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  1. agrimog

    Saw milling directory

    Im interested, but rather busy at the moment to complete all the paper work needed. once things calm down around middle of july Ill get more computer time, but by all means go for it guys, Ill catch up as soon as paul dick (agrimog)
  2. agrimog

    getting beach down to 12% MC.... and other timbers

    theres a good chance that the centre of that trunk could be soft and squidge, cut and milled enough beech to recognise the signs
  3. agrimog

    Newbie Miller issues.

    like you Saul, dont find beech a problem, but if Im not the one felling ash, I very rarely mill it with the saw, its hard enough on the band mill
  4. agrimog

    Fencing Nailer

    looked at various brands of the gassles electric nailers and decided to leave well alone....they all have a finite life, and the repair at this point is nearly as expensive as a new gun.......and none of the manufacturers warranties cover it, so for me, bostich coil gun and an A&K framing gun, covers nails from 30mm to 100mm, and , smaller pin guns and staple guns when needed.......the gas ones are just to slow
  5. agrimog

    Woodlands 130 loading options

    have you looked at woodland mills own loading system, 2 ramps and a manual winch that fit onto the mill itself, should be easy to copy something similar for yourself
  6. agrimog

    Wind blown trees

    quickly looking back through this thread, nobody so far has come up with an answer that ryan can give back to the estate manager....one quick one...." right, the trails are blocked by one/several windblown trees, youll need to shut the particular trails till we can carry out an assesment and come up with a safe felling plan " the manager is only looking for something he can pass upstairs to cover any disruptions. once you have the breathing space, take your 2 experienced guys in and make a plan, covering all your options and equipment availability, a tractor and winch dictate a different plan from just a manual winch, or even no winch................wait till your in the middle of 30-40 square yards of edge side thats come down on the windward side of a hill, and blocking your only road in or out.........tell me about risk assesments and method statements then
  7. agrimog

    tow ball question

    justme, could you please tell me where its written that its illegal to fit the plate upside down......yes towbars are type approved, and the actual towball is type approved, but none of the myriad of attachments require to be, from pushbike carriers to step plates to toolbox mounts, at the end of the day it comes down to the strength of the M16 bolts holding the whole setup together......and those suplied by some towbar fitters these days are of dubious quality........when did you last check for any elongation or cracking on yours?
  8. agrimog

    Wind blown trees

    every cut on a multiple windblow site changes the risk, it is one of the most fluid risks in forestry, and immpossible to write a generic risk assesment for.........it is what is termed a "suck it and see" job, 99% looking and assesing and 1% cutting-
  9. agrimog

    tow ball question

    please explain Conner, ...drop plate used as designed , load is applied in tension and shear, material size and spec is calculated to cope with this, fitted upside down, load is in compression and shear, most materials are stronger in compression than tension, so the plate would acually be stronger..... the real problem is shear and its distance from the pivot point
  10. find yourself some reclaimed pitch pine from older house pulldowns, your looking for floor joists and rafters, a bit more prep work but will produce long lasting windows
  11. agrimog

    braking system on trailer,

    is there an "old" trailer you could "refurbish" ......this would save the grief of an IVA test.........(read carefully)
  12. agrimog

    New 880

    like any good 2 stroke, give it a decent run in period, before giving it total raz......around 4-5 tankfulls of good quality fuel/oil mix then start to work it, it should be ready for sloging around the 9-10 tank mark, but get the carb setings checked at this point
  13. agrimog

    braking system on trailer,

    at 56mph, I assume you are using a mog or a fastrac, you have no option but use air, and unless using it on the agri exemption, the trailer must be plated (using it on a tractor, you are limited to 25mph irrespective of what brakes are firtted, the tractor limits the speed)............., and again unless on agri, it must be IVA'd to comply
  14. agrimog

    Emergency First Aid

    also, 112, when registred on your phone will work in areas of almost nill reception, and also when opened on smart phones allows gps tracking for emerghency trace
  15. agrimog

    Today's milling

    nice job sir, didnt manage to get back over on friday, but we'll catch up again


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