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  1. Ps, nice review though, you should think about doing it for a living
  2. Not being funny but are you wearing it correctly? A lot of these newer harnesses are designed to be worn a lot lower down than traditional harnesses. I’m not 100% sure but I think this one also falls into that category. Common mistake with the tree motion harness for example where people are wearing it high up and it defeats the whole purpose of the design. what was your previous harness?
  3. https://arbtalk.co.uk/classifieds/
  4. Very outdated technique from a time where very few arborists actually used srt for tree climbing. Loads of better options out there these days. Check out rope wrench topics, theres a ton here. Or Petzls other device Petzl Chicane & Zigzag Bundle - Climbing Equipment from Gustharts UK WWW.GUSTHARTS.COM Buy Petzl by Chicane & Zigzag Bundle from our Climbing Equipment range - @ Gustharts
  5. Well what are you doing exactly, is this recreational climbing or work? Is it specifically srt you are learning?
  6. Don't think you'll find many people in the tree industry using an ID so you might struggle to get a specific answer, but generally speaking an 11.7mm rope would work in a device specified for 11.5mm, it would just be a little bit more snug and not as free running. definitely wouldn't advise using it with ID you have though.
  7. No it would have no impact on the price at all
  8. The marketing opportunities with that are endless
  9. Almost a year on from taking delivery, Peter Greathead of PWG Tree Surgery is still being surprised by the seemingly ‘unstoppable’ performance of his GreenMech EVO 165D woodchipper. From the very first demonstration, Peter was impressed by the design and build quality of the EVO 165D – which has proven to be a solid investment for the family-run business. Peter along with his two brothers mainly undertake domestic tree works, along with assisting in larger-scale, commercial sub-contracting projects. “Over the years we hired various makes and models of chipper, before we decided to purchase our first machine – a second hand GreenMech Arborist 15-23. When the time came to replace our 15-23, we’d been so impressed with the support we had received from the GreenMech dealer network, particularly from Ashley Stevens at GA Groundcare Ltd, that we went straight to them to compare the options available.” “We had a demonstration of the petrol EVO 165 initially, and as soon as it turned up, my brothers and I were dumbfounded by the build quality of it! Everything from the steel bonnet to the paintwork was much heavier-duty than we’d seen on competitor machines, which gave us the peace of mind we needed to invest.” The option for a foldable discharge chute meant that Peter ended up going for the EVO 165 diesel model - combining a 165mm chipping capacity with a 25hp Kubota diesel engine. Having been used on projects both large and small over the last 12 months, one of the features that has really impressed Peter is the adjustable roller speed. “If we’re dealing with bigger timber, we slow the rollers down and the machine works with us to process the timber without stressing the engine. Conversely, if we’re dealing with bramble or ivy, we can up the roller speed and it’ll almost ‘suck’ the material in. This powerful pull through also means we’re not having to sned material prior to processing, dramatically reducing our chainsaw usage and improving our efficiency.” Peter concludes, “The thought that GreenMech have put into the EVO series is clear to see, pulling together some of the features and benefits of their other machines all into one design. Our EVO 165D is constantly surprising us with the types and volumes of material it can process. As yet, we’ve yet to find anything that it can’t handle!”
  10. Guy Jones Forestry | Sawmill in Bures | Sawmills in Suffolk SAWMILLERS.CO.UK Mobile sawmill service with woodmizer lt20 with full hydraulic package and 5 m bed. Chainsaw milling also available
  11. Unfortunately not, sorry!
  12. Looks to be a box elder, acer negundo. Not a massive tree but can probably reach 50ft
  13. Nope, gardens taken a bit of a back seat for the time being!
  14. Wrong section, you can add a tip site on this page https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling/
  15. Clarify what you call small trees please
  16. I’ll come do it if there’s enough trees to make it worth it. Missus has been pestering me for a trip to Scotland for ages!
  17. Yep what Joe said. If the TM buckle isn't below your trouser belt then you're probably wearing it wrong. Unless you wear your trousers like this that is....
  18. If you’re lucky it won’t magically remove all your reviews as has happened to a few of my clients


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