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  1. used to get this regularly when I milled with the M8, took ages to figure it out, only tended to happen with new chains, soon as the first sharpen on the machine it tended to dissapear, I found that attention to detail was paramount, every tooth has to be identical in angle and length or it will create a different cut groovethe more variation , the bigger the ripple, this i s what made me go to a grinder to ensure everything was the same
  2. eyes in steel cables are actually very simple to do compared to ropes, kermantle is probably the worst to splice
  3. youll have fun. I can assure you
  4. graham w, youll find most of the "log cabin" profile cutters on the logosol site, they are expensive but they have the "d" profile and the double tounge and groove
  5. strictly speaking once the sawmill is built onto the trailer, into, in woodlands case, it ceases to be a trailer as such, and becomes a piece of towed equipment which for some weird reason falls under agricultural rules, so as long as it has suspension , and complies with lighting regs, and weight restrictions, I dont know about the others but the woodlands HM126 with 1 extension just falls under the 750kg rule, theres nothing to stop you pulling it anywhere you want......to be absolutly sure , when its built weigh it and keep the printout from the weighbridge in case your stopped
  6. the biggest majority of my cutting is done on site( in the woods), so the sawdust is scattered around to degrade back to compost, some of it gets burned in my stove during the winter...a 5 gallon drum burns for about 12 hrs, and is hot enough to cook on, a bonus in my little shelter, any boards slabs etc are generally cut for specifc jobs and buyers so theres never that much lying around, but as the current base of ops is 10 acres, plenty of space if I need it
  7. like yourself, started with an M7, and moved on to an HM126, on a trailer, ok it wont quite go where the logosol went, but production is way higher, quality about the same, a lot less wastage and sawdust, and uses a lot less fuel, no 2 stroke to mix, no chain oil to fill up......water and fairy liquid !, and the biggest bonus, its a lot quieter, all the tricks you learned oin the M8 still apply on the bandsaw, the only advice I would give above other things, check the you tube videos from independant users, and when you build it, read the manual cover to cover to start with, and do it like it says, especially when setting up tracking and levels.......woodlands are great machines, but have quirks, ........my M7, it now only gets used if I have to break something to big down to fit on the bandmill, or for special wide slabs for tabletops
  8. and if your stuck for a router on site......a 3/8 chain cuts a tight slot for 9mm ply..........dont ask !!!!
  9. save yourself a lot of grief, rout a groove into each face and fit a plywood spline, or if your really bothered fit 2, easier than finding someone with a moulder and the right knives to do it
  10. if it is just hogweed, cut it back and burn the lot, then as the new growth comes through harvest the fresh stems and cook them, if you cut them just as the leaf fronds are unfurling, they can be sauted in butter and bacon fat and taste just like spicy asparagus, delish , and it helps keep the plant under control
  11. right, as far as the rules up here in scotland go, any "mobile building" does not require planning consent, max size......look at whats available as "twin units" or lodges on static caravan sites, garden sheds or garages, allowed under permitted development, though max areas come into play along with hieght restrictions, check with your local planning guys, these do differ in some areas, a "hut", there is new legislation in scotland covering living huts, the exact details you would need to check up on but this is probably your best route, not intended for permanant lodging, but whos to know if it is, or isnt occupied...(you've got the neighbour as a peeping tom or a stalker, and an injunction would stop his nosiness), especially if its a young female. the other way, is the property still classed as a farm or smallholding, ie, do you have a holding no. if so, agricultural permited developments come into play...........build an "animal shelter", they cant stop you, and then after 6 months apply for a change of use to temporary worker accomadation, again perfectly legal and your on your way
  12. I want to see the robot that can go into the plantation, select the appropriate tree for what needs milling, drop, sned and get it onto the mill, mill it up with maximum yeild, and fetch it out to the roadside, all without disturbing the flora and fauna, or any visible impact , if its out there I want it.........
  13. how have you gotten on with the hm126, a move up to the 130max would be a simple one as you are already familiar with the setup, the logosol is a nice machine, but then your starting the learning curve again, ok it has some very nice pluses, ultimatley the choice will be yours, but I would try and get a session on the machines your looking at, it can be the best mill in the world, but if your not comfortable with it,it might as well be the worst
  14. theyre called a waste of time, the log will split radially, unless you actually seal the ends with something waterproof, even then ..no garuntee
  15. go to your nearest agricultural dealer, explain what you want, and he will be able to provide 6 spline to straight adaptors, these normally have a length of 1 1/8" straight ( depends on which supplier how long this is, pillow lock bearings are available of e-bay, as are shaft couplers, a little bit of cobbling together and you have your shaft extension, Ive done similar on several occasions to power various things off the pto


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