light than overweight, not a black art, just logic
  7. the wearing of protective gear when using a chainsaw is not, and cannot be made enforceable, H&S, and puwer, advise for its use, but user discretion is also allowed..i.e. in a situation when it might be to warm and the risk of heatstroke, and other things like this. the whole argument about chaps or trousers is pointless because its like comparing apples and oranges, and as for protection....look at the rating ...1,2, or3, this refers to the chain speed in m/second, and as most folk are wearing type A's with a rating of 1, anything with a chain speed faster than 20m/s will penetrate the trousers, the bigger the saw, and shorter bars gets worse, check out FISA advice for large saws....min 2's, and better 3's, same with boots
  8. Johnsonond, your loading ramps are awee bit more substantional than woodlands own design, they rely on the two plates to locate and suport the ramps, quite a clever design, to work with there trailer setup, Ive looked at it as well, the ramps, yes, I'll copy the design and adapt , but the winch mount, not 100% about that, it relies on the log stop, and its not very substantial, and only 2 little welds, theres been a few cases of the welds breaking and/or the square section distorting, so Im still looking at a method to mount a winch pole
  9. maybe a little overthinking things, theres a lot more to wear before that bit would even be noticeable as wear, and even if it does, a blob of weld and a redress with a grinder= good as new (a welder is a putiton tool for steel...lol)
  10. I voted to leave, the original EEC is not what it has become, open border trading is, and was a good idea, a group of idiots trying to set rules for different countries is not, we were all sold out by the Mastricht treaty , and have been lied to ever since. and much as I voted snp, I do not fully agree with there current policies, I do however believe the people behinf the scenes, the faceless men, who actually make the descissions can be trusted to do the right thing when it comes to our future.......you didnt think for a minute sturgeon was actually coming up with all the good stuff
  11. trigger andy, they do not like being told the truth, we scots cant look after ourselves, we are too small, too poor, too stupid, etc, the whole population has been lied too for 300 years, and they are still brainwashing the population and lying to it, even when you quote actuall independantly verrified facts , they still deny it, and as for a dislike for the SNP, yes, once independance is in place, everyone can vote for who they like, thats the beauty of an independant nation, your not dictated to by another bunch of lying greedy idiots hell bent on making there fortune off your back, I still find it very strange the amount of uk residents that shout out in favour of other small countries asking to become indipendant, but scream at us saying we cant, were stupid, etc, in the big picture an awfull lot of the worlds already saying that they will support and trade with an independant scotland, the time is right for the break, saor alba
  12. Im proud to live in scotland , and call scotland my home, after working round most of the world, this is still one of the most beautifull and varied countries in the world, and why is it wrong to want your country to be free to make its own decissions, if it was any other country you would all be supporting there independance, perhaps the fear that maybe we are telling the truth, and englandshire needs us more than we need you...........
  13. cheers numbnuts😁......taken with a shitty camera on an old samsung phone (not by me, i always forget to take piccies)
  14. not the best of photos, but the wire is just visible


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